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    Maida nodded when her jaguar joined the jungle cats in harrying the hounds. That should help. She studied the battle, and got off a couple of shots at the Forged sharpshooter before the fighter go there. Then she sighed, and joined the other ranger in shooting at those Forged going after the farmers who weren't too close to a farmer. She strongly disliked collateral damage, so she didn't want to get too close to anyone who seemed to be on her side, or at least fighting against her enemies.

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    The Forged Sharpshooter did indeed fall quickly after taking an arrow to the knee - Stefan made short work of the metal fiend. The Forged pursuing the farmers soon found themselves caught in a barrage of arrows, which definitely got their attention, not that it changed their course. Most were struck down where they stood. The Hookhounds were reduced to kibble, but didn't go down easily. The War Mage continued to throw fire spells at the party - the floating being had seemingly boundless energy for casting - and its throaty cries to fellow Forged only doubled their efforts.


    An enthusiastic shout came from beyond the ring of fire shortly before a brightly coloured raptor (with an equally ostentatiously dressed rider) soared over the flames, spun around in a circle twice and disappeared, leaving its rider to lightly touch ground next to Hassim. Her mace smashed the Forged's weapon aside, and her backswing knocked the sword out of Hassim's hands. She allowed the Forge to batter her shield as she placed a glyph on the ground, immediately setting the metal construct alight with a blue blaze. Hassim was backing away, but Sayen tapped him on the head with her mace.

    "How about you stay put while I work? I'll get to you as soon as I'm finished up here." The sylvari's tone was a light and accented, but there was no mistaking the underlying edge. She returned to direct battle with the Forged Weaponmaster, but found time to look around the battlefield. Immediately, her features lit up. Even as she traded blows, she started talking to her fellow fighters.

    "Why if it isn't Anakita Snakecharm! And Stefan Baruch! How lovely! I'm so glad you came to Elona! Have you been here long? Are you here with the guild ? I came over myself a week or so ago, just getting my footing. Haha! I just realized how silly that sounds - getting my footing in a desert - you know, because of the sand and all - of course you know. And you brought your cats! You have three now, that's new. Oh, silly me, that one must belong to the other Ranger. Hello there! I mean, Ahai! I'm trying to pick up the local lingo, you see. Sayen Nekane! That's my name, just before I forget. Well, not forget my name, more just forget to tell you my name as I'm bad for doing that. Simply awful."

    The final statement was punctuated with a final smack on the Forged's head. It muttered something about Balthazaar before crumpling to the ground. A slight pout marred her features for a second.

    "ONLY a War Mage left? I much prefer those ones on the flying discs! Now THERE'S a challenge!"
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    Shrike lost track of how long she’d been stranded on this world. All she remembers is that she was minding her own business, standing on the deck of the H.M.S. Scum Angel when she suddenly found herself face first in the sand. It was the first time since the young women could remember letting out a frustrated scream in the middle of nowhere.

    “Stupid First!”
    She’d yelled. Instinctively she knew they were behind this.

    “Of course, all roads lead to your arrogant arses!” She’d screamed in final frustration.

    But that had been what, months ago? Shrike shrugged as she glided along the surface of the land. At least she had ocean here and a companion or two, even if she had yet to “acquire” a ship. She sniggered to herself as she hummed and sang bits and pieces to a tune.

    “I've been staring at the edge of the water
    'Long as I can remember, never really knowing why
    I wish I could be the perfect daughter
    But I come back to the water, no matter how hard I try
    Every turn I take, every trail I track
    Every path I make, every road leads back
    To the place I know, where I can not go, where I long to be…”

    Her humming and singing was interrupted by the sudden spinning of the skimmer she was on. She’d gotten used to the sudden turns, but unlike most skimmers, “little Cao” would make them while gliding along the ground, no matter what speed. Shrike clutched her hat to her head. The skimmer could be as unpredictable as her long lost friend Cao. Where in the Bright Universe that one was, was beyond her. Hopefully something of the young girl remained inside, people lost that childlike enthusiasm for life too easily.

    Thinking of Cao brought fond memories of the other friends she had made, M’Fufu, Irvine, Selphie, and Rinoa. Being on this planet had messed with her creator given talents, but Shrike knew that the Bright Universe was in trouble. Her friends, her family, something awful had happened and she needed to get back. If only she could “acquire” another ship, she’d be on her way.

    “Shiver me timbers L.C.!”

    “What be ye problem now?!” Shrike laughed.

    Her other companion, a tiger sat down next to the hovering skimmer and looked up at Shrike.

    “Not you too, Rinoa?!” She replied out of pirate speak.

    “I saw them, look, they have it under control, just one left of those scurvy dogs!”

    A purr like growl and a melodic hum came from her two companions and Shrike rolled her eyes.

    “Fine, let’s go, but if we get caught it’s your fault!” She chastised the two companions.

    “Maker’s breath!” Shrike hollered as Little Cao shot off in the direction of the disturbance. The young skimmer came over the top of the Forged Mage and barrel rolled over the top of the fighters below, sending out a healing spray. The sound of laughter escaping the young Shrike’s lips as she held on to the saddle horn and her hat.

    Landing with a flair, she sliced with her cutless, felling the last of the Forged. She had to suppress the urge to roll her eyes at the insistent of her companions, as she shot them an “I told you so”, look with a raised eyebrow. LC just glided over the earth in a circle, with her usual melodic hum and Rinoa huffed out a breath through her nose.

    “Ahoy and Ahai!” Shrike greeted with a bow and flourish of her hat at the group before her.

    There was a sense of seriousness that hung in the air with all, except maybe the plant woman. Mischief gleamed in her eyes at the thought of livinin’ up this group, but she had important matters of her own to attend too.

    “Sorry to barge in, seems you had this under control after all. Name’s Shrike, glad to meet your acquaintance.”

    Rinoa chuffed next to Shrike and she had to suppress a giggle knowing if the tigress could, she’d be rolling her eyes at her.

    “Hush you.” She said under her breath.

    “Be polite.”

    Although that was more a misdirection, knowing the tigress was chuffing at her for using her name. The young woman had yet to check the bounty board in town, but she was sure her name was on it. The thought made her smile.

    Peace is a lie
    There is only passion
    Through passion I gain strength
    Through strength I gain power
    Through power I gain victory
    Through victory my chains are broken
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    Anakita Snakecharm

    "Wow!" Anakita said.

    Suddenly there were a lot of people - or at least it seemed like a lot, with the impressive personalities involved. It didn't take long to mop up the last of the Forged. Once the fighting had ended, Anakita offered a leather-gloved hand to the new arrivals.

    "I'm Anakita," the Ranger said. Sayen seemed to know that already, but Shrike presumably didn't. "This is my husband Stefan. My cats are Azh and Nahji."

    She had lost track of Sayen's various questions - had all of them been answered by the Sylvari herself already? - so she left it at that brief introduction. Anakita began taking a visual scan of the field of battle, surveying the damage and also looking for the brave raptor with the undeserving owner.
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    Maida stepped towards the other ranger - Anakita, she reminded herself - with a smile to take the proffered hand. She wasn't quite sure what to make of the Sylvari - Sayen Nekane? - yet, let alone this Shrike woman, but she smiled at both of them, and nodded. "I'm Maida, and my cat is Alden." She paused, then added with a wink at Anakita, "And 'Wow!" is right."

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    The flourished arrival of the human with a very nice hat lifted the Sylvari's spirits even higher. Such a flair for the dramatic! And the hat! Sayen had a bit of a thing for hats, made more evident by the fact that she couldn't really take her eyes of Shrike's. At least not until Anakita, Stefan and Maida approached. Sayen pumped each one's hand enthusiastically. She stopped short of patting the cats on the head as she had learned from previous experience that cats didn't always want their heads patted. Especially when they were sleeping. Blowing raspberries on their bellies had also been removed from her list of appropriate responses to greeting other living creatures.

    Sayen blinked. Her train of thought had only been derailed for a second, but it was far too easy to keep following rabbit trails if she didn't stop herself short when she first noticed the issue. Some Sylvari claimed that it was possible to live in the Dream indefinitely...Sayen believe that she could probably achieve it, but if she did, she would likely be killed shortly thereafter and join the Dream in the usual way. It was hard to stay focused. Her persimmon-orange eyes flicked to Anakita's...then to Maida's. They seemed focused types - you tended to have to be if you wanted to be a Ranger - maybe she could learn a thing or two from them. Tricks of the trade, as it were. That is, if they were all going to be after the same thing...

    "OH!" Sayen's eyes popped wide before her brow lowered into a scowl. She spun to face Hassim, who had woken up from his bop on the head with a mace, but did not appear any better for it. "Hassim Dakkar! You are under arrest for impersonating a Cavalier, perjury, theft, fixing tables, vandalism...and a good many other things that I don't care to repeat. You are coming with me!"

    The man sneered back at the Sylvari, seeming to have forgotten the people he had been 'escorting'. He feigned raising his hand - and flipped his raptor saddle under him instead. The beast appeared out of thin air, pushing Sayen back as its body moved into the space she'd been occupying. Hassim laughed as he dug his heels into the reptile's sides and jerked the reins hard to the left.

    "If you want to arrest me, you'll have to catch me first, Outlander!"

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