Starron, ruined coastal city

As Sojourn’s arrow moved closer to Anubis, he held one of his daggers in front of him, creating a luminous shield around him. But there was something about that arrow that wasn’t right. As it was about to hit his shield, he jumped to the side just in time, because the light construct cracked into a thousand pieces. Thankfully, he got unharmed.

“Your First tricks won’t hurt me! Not when I command the dead!” His eloquence got cut short by a small quivering in his voice. He had lost his confidence and it was showing.

That was when he saw the panther that was Kiera approaching. It was one thing to face a dead metallic cat and imaginary of cats, than going head to head with the real thing. A panther of all things... His skin crawled.

“Move away!” He waved one of his daggers again and a luminous blue wall rose from the ground up the sky, hoping it would stop the panther. He wasn’t about to fight it. He wasn’t ready.

Another move and the undead focused on Kiera as their only target. She would have to face them all. He would give her no quarter!