From a local Swiss news correspondent, picked up by the Associated Press

Fire broke out at a local boarding school late last night. Witnesses reported that the Swithin School structure was engulfed in flames after an apparent explosion originating in the basement area. Investigation is continuing into the cause of the fire and whether an explosion indeed occurred.

Early reports suggest that all forty-six students survived the blaze, having been evacuated prior to the building becoming engulfed. Nine out of ten staff members on site at the time are reportedly safe also. One staff member is missing and presumed dead - name and details withheld pending notification of next of kin.

Swithin School had generated controversy by accepting a large number of students accused or suspected of being Fae immortals. What would happen to these young people in the wake of the school's destruction was initially unclear. However, in a surprising turn of events, within hours of the fire, the inhabitants of an obscure Canadian island offered to provide foster placements for all of the children.

According to a spokesman from the Swithin School administration, "Of course there are legalities with moving children to another country, but we don't anticipate it will be a problem. The school will not be reopening, and there aren't many places willing to accept kids like these. I think the rest of the world will breathe a sign of relief to have it settled."

As to the cause of the blaze, the local fire chief neither confirmed nor denied the possibility of foul play. "We will continue to investigate," he told reporters. However, he also warned that given the total destruction of the site, there may little evidence available to provide answers.