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    Starron, ruined coastal city

    As Sojourn’s arrow moved closer to Anubis, he held one of his daggers in front of him, creating a luminous shield around him. But there was something about that arrow that wasn’t right. As it was about to hit his shield, he jumped to the side just in time, because the light construct cracked into a thousand pieces. Thankfully, he got unharmed.

    “Your First tricks won’t hurt me! Not when I command the dead!” His eloquence got cut short by a small quivering in his voice. He had lost his confidence and it was showing.

    That was when he saw the panther that was Kiera approaching. It was one thing to face a dead metallic cat and imaginary of cats, than going head to head with the real thing. A panther of all things... His skin crawled.

    “Move away!” He waved one of his daggers again and a luminous blue wall rose from the ground up the sky, hoping it would stop the panther. He wasn’t about to fight it. He wasn’t ready.

    Another move and the undead focused on Kiera as their only target. She would have to face them all. He would give her no quarter!

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    Optimus Prime

    Starron: Ruined Coastal City

    Optimus gave his wife a smirk.

    "Wonderful, my dear. Even a broken clock is right twice a day."

    He told her when she questioned him for giving Kalor a compliment. It would be a rare one the empowered human would get from the God of the Spark. Although he could not resisted adding.

    "And Kalor is definitely broke. He doesn't even have a ship now. He definitely doesn't stand a chance with our granddaughter now."

    Although any jokes and insults Optimus had fell to wayside as Anubis began to rise the dead. He attacked the undead with his sword. He had thought they'd just take down the White Witch one last time. Not have his third go around with the Ancient God of Death. It didn't take long for Optimus to realize that attacking the dead with his sword would get to be too taxing on him. Meteoro had killed many on Starron and Anubis could probably rise them all. He put his sword away and his fists were surrounded by fire as he created fireballs to throw at the hordes of the dead.

    He remembered Anbuis' voice well and it was lacking the confidence it was once had.

    "You're wrong! I think we can and will hurt you!"

    Optimus yelled and saw that Anubis had turned the dead's focus on Kiera. He threw a massive fireball at the horde.

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    Starron: Ruined Coastal City

    Sojourn couldn't help but laugh at Optimus' reply to her question.

    "That is true."

    Although the razing of Kalor would have to wait. They did have the God of Death to take down once again.

    "You failed twice before, Anubis! Today will be no different."

    She told him with confidence in her voice. She was pleased to see her arrow at had ruined his shield. Seeing that her husband had decided to use fire to battle the undead, Sojourn used telekinesis to throw the dead towards her husband's fire. Working with him to take out as many of the undead that kept rising as they could together.

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    Kalor, Jas and Kiera

    Starron: Ruined Coastal City

    Kiera tried to dodge the legions of undead swarming her, swiping at any that got in her way. She had to get to Anubis, and couldn't be slowed down by his armies. She roared in pain as she felt the bones of a skeleton rip into her side, she turned and slashed at it with her paw. There were just too many of them.

    *Thought you said the idiot would be protecting me!* Kiera thought, knowing her father would be connected to her mind.

    *Do whatever you can to get to Anubis. I'll take care of things here.* Jas responded telepathically as he sliced at approaching undead.

    *What do you think I've been trying to do?*

    Jas could feel his daughter's frustration and pain and knew there was nothing more that he could do. He opened his telepathy to include Meteoro, Kalor, Optimus Prime, and Sojourn.

    *There are too many of the dead. They'll overwhelm us if we focus on them. We need to do everything we can to make a path for Kiera to get to Anubis.*

    *Hey, I'm doing what I can!* Kalor responded in frustration. *For everyone one that I smash or trap, four more surround Kitty. I could really use some help here!*

    *Father, Sojourn. Can you two help Kalor clear a path for Kiera to get to Anubis? Optimus and I can hold the line here.*
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    Starron, ruined coastal city

    *This is actually fun!* Meteoro yelled through the mind-link. *I never imagined killing the undead would be interesting at all. I mean, the dead are already dead… But had I know it would be like this, I would have brought Anubis to my own world longtime ago!*

    In fact, Meteoro was having the time of his life. One meteor here, another meteor over there, a meteor shower by the coast, burning meteors popping out of the floor. It was his kind of mayhem and he just couldn’t be happier.

    If anyone thought he would feel bad over the fact that all that people was killed by the God of Falling Rocks, he or she would have barely known him. He was a God of Destruction and he was having a blast.

    But as much fun as he was having, it didn’t mean he wasn’t listening. And if they wanted him to help Kiera, he was going to do just that. Standing proud in his floating meteor, he flew by one side of Kiera and turned the sand beneath him into burning lava, turning to flames the undead it caught.

    *Jas, son, all of a sudden you’re my favorite kid!*

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    Starron, ruined coastal city

    Anubis may have looked like an undefeatable god, but he was struggling. He wasn’t in his prime. It had taken him longer than expected to recover from his last battle with the First and he definitely wasn’t prepared to face them again. Not yet.

    The Firsts were protecting the panther that kept running towards him. He had created a transparent wall between them but he didn’t know it would stop the animal. And a feline on top of that... The Firsts knew him all too well.

    His undead army could be in the millions, but his soldiers were mindless. The Firsts, even the humans that accompanied them, were taking them down like flies. His undead hordes were almost infinite, but they were as stupid as they got.

    He wasn’t ready, he just wasn’t ready!

    But he would not go down easily.

    He waved one hand, then the other. Winds surrounded him broke all at once, carrying the sand into the air, becoming an impossibly strong sandstorm. Another move and the winds went absolutely wild, turning every grain of sand into a sharp bullet.

    From where he was standing, he saw the first crew member fall into his death and he laughed...

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    Kalor, Jas and Kiera

    Starron: Ruined Coastal City

    As the sandstorm was whipped up, the sharp grains started cutting into everyone, slowing Kiera's advancement.

    *Sorry, Kitty, I gotta change my focus,* Kalor thought into the shared mindlink between the First. *I need to slow this storm*

    Kalor raised both hands and focused on the sandstorm that Anubis started. He knew he couldn't get rid of it, but he could alter it. The sand and rocks being whipping into the air were transformed from sand into water. They were now in the midst of a full storm, which had the added side effect of diminishing some of the effects of the fires.

    *Like that's any better?* Kiera asked into the mindlink.

    *Better than getting ripped to shreds by sand? I'd say yes, Kitty.*

    *My name's Kiera! Get it right!*

    *Kalor's right, it is better than the sand,* Jas added. *Just get to Anubis! Sojourn, not sure if you can fire your arrows in this, can you fight close range with me while your husband and my father make a path for Kiera with fire?*

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    Starron, ruined coastal city

    When the sand became as sharp as blades, General Sae got a cut on her cheek and got several more on her arms and legs. She bled a little but, other than pain, it didn’t hurt that much.

    It didn’t go that well for two elves on her right and a dwarf that was standing in front of her; he actually took the brunt of the impact that would have hit her. The three of them fell dead right away… Only to return as unliving creatures, waving their weapons against her.

    General Sae didn’t think twice and blew their brains out.

    “I’m sorry, Lia, Fourn, and Glock. You fought like the best. You will be remembered.”

    She took hold of her necklace once again and held her gun strongly, just as the sand turned into water, creating instant mud under their feet. It wasn’t comfortable, but it wouldn’t kill anyone else.

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    Biggs and Wedge

    Starron: Ruined City

    Biggs and Wedge, halfling janitors on the Rising Sun, tried to find a place to hide. They found an old ruined playground behind a rusted and falling chain linked fence. Not really much of a place to hide. Even worse, it was surrounded on three sides by crumbled walls of buildings.

    "Um, I think we're trapped, Wedge."

    "Maybe we'll be safe here, Biggs?"

    "I don't think so, Wedge. Look!" He pointed to the gate they walked through and three skeletons were headed their way.

    "That's not good, Biggs. What do we do?"

    Biggs looked around and found an old aluminum baseball bat and a rusted length of pipe. "Maybe use these, Wedge?"

    Wedge looked to where Biggs pointed and grabbed the pipe. "Oh, this might work, Biggs. Maybe we could make something from it later too."

    Biggs picked up the bat. "I don't know, Wedge, but the boney things are getting closer. We better hit them hard, Wedge."

    "Right Biggs!" The two halflings shouted and rushed at the three skeletons, knocking them back into piles of bones.

    "Oh, that worked, Wedge! Maybe we'll be safe here now!"

    Suddenly, the winds picked up around them, and sand as sharp as daggers began to fly at them. "Owww! Maybe not Biggs!"

    "Owww! Maybe if we hit the sand with our weapons like we did the boney things, Wedge?"

    "I don't know, Biggs! Owww! But swing!"

    The two halflings began swinging. As soon as they did, the sand turned into water around them. "It worked, Wedge! We beat back the sand!"

    "Yeah, but now we're all wet, Biggs. Now what do we do?"

    "Wait here, I guess, Wedge. General Sae will find us when the storm is over."

    "We'll be in trouble for running away, though, won't we Biggs?"

    "Not after we tell them how we beat up bones and sand, Wedge. We'll be heroes!"

    "You're right, Biggs! We're heroes!"
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    Optimus Prime

    Starron: Ruined Coastal City

    The undead were numerous, but also mindless. It didn't take much for even their mortal comrades to take them down. Plus, Optimus was certain that Anubis was weaker now. He wasn't as powerful as he once was. If Kiera could get to him, the God of the Spark was sure she could defeat the God of Death.

    *He's weaker then he used to be.*

    Optimus told the other Firsts telepathically. Which was good. They would all need to save some of their energies to fight Saja. Anubis was just a small detour to that goal. He agreed with Jas that he could help him battle the undead, while Sojourn helped Kalor clear a path for Kiera.

    *Be careful, Sojourn.*

    He told her, even though he knew she would be. She was the love of his life and it was only natural to be concerned for her. Even if she was more then capable of protecting herself. Optimus continued to attack the undead with fire and just shook his head that Meteoro was enjoying himself. Only he would, when it was his fault they had so many undead to fight to begin with!

    Optimus continued to roast the undead, until the sandstorm was conjured, causing his fire to blow off course from his targets. Suddenly, the sand was changed to rain. And while he didn't like getting soaked, it was the better of two options.

    *I hate to say it, Kiera, he's right. The rain is better.*

    Dear Altwall, why the hell did he have to keep giving Kalor compliments today? It was driving him crazy to do so. As the God of the Spark, rain did very little to offset his fire powers. Granted, he couldn't create as massive of fireballs as he could, but his powers still worked.

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