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    OOC Dicussion Forum

    OOC Dicussion Forum

    Now, we can really plot it out.

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    So, my character is posted. A second character is starting to form in my head, so we'll see.
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    Yep, it happened. He's a rebel fighter trying to rescue his sister who is a Handmaid.

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    Lol, I like him. I have three characters in mind in now. The Handmaid, the Commander, and the Commander's son, who is secretly a rebel. And he's 21, because I figured it would be fun for his dad to marry someone younger then his kid. Also, the son's mother died in an "accident" at the beginning of Gilead. Thus he needed a new wife and since he has a grown child, obviously he's not at fault for Paige not having a living baby.

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    What a delightfully screwed up family dynamic! I love it!

    It'll be good for Hernandez to have a fellow rebel to pal around with. They probably already know each other because their fathers presumably work together. Hernandez has openly left the fold, though, so his departure isn't a secret from his father.

    I hope Paige finds some friends too. She outwardly appears to fit in perfectly with the society of Gilead, but on the inside she feels pretty lost and out of place.
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