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    The Last Days of the First

    The Last Days of the First

    ((OOC: This story line takes place at some point in the distant past, during the disappearances of the First. As mentioned in the OOC thread, it's designed to show what happened to Jas and Saja, and how Jas wound up on Sajara, as revealed in the main story thread. If anyone wants to join with one of their character or characters from the original Crossgen forum, please let me know. This will be a slow paced story with a specific end in mind, but there can be plenty of variation in getting to the end.))

    The Rising Sun in Orbit of Starron

    Kalor sat at the helm of his ship, Rising Sun, looking at the planet on his view screen. It was a dead planet, and had been for as long as he could remember. Once gleaming towers of cities lay in ruins, with no sign of any life, humanoid or animal. He remembered when he was here before, millennia ago, soon after he became something more than human.

    "I never thought I'd be back here again," he muttered to himself and sighed. He closed his eyes and saw the visions in his mind, clear as if he saw them yesterday, given to him by his contact with a magic crystal containing memories of the past. Jasmin and Meteoro were fighting. She was pregnant, and he didn't want her to keep the baby. It was his anger that made the planet desolate, causing Jasmin to steal away his memories of her, Starron, and her unborn child, the child who was now a man and one of the passengers abord his ship.

    Kalor opened his eyes again, pressing several buttons as he scanned the surface of Starron. As expected, still no signs of life. Of course, what he was looking for couldn't be classified as "life" in the traditional sense. Spirit perhaps? Ghost? Actually, the White Witch seemed to be the most apt name of them all. He let out a rueful chuckle when the computer indicated the location of the object of his search. Why did it not surprise him?

    He shook his head and pressed another button on the computer in front of him, this time opening the intercoms through the ship. "Hey guys and gals, this is your captain here. I just wanted to let you know that we're currently cruising at an altitude of 25000 miles above the deserted planet of Starron. The guest of honor has been located, and it ain't much of a surprise where she's holed up. I'll see y'all on the bridge."

    He let go of the button and stood to his feet. "Why did I agree to this again?" he muttered to himself, waiting for the crew and guests to make their way to the bridge.
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