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    Avengers Infinity War (spoilers)

    Avengers Infinity War (spoilers)

    Yeah, I'm back/still about. Salutations and all that good stuff to everyone.

    So having viewed the movie twice now, I need to get a few thoughts out of my head. Aside from the general bit of 'it was a damn good movie' and I'd call it their Empire Strikes Back. This is mostly going to be a ramble on the ending so spoiler warning.







    Seriously, you've been warned.





    Ok, if you're still here, I presume you've seen the movie or don't care.

    So there are some details on Thanos turning half the universal populace to dust that make me ask questions. Thanos did say his original idea was a random lotto of death to reduce the population. It seems that is how he did things with the snap. Is this death lotto on a universal basis or a planetary one? I lean towards the later. Given he says he wants to save the universe, it makes no point if say the Kree empire lost 10% while Earth lost 60%. The former would still have resource balance issues.
    Onto the next issue, does this apply to planets Thanos has already hit? Maybe. Drax is amongst the slain and his home world was hit in the past. So this opens a few more questions. What about worlds/locations with mixed races such as Ravager locals or the Klyn? Again given Drax is taken out, we have to presume its by location over by race. Well, maybe Drax's home world got off balance again. We don't know.
    But if we go by each world/location gets its population cut in half regardless of the home world of the people there, it opens one very interesting question - who else is on Titan? We had Starlord, Drax, Mantis, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Dr. Strange, and Nebula there when the event happens. The only two who didn't turn to dust were Iron Man and Nebula. That is 2 out of 7. Even if the reduction is 50% with round up destroyed, that should have left 3. So this means at least one more person is on Titan. We could have Star Fox there. He is from there and Thanos' brother. Unlikely given his low profile, power set, and confusion of the Star whats? So maybe Thanos' dad aka Mentor? I'd say maybe more likely. Old guy to give exposition is a fair trope. More likely when I think of it, we could have Thane. The comics have pushed Thane several times over the last few years. He was even the big bad in the first arc of Thanos comic. Thanos could have found his son cowardly or weak and left him there. He might offer to help Tony and take the gauntlet for himself. I'm basically just spitballing here. Mostly as I am not sure if the idea that there has to be a person or two we haven't seen on Titan keeps tugging at me.

    Lord Mattson, LM, Matts, its all the same.

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    Hey LM! Nice to see you drop in.

    That's a good question. It sounds like it is both, it's universal and according to the numbers based on each planet. That would mean that Drax's planet would be affected again as well and any other planet that Thanos has already visited. If that were not the case then why have those on Titan dissolved to ash on a dead world? So, that would also lead one to believe that there must be someone else on Titan we have not seen yet, unless the writers don't know how to do their math.

    Did you stay for the end credits?

    Edit: I just remembered last night, Nebula was talking to someone after escaping from Thanos. Didn't she say something about meeting at or that they were going to head to Titan? Perhaps that is the unknown we have yet to see? Just a thought.
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    I always stay through credits at a Marvel movie.

    And Nebula was calling Mantis of the Guardians unless I misheard.

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    MATTSON! Good to see you!! I would stay, but I don't want spoilers, so will have to chat soon in another thread! *waves*
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    Nebula called Mantis, which is why the Guardians showed up on Titan.

    As for the question about people dying, I assume it was entirely random. Before the gauntlet, Thanos spent decades killing half the populations of planets, one at a time. The gauntlet gave him the power to do this to the universe all in one moment. I don't think it mattered if it effected a planet he had already attacked, because he wasn't thinking on that small of a scale any more. He would have considered the entire population of the universe as one big whole to cut in half.

    There isn't anything in the movie that specifically states any of that. But making it entirely random is the simplest explanation for what happened. I don't think the creators of the movie needed to make it any more complicated than that.

    Although, I wonder if leaving Stark alive was random, or if Thanos left him alive because of the deal he made with Strange. That would set Stark up to carry out whatever plan Strange had (that one winning strategy that Strange foresaw in a possible future).

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    I saw it today.

    I'm still processing.


    (I know they will bring people back but still. Ouch.)
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    I hate to twist the knife but James Gunn stated on Twitter a translation of Groot's last line - 'Dad'. He did later apologize for making so many people cry.

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    I lean more to the thought that it was a planetary split just because that was how Thanos did his mission. Dude was calculated on how he did his dirt. It almost seems less calculating if he did a universal split. But that's just my 2 cents.

    As for Groot's final word? That's just wrong man. If there wasn't enough sadness about that movie....
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