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    Jack Olson

    Jack knew a little more about Charles Vanderbilt then the ladies he was gathered with. After all, his father had worked for him for many years. While Jack was interning to get his medical license, he had went on the house calls with his father. So, thus, Jack knew a little about the little treasure hunting adventures he sent people on. How he got all these things that decorated the mansion and were the envy of museums around the world.

    "He probably wants us to help add to his collection."

    Jack said, and he had feeling it would be dangerous when Paula mentioned where she was from. It wasn't like you could just go down to the local antique store to find the things this man collected.

    Meanwhile, Albert was starting to get impatient for Jim to get here. The final guest was running late and the butler knew how much his employer hated when people were late.

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    Paula Ribeiro Hernández

    Paula was dying to know what everyone around her did. In her mind, knowing their professions and where they had come from would help her piece things together and maybe make some sense of this puzzle. Of course, the final piece of the puzzle was probably safely stored in Mr. Vanderbilt’s mind. Still, having it nearly completed would help a little.

    Jordan was a journalist, so it made sense that she would be going with them to write an article. “I’m sure he will want you to. I usually write about any expedition I’m a part of as well, so maybe we can compare notes?”, she offered, in a friendly intonation.

    Turning to the new lady, Paula paid attention to her words. So, she worked at a museum. Storing this new information in her mind, Paula decided that they were probably being sent to retrieve or find some sort of item or relic. Why else would someone who worked for a museum be sent with them, after all?

    When Jack mentioned that they were probably supposed to add to Mr. Vanderbilt’s collection, Paula nodded. “That’s what I have gathered from all of us being here as well”, she replied. After her words, the young woman looked away.

    “There’s someone missing, isn’t there?”, she asked, directing the question to nobody in special. “I mean, someone would have to provide a way there, or mainly a way to get around there. Probably a small plane, seeing that the area is not conductive to walking easily, at least not everywhere”, she pondered, half to the others and half to herself.

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    Jordan Wilder & Dara Thomas

    "I'd like that."

    Jordan replied to Paula with a smile. Being a part of an expedition sounded exciting but a little scary at the same time. She was a person who had rarely traveled outside of her own home state, let alone out of the entire country. She wondered where they were going and what they were supposed to find. She was sure Jack was right, it had to be something for their host's collection.

    Dara tapped her chin at what Paula asked.

    "I think you're right. Having a writer, a translator, a doctor-"

    She pointed out Jack's profession, even though he had not said it. She remembered the butler calling him a doctor, though. Jordan's eyes got a little wide hearing Jack was a doctor. Having a doctor on an adventure made sense. After all, hospitals were probably not common where their host wanted to send them but...It also meant there was definitely an element of danger involved in this too. For a small town girl, she wasn't sure how she felt of that. Before Jordan could contemplate it more, Dara continued on.

    "All gathered with someone like me-"

    Dara loved her job but didn't think her job was as fascinating as the others gathered. Or as important. After all, she worked for the museum, she had never taken part in an actual expedition before. She just helped study the artifacts real archaeologist brought back. She thought of herself as a book nerd. Someone who read about adventures but never dreamed of going on one.

    "Whatever Mister Vanderbilt wants must be rare and hard to find. In a place where conventional transport cannot take one to."

    Dara wondered what it could be. Just from what she had seen of his home, she could even begin to guess. Jordan nodded her head.

    "I'm sure you're right. The person we're waiting on must fill that role."

    She said and noticed the butler getting impatient and checking the clock on the wall.

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    Jack Olson

    Jack was certain that Mister Vanderbilt did want some rare item that was in a very dangerous and remote location. He was a little surprised that Dara knew he was a doctor. For a brief moment he wondered how she knew, until he remembered Albert had addressed him as 'doctor'. She was smart woman, he thought. More then she probably gave herself credit for.

    "Ladies, I would never dare speak for Mister Vanderbilt, but I do know he collects rare objects that are far off the beaten path."

    What type of object that Vanderbilt wanted them to find, Jack had no idea. But he was sure it was located somewhere dangerous. He had heard plenty of stories of people not surviving expeditions from his own father.

    Albert was impatient and realized it was time for dinner to begin. Mister Vanderbilt did not like to wait and he knew that there would be help to pay when Mister Harrison finally got here.

    "It is time for dinner. If you will all please follow me."

    Albert told them, leading the way to the dining hall. As they walked down the hall they could see even more of Vanderbilt's treasures. Items that belonged in museum more then in a rich man's home. The table was set with Vanderbilt to be at the head of the table, of course. Each setting for the guests had a sealed envelope with their names on it. Ben was already sitting in his spot and nodded his head to the guests as an acknowledgement but he didn't look to happy to see them. He was already drinking.

    "Mister Vanderbilt will be here momentarily. Please do not open the envelopes until he tells you to."

    Albert said and left to get their host.

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    Paula Ribeiro Hernández

    Jack's comment about Mister Vanderbilt collecting rare objects far off the beaten path got a sigh out of Paula's lips. "I'm not sure I like that", she admitted, shaking her head. Every time foreign people came to the areas where she was used to live there was trouble. Every single time. And then someone would have to clean up the mess they had left behind, physically and socially. Still, she tried to be optimistic. Maybe with her around they would be respectful of the locals and the general culture. She could only hope.

    The young woman was about to say something when the butler asked them all to follow him. Sighing again, she nodded and followed everyone into the dining hall, choosing to be the last one to come in. The items they could see were magnificent, but they also made Paula feel very uneasy. She really, really hoped she wasn't being hired to work in an expedition that would leave a huge mess on its wake. A part of her wanted to get up, thank everyone for their time and resign on whatever position she was being asked to perform. Another felt that she might be able to make sure people would tread carefully.

    Deciding to stay, she nodded at the man's instructions, taking a look at the young man who had already started drinking. Just what they needed, a man who would probably not keep his wits about him. "Does any of you know how to use a firearm?", she asked all of a sudden, wanting to assess what group she was being teamed up with.

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