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    Poor Paige.

    She and Amanda will definitely have to bond.

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    Yeah they definitely do need to.
    "Sleep to dream, and we dream to live..." -Great Big Sea

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    Feel free to use Aunt Mary as needed.

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    Carmen is not making smart choices here. I think she will end up regretting them.

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    Sadly, I think you're right.

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    Poor Carmen..

    The picture is on its way up North and soon Damien will be joining Hernandez on that trip to Albany.

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    Did you have anything you want to add or shall we skip ahead to the Ceremony night?

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    I'm ready to move forward. I figured we could do a quick run through dinner (or not quick, if there's a lot to say) and then move the evening ahead.

    Poor Paige is really not okay.

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    Sounds good. After the Ceremony, I think Paige and Amanda will be able to bond. After all, only Jonas is going to like tonight.

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