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    Yeah, I think that would be good for them.
    "Sleep to dream, and we dream to live..." -Great Big Sea

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    I'm ready to move forward with the evening whenever you are.

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    All right, the Ceremony happened. Poor Amanda.

    Hope you don't mind I just assumed what Paige was doing during it. I have another post in mind and then I think Amanda will definitely be ready to bond with Paige.

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    Paige doesn't really have anything she CAN do except be along for the ride, unfortunately.

    Yay bonding, at least.

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    Amanda is ready for bonding.

    Jonas actually does think a baby will make Paige happy. He believes she's depressed because her baby had died, so if he allows Amanda to secretly read the pregnancy magazines, she'll be able to give them a healthy baby and Paige will be happy.

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    If only there were some way to find out what Paige wants! (Like... asking her. )

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    But asking...That's so difficult.

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    Paige actually does have someone in Canada, she just doesn't know it.

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    Amanda's going to make sure that girl gets to Canada.

    Sorry for the wait, but I finally got a post up and we can get this moving again.

    I was thinking that Amanda and Paige's chat would be a good tie up for this thread and that I'll start a new one soon for the guys' mission to Albany. And I was thinking one of the neighbors' Handmaids is going to go into labor and Amanda and Paige have to be there for that. Show a little how crazy Gilead is when it comes to childbirth.

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