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    The tsunami: planning

    The tsunami: planning

    This thread is for information about the tsunami, so different accounts come out similarly, and folks don't have to wait for new information from a Game Master all the time.
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    The Tsunami: a schedule of the waves

    The waves will be of different absolute heights in different places, but the relative heights will be the same. So the second wave might be four feet in one place, and six feet in another, but it will always be smaller than both the first and the third. I will number them in reverse order, so the biggest wave is 1, and the smallest noticeable is 12. There are some negligible waves, adding to the total count, Or if you'd prefer, lengthening the time between waves. For ease of counting the waves are 20 minutes apart at all the locations we've set up so far.

    A: 11. (The first wave is the second smallest wave.)

    B: Negligible (Wait 40 minutes, not 20.)

    C: 12 (The second wave is the smallest noticeable wave.)

    D: 6

    E: 8

    F: 3

    G: 5

    H: 1

    I: 2

    J: 7

    K: 4

    L: 9

    M: negligible

    N: negligible (Wait one hour, not twenty minutes.)

    O: 10

    NOTE: 1, 2, 3, and 4 will be remembered as the big waves. 1 and 2 because they're really the biggest, and 3 and 4 not just because they're almost as big, but because the ones just preceding them are enough smaller in comparison to make them even scarier.
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    The Tsunami: Suggested Events: a tsunami encounter table

    If you have an idea for a specific event or series of events, go for it. But if you're looking for ideas here's a sort of "encounter table," without dice. Events are listed in noparticular order, in part because relative likelyhood depends on where you are. Wild animals are more common outside of towns and villages, for instance. Also, these may be combined, such as debris with an animal clinging to it, a recognizable structure floating with a person inside, or a person on a horse.

    Wild animal(s)

    Tame animal(s)


    Tree(s) or other large plant(s)


    Vehicle(s), floating

    Vehicle(s), not floating

    Recognizable building(s), still standing

    Recognizable building(s), floating (I've never heard of a group of floating buildings in a tsunami, but if you've got an idea, go for it. Maybe the currents converge there or something. )

    Feel free to add to or suggest additions to this list.
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