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Thread: So, WhatsApp?

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    I'm really old school....I still have a landline phone. No cell phone.

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    And here I am thinking I'm the local old lady lol

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    Lol, I don't like them. But I have a tablet and WIFI.

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    I use mine mostly for texting, but I can live without it.

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    I can text, through Facebook messenger, with my tablet.

    Hubby and I honestly don't even like our phone. We usually let the answering machine pick it up and call back when we feel like it. A cell phone would mean people could reach us whenever they want.

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    Most of my texting is for work, so Facebook wouldn't really work for it.

    But I totally agree on that. Then again, apart from people from work, only my parents and brother have my number. I nearly ripped my mom a new one when she gave my mobile number to a random lady. F*** this.

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    I only got a cell phone this year, myself, Jennifer. One of our home nurses got tired of not being able to text or call me, and insisted. Except neither home nor Life Care Center had as reliable reception as she thought... but that's okay. Usually things get thru, just not always immediately.

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    I actually got mine when I was going to college, since I was basically leaving home at 6 and coming home at 11 pm (school + work), it was pretty much the only way for my parents to figure out whether or not I had gone into an exhaustion-induced coma in the middle of the day lol

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    {Chuckle} I can see how they'd be worried, with that schedule. Somehow my parents and I made do with nightly phone calls the semester I was on campus for until I got an ear infection and couldn't fly back. I was so lonely then, I think I needed the calls more than my parents. Heck, I'm lonely now, with Dad off in the nursing home, and Mom sleeping a lot of the time. That's part of why I'm trying to build a social life... along with the knowledge that I'll need it even more when I finally lose them.

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    I was actually living with them (it's not really tradition here to move away from college, and I lived in a big city with many of the best institutions right there), but I could very well not be, for how little we saw each other. But it's fine, in the end things did work out.

    And building a social life is always a good thing. I'm a major loner, people overwhelm me, but for people who feel this need to be social, it's always good to fit it in in any possible way.

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