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    Handmaid's Tale Character Bios

    Handmaid's Tale Character Bios

    Some basic information to include about your character(s). Feel free to expand on it as need be.

    Character Sheet:

    Appearance (pictures welcome):
    Social Class:
    Background before RP:

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    Name: Paige

    Age: 20

    Gender: Female

    Appearance (pictures welcome):

    Paige has a heart-shaped face, blonde hair, light blue eyes, and pale skin. She is very thin, to the point she would be prettier if she gained a few pounds. Her whole appearance suggests fragility and a hint of ill-health.

    Social Class: Wife to a Commander of the Faithful

    Background before RP:

    Born with the name Paige Anne Price, she was the second child of Leighton and Geraldine Price. Over the course of her childhood, her father was involved in a few semi-successful business ventures and eventually ran for state office, but only lasted a single term in the legislature because the voters became frustrated with his tendency to grandstand about a handful of his pet issues but simply fail to show up to vote on any bill that didn't fall into one of the categories of his interests. Geraldine was a homemaker and eventually a lifestyle blogger. The blog started out fairly mainstream and harmless, but when Paige's older brother died, the trauma of grief caused her mother to take a sharp turn into becoming increasingly militant and extreme in her political activism.

    As fertility rates were falling, Geraldine became somewhat of an anomaly when she began bearing child after child - all sons except for Paige - having become convinced that the will of God was to reproduce as much as possible. This was uncommon enough that Leighton managed to spin the family's life into a reality television show. On the surface, it was a pretty harmless program documenting the lives of a highly religious but loving family who lived a wholesome and picture-perfect life.

    Behind the scenes, though, reality was harsher. Geraldine and Leighton struggled to cope with actually parenting the children they had brought into the world, and the responsibility for raising her siblings increasingly fell on Paige even though she was still a child herself. She was punished severely for any small infraction, including beatings, while her brothers were spoiled and indulged, and the homeschooling that had always been spotty at best simply stopped for Paige, leaving her with only a rudimentary education.

    Needless to say, Paige's parents were true believers in Gilead from the start, and did all they could to help usher in the new regime. For this, they were rewarded by having their daughter placed in an arranged marriage with a Commander when she came of age. It was assumed that her youth would translate into a better chance of fertility, and at first that seemed to be the case; she conceived not long after the marriage.

    It was not to be, however. Paige went into preterm labor, and although it was undoubtedly too early for the fetus to be viable, the doctors made every effort to save it even at the expense of the mother due to the high value placed on the birth of children. Saving the baby was impossible, and Paige herself managed to survive, but her body was badly damaged by the botched delivery. The doctors declared that she would be unlikely to be able to conceive again... to the undoubted displeasure of her husband.
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    Name: Hernandez

    Age: 24

    Gender: Male

    Appearance (pictures welcome):

    Hernandez is tall with olive skin, dark hair, and brown eyes. He has a naturally wiry build but has become more muscular through combat and rough outdoor living.

    Social Class: Rebel

    Background before RP:

    His birth name was Jedediah Absalom Walker the 4th.

    His father, Jedediah Absalom Walker the 3rd, met and married Maria Hernandez while doing missionary work in Mexico. The marriage didn't last. Jed the 3rd became increasingly domineering and physically abusive, and eventually Maria left him, taking their son with her. Her husband accepted the divorce but not the loss of his son, and he won custody by claiming in court that Maria was a drug user and sold her body to fund her addiction - neither of which was true, but a judge believed him and awarded custody to the father.

    Jed the 3rd was a harsh, demanding, constantly punitive father, and his son had a difficult childhood. True respite only came when the son left for college and had the chance to reconnect with his mother. By this point Maria was remarried and had a daughter, but she was thrilled to welcome her son back into her life with open arms, and as a stepfather her husband became truest father the young man had ever known.

    The war threw the happy family reunion into a tailspin. Maria and her husband managed to escape and joined those loyal to the government-in-exile of the United States in Alaska. Their daughter was separated from them, though, and was forced to become a Handmaid in Gilead.

    Jed the 3rd, meanwhile, was doing quite well for himself. Formerly a hellfire-and-brimstone pastor, he was now one of the foremost Commanders of the Faithful in Gilead. Naturally, he expected his son to follow in his footsteps.

    His son didn't. Instead, the young man renounced his former name and started going by just Hernandez, his mother's maiden name. He joined the rebel fighters in the cause to retake Gilead for the United States and free its citizens. The goal first and foremost in his mind, though, is to rescue his sister from bondage and bring her home to their family.

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    Gilead Name: Ofjonas
    Real Name: Amanda Young
    Age: 23
    Gender: Female
    Appearance (pictures welcome):

    Amanda aka Ofjonas is about 5'4 with a curvy build. She could stand to lose about ten to fifteen pounds, having not lost all her last pregnancy weight. However, in the new society that seems more desirable because she had already bore a child. She has blonde hair that is a little past shoulder length, but she keeps up most of the time. She has blue eyes.

    Social Class: Handmaid

    Background before RP: Amanda Young was a normal girl from Pennsylvania before the rise of Gilead. She paid little attention to politics and was more concerned about her own daily life, then what was going on with her country. She was working at the local hardware store part time, trying to pay her way though college. As her parents were not very rich and she had two younger brothers for them to take care of. Her dream had been to own her own little boutique shop, dealing with handmade crafts and specialty gifts. Amanda was the first member of her family to attend college. She attended one about two hours away from her hometown.

    In her freshman year, she met Damien Holiday. He was a seven years older then her but they hit it off right away. Damien had recently honorably discharged from the Army and had recently divorced his high school sweetheart. His ex-wife, Cora, had cheated on him while he was deployed with someone from her work and he discovered the child she had given birth to was not biologically his. They divorced, with Cora openly having a relationship with the biological father of her daughter and Damien moving to start a new life. He had decided to attend the same college as Amanda did.

    Amanda and Damien became friends because she had tutored him in math class. They began dating about a year after they met and by the start of their senior year, she had moved in with him, much to her parents dislike. As they were not married and Damien was older then her and divorced. Amanda did not care, though, and was very happy with Damien. Her relationship caused a straining in her relationship with her parents, causing her to lose touch with them. That same year she also became pregnant. While the pregnancy was unexpected, they were both thrilled. Planning to get married after the birth of their child and graduation.

    Those plans didn't happen. During their senior year, the Commanders of the Faithful rose to the power and Gilead rose out of the downfall of the United States.

    Damien, who paid more attention to politics then Amanda ever did, tried to get them a quick wedding at the local courthouse but the wedding license was declined. Because Amanda would have been Damien's second wife and the new government did not recognize his divorce. He was told the only way he could get married again was if his ex-wife was deceased. As far as he knew Cora was not.

    The next plan Damien and the pregnant Amanda had was to run for the Canadian border. They got to upstate New York before Amanda went into labor with their son. Viewed as runners and traitors, Gilead pursued them. Amanda gave birth to a son, who they named Adam, in an old barn. The new family had a brief moment of peace before the Guardians started to close in on them. As painful as it was for her, Amanda told Damien to run to the border with Adam. She was too weak from childbirth to go with them and she wanted them to at least be free.

    Damien had tried to argue but she told him that Adam being free was more important then her. That she would slow them down. She had realized too late what was going on with their country and she didn't want their baby raised in this new world. Adam being free, even if it was only with his father, was far more important then what could ever happen to her.

    Amanda tearfully told Damien and her newborn son goodbye and was found passed out by the Guardians in the barn, with no sign of Damien or their son. Amanda was captured and sent to the Red Center to become a Handmaid. Due to her status as a harlot because of her relationship with Damien.

    Amanda is viewed as a very desirable Handmaid as she had given birth. After her recovery from childbirth and her training, she was given her first assignment. To be the Handmaid to Commander Jonas Morgan and his wife, Paige. Thus becoming known as Ofjonas.
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    Name: Jonas Morgan
    Age: 50
    Gender: Male
    Appearance (pictures welcome):

    Jonas is about 6' tall with a slight muscular build. He has brown eyes and brown hair that is turning with grey with age. He also prefers to keep a beard, that has grown grey.

    Social Class: Commander

    Background before RP: Before Jonas Morgan was one of the most prominent members of the Commanders of the Faithful, Jonas was a politician. From the state of New York, he was a conservative member of the House of Representatives in the US Congress. He used the platform of bringing back good old fashioned values back to America to win votes. To bring back the America of yesteryear, the one the Founding Fathers had desired.

    Little did his constitutes know he was part of a secret group that called themselves the Sons of Jacob. Their desire was to not reform the United States but to have it be reborn. In a far different image. Jonas an extremely popular Congressman in New York. He was handsome, charismatic, and had a good looking family. He had a beautiful and devoted wife, named Rebecca, and a handsome son named Bryce. Some New Yorkers felt he truly represented what they wanted. Bring back the America the people needed and wanted, something they felt more liberal politicians from their state did not.

    Jonas easily won re-elections and had served his state for over fifteen years. They were talks about him running for President. He was the Speaker of the House when the Sons of Jacob decided to make their move. In a well planned and coordinated attack, the group attacked Congress on the State of the Union address, guaranteeing that along with the Congress, the President, Vice President, and members of the Supreme Court would be there. Many people were killed that day.

    With the deaths of the President and Vice President, Jonas became the President. He was the last President of the United States and had the shortest term. In his brief presidency, he declared marshal law and established what is now Gilead with the other members of the Sons of Jacob. The members of the group now call themselves the Commanders of the Faithful and Jonas serves on the High Council.

    While Gilead brought forth what Jonas and his friends desired for their country, his personal life took a tragic turn. His dear wife died of a tragic boating accident only a few months into the country's founding. After a brief, but accepted period of mourning, Jonas found a new wife.

    Paige Ann Price was given to him. She is young, even younger then his son. But a young wife is needed. After all, all Commanders have a duty to bring forth a new generation of citizens to Gilead. Paige was viewed as desirable given how many children her own mother had bore. It was believed that surely that trait would have been passed own. Unfortunately, it did not. Not only did Paige lose the baby, she also is unable to conceive again. Jonas knows that failure all falls on his young wife. After all, he has a living son, who reached adulthood.

    Jonas decided to hand pick his Handmaid. He chose Amanda because she looks similar to Paige and because she had successfully carried a pregnancy to term.
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    Name: Bryce Morgan
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Appearance (pictures welcome):

    Jonas is about 6' tall with a slight muscular build. He has brown eyes and brown hair. He keeps a trimmed beard and is often told he looks like a younger version of his father.

    Social Class: Guardian

    Background before RP: Bryce Morgan is the son of Commander Jonas Morgan. All his life he could remember his father being in politics and being dragged to political rallies and posing for pictures. Giving the picture of the perfect family to his father's voters. The truth was that wasn't what their family life was like.

    His father was always busy and rarely home. His mother, Rebecca, basically raised Bryce on her own. Bryce was very close to his mother and loved her very much. While his father...He often felt like he was being groomed to be the next Jonas Morgan. He attended Harvard University at his father's request and was studying to become a lawyer. With the possibility of running for a political office someday too. Although he had little desire to become a lawyer or run for office. He was always good with his hands and would have rather taken a job in a skilled trade. That was something his father would not allow and his mother tried, in vain, to help Bryce but her arguments fell on deaf ears. No son of Jonas Morgan was going to be just be a construction worker. Rebecca tried to comfort Bryce by telling him that he could always have building as a hobby. It didn't help much, because Bryce felt like his father was planning his whole life for him. Not caring what he wanted to do with it.

    Bryce never got to finish school when his father and the other Sons of Jacob decided it was time to truly fix America. With the rise of Gilead, Jonas was assigned as a Guardian to his own father's household. Sadly, his mother, died not too long after the establishment of the new government. Although, Bryce secretly doesn't believe the official report on Rebecca's death. She had grown up on the coast of Connecticut and had been on a boat since she was a small girl. For her to die in a boating accident...It seems unbelievable to the young man. Especially when he knew his mother didn't care too much for the new government. Even if she didn't speak it out loud.

    Bryce knows his father wants him to do more then just be a Guardian in Gilead. His father has high hopes for him, telling him he could be a Commander someday himself. Little does Jonas know that Bryce has secretly been meeting with Mayday, the rebels that want to free Gilead's people from the oppressive rule of the Commanders of the Faithful.
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