All right, I know I really don't have any business starting any new stories, but here I am doing just that.

Initial disclaimers are in order:

1. Slow poster friendly, as usual;
2. Human characters only;
3. Characters may be from any part of the world;
4. One character per player;
5. Real world consequences are definitely possible.

With that out of the way, here goes the pitch:

An eccentric billionaire, bored of his current life and getting a bit to the point in life where women and partying are no longer that interesting, decides to take up collecting art and relics. All very normal, if not for the fact that his desired items are in museums all over the world - and not for sale.

The characters will be hired to steal these items for a very handsome sum each, and will compete on a race to see who gets to each item first. Details will be fleshed out if this takes off. I'm thinking with 3 or 4 takers we can do this.