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    Handmaid's Tale Character Bios

    Handmaid's Tale Character Bios

    Some basic information to include about your character(s). Feel free to expand on it as need be.

    Character Sheet:

    Appearance (pictures welcome):
    Social Class:
    Background before RP:

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    Name: Paige

    Age: 20

    Gender: Female

    Appearance (pictures welcome):

    Paige has a heart-shaped face, blonde hair, light blue eyes, and pale skin. She is very thin, to the point she would be prettier if she gained a few pounds. Her whole appearance suggests fragility and a hint of ill-health.

    Social Class: Wife to a Commander of the Faithful

    Background before RP:

    Born with the name Paige Anne Price, she was the second child of Leighton and Geraldine Price. Over the course of her childhood, her father was involved in a few semi-successful business ventures and eventually ran for state office, but only lasted a single term in the legislature because the voters became frustrated with his tendency to grandstand about a handful of his pet issues but simply fail to show up to vote on any bill that didn't fall into one of the categories of his interests. Geraldine was a homemaker and eventually a lifestyle blogger. The blog started out fairly mainstream and harmless, but when Paige's older brother died, the trauma of grief caused her mother to take a sharp turn into becoming increasingly militant and extreme in her political activism.

    As fertility rates were falling, Geraldine became somewhat of an anomaly when she began bearing child after child - all sons except for Paige - having become convinced that the will of God was to reproduce as much as possible. This was uncommon enough that Leighton managed to spin the family's life into a reality television show. On the surface, it was a pretty harmless program documenting the lives of a highly religious but loving family who lived a wholesome and picture-perfect life.

    Behind the scenes, though, reality was harsher. Geraldine and Leighton struggled to cope with actually parenting the children they had brought into the world, and the responsibility for raising her siblings increasingly fell on Paige even though she was still a child herself. She was punished severely for any small infraction, including beatings, while her brothers were spoiled and indulged, and the homeschooling that had always been spotty at best simply stopped for Paige, leaving her with only a rudimentary education.

    Needless to say, Paige's parents were true believers in Gilead from the start, and did all they could to help usher in the new regime. For this, they were rewarded by having their daughter placed in an arranged marriage with a Commander when she came of age. It was assumed that her youth would translate into a better chance of fertility, and at first that seemed to be the case; she conceived not long after the marriage.

    It was not to be, however. Paige went into preterm labor, and although it was undoubtedly too early for the fetus to be viable, the doctors made every effort to save it even at the expense of the mother due to the high value placed on the birth of children. Saving the baby was impossible, and Paige herself managed to survive, but her body was badly damaged by the botched delivery. The doctors declared that she would be unlikely to be able to conceive again... to the undoubted displeasure of her husband.
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    Name: Hernandez

    Age: 24

    Gender: Male

    Appearance (pictures welcome):

    Hernandez is tall with olive skin, dark hair, and brown eyes. He has a naturally wiry build but has become more muscular through combat and rough outdoor living.

    Social Class: Rebel

    Background before RP:

    His birth name was Jedediah Absalom Walker the 4th.

    His father, Jedediah Absalom Walker the 3rd, met and married Maria Hernandez while doing missionary work in Mexico. The marriage didn't last. Jed the 3rd became increasingly domineering and physically abusive, and eventually Maria left him, taking their son with her. Her husband accepted the divorce but not the loss of his son, and he won custody by claiming in court that Maria was a drug user and sold her body to fund her addiction - neither of which was true, but a judge believed him and awarded custody to the father.

    Jed the 3rd was a harsh, demanding, constantly punitive father, and his son had a difficult childhood. True respite only came when the son left for college and had the chance to reconnect with his mother. By this point Maria was remarried and had a daughter, but she was thrilled to welcome her son back into her life with open arms, and as a stepfather her husband became truest father the young man had ever known.

    The war threw the happy family reunion into a tailspin. Maria and her husband managed to escape and joined those loyal to the government-in-exile of the United States in Alaska. Their daughter was separated from them, though, and was forced to become a Handmaid in Gilead.

    Jed the 3rd, meanwhile, was doing quite well for himself. Formerly a hellfire-and-brimstone pastor, he was now one of the foremost Commanders of the Faithful in Gilead. Naturally, he expected his son to follow in his footsteps.

    His son didn't. Instead, the young man renounced his former name and started going by just Hernandez, his mother's maiden name. He joined the rebel fighters in the cause to retake Gilead for the United States and free its citizens. The goal first and foremost in his mind, though, is to rescue his sister from bondage and bring her home to their family.

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