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    Xal Qwaring

    Harmony Point, Main Street...

    Xal hears laughter. Light and melodious. It rouses him from his concentration. He looks up, but instead of focusing on the source of the laughter his attention is captured by Sil riding by.

    Xal guesses she's a Shamaa woman, based on her clothes and lack of a saddle. He can't figure out what sort of animal she's riding. It's not quite a horse. A bit of a lizard? A single curved horn. He doubts it's a mystically crafted creature, as the Shamaa much prefer animals found in nature, and not created in a wizard's ritual.

    His attention drifts up from the strange animal, and focuses on the Shamaa woman. There's something about her. Like a forgotten dream that-

    Tess speaking to Xal startles him from his staring. He jumps slightly and turns to face Tess and Liza. To his credit, Xal recovers as quickly as he can manage and offers the two women a warm smile.

    "Hello, I'm Xal," he tells them in a cheerful tone. "Xal Qwaring. I'm a new mechanic for the mines."

    Feeling a bit self conscious, Xal looks down at his dusty, abused suit. He pats at some of the dirt and dust, but realizes it's a lost cause and instead returns his attention to these two friendly ladies.

    Xal had hoped he could make a better first impression on his first day in town. However, these two seem friendly enough despite Xal's appearance. He guesses that plenty of the other miners and mechanics must return to town looking just as bad, if not worse. Perhaps the shabby state of his wardrobe will allow him to fit in better.

    Soon, Liza and Tess offer him an alternative to his earlier plan of retreating to his apartment. A visit to the local saloon. He ponders it for a moment. His aching, weary body is crying out for rest. However, if he's going to have any kind of future in this town Xal will need take advantage of every opportunity to meet others and learn more about the town and people. Going to the saloon seems like such an opportunity.

    "Yes, I could use a drink," Xal cheerfully replies as he begins dragging his trunk into the direction of the saloon. As he walks, Xal continues speaking to the two women. "What exactly do the two of you do in town? Are you employed by the saloon?"

    Xal tries to figure out how these women fit into the grand design of this town. Part of an unofficial welcome for those that are new to town, sent out to bring in new customers to the saloon? Or maybe they work for the mining commission?

    His decades of living in Taroc, and focusing on understanding machines instead of humans, have dulled the Astralian instincts that would normally pick up on the flirtations that Liza and Tess are directing at him.

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    Harmony Point: Outside the Diamond Saloon

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    Tess, Liza, Artor Lawe, Rekōdo Marshall and Lucius Starling, Deputy

    "If you're looking for the Grand Palace Hotel, you're not far from it. This big brown building, here, is the Exchange House and bank. The Diamond Saloon is down this walk and the Hotel is just a ways more down and across the street. You can see it from here."

    The girls do not notice the distraction that rides by for the new mechanic, at least they did not notice who the distraction was. He was new here and, like all new arrivals, had a lot to take in. Tess's smile deepened when he jumped at her voice. He has a handsome smile. one she would enjoy seeing above her, or below her, in bed.

    "That's an interesting name you got there, Xal."

    Liza's voice is a high-pitched dream. She emphasized his name and turned her head just slightly so that she peered at him more with one eye than the other. A twirl of her dark-colored parasol sent a dance of light and shadows across her face.

    "Welcome to Harmony Point" Tess added with an unending smile.
    "Don't be discouraged if the miners don't give you the warmest of welcomes. They're a hardy bunch, but once you get them warmed up to you, they're as sweet as Astral honeybuns."

    Liza giggled lightly as he attempted to make himself more presentable. There really was no need for it. Compared to the mining half of the town, he had a leg up. There was dirt and dust encrusted in their skin so deeply and for so long that no amount of soap or sud could cleanse it. As he walked, Liza looped her arm with his free one. Despite the overhand of the walkway from the many storefronts, she leaned in close to him so as to share her lacy umbrella with him. She had on perfume, faint pink primrose from the plains of Maginus. It was a wildflower that grew there. It had a light and sweet but airy scent to it.

    Tess remained a slightly more respectful distance from Xal as he carried his trunk on her side. Liza had always been more flirtatious than her. It was their good cop-bad cop arrangement. Tess was more mysterious, where Liza was younger and more innocent-looking, like a puzzle that wanted to be solved. Xal's question earned an intoxicating giggle from Liza. Tess rose a curious eyebrow at the man and then laughed in her own way.

    "You could say that" she said and let her laughter hang there with her words for a moment. "We are employed by Castillo. He is the tender at the Diamond Saloon."

    The women's high-buttoned boots clomp timely upon the boardwalk's wooden planks.

    "We make sure Cas's customers have a good time."

    Liza giggled as if she'd made a private joke only she could understand. Tess sighed and shrugged her shoulders at Xal.

    "What she said."

    The girl's pace slowed as they approached the batwing doors to the saloon. There, by the support posts to the walkway's overhangs were the Marshall and his Deputy. There was a golden pocket watch in the tall deputy's hand. His dark complexion marked him easily as a descendent of Da'Jinn. It was the Marshall's blue-eyed scrutiny that made both Tess and Liza slow.

    "Afternoon, Marshall, Deputy Lucius. Still here?"

    Tess twirled her parasol and smiled at the Marshall.

    "Trouble seems to be coming to me today" he said and checked his pistol one more time before holstering it at his hip. His voice was deep, noncommittal to whatever might be coming next. He blinked away the drink he felt tugging at the focus of his vision. "Who's the guy?"

    "Xal Qwaring" Liza piped up from his arm with a giddy lean forward as she spoke. She patted his arm lovingly with her laced glove hand. "He's the new mechanic at the mines. Ain't he something?"

    The Marshall raised a bushy eyebrow. He let out a gruff laugh.

    "Not my type."

    "Who is your type, Marshall?"

    "Hi, Xal" Lucius cut in and cut in front of the Marshall as Tess spoke. Even with his bodily presence slightly blocking the Marshall as he extended a hand to the new mechanic, it would be hard to miss the harsh stare Artor Lawe gave to Tess.

    "I'm Lucius Starling, Deputy. This is Marshall Artor Lawe, appointed here by King Heron."

    Artor's look at Tess lasted a moment longer. Tess's kept her firm smile and the stubborn look in her eyes. Then the Marshall turned his eyes on Xal and studied him with the same scrutiny he'd given Ingall moments earlier.

    "New mechanic, huh?"

    The Marshall did not offer his hand to Xal.

    "How'd you get roped into that?"
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