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    Declan McDermott

    Exactly twenty-one minutes after he'd ended the call with his mother, his phone rang again.

    "Sorry, Mum!" Declan apologized preemptively. "I was about to call you back. Something came up."

    He didn't tell her that the 'something' was proposing to his girlfriend. That was news best saved for another time, when they could savor the moment. His mother liked Clare a lot, and would be happy for them - but right now, Declan felt it best to avoid the sidetrack.

    "That's alright," Sue replied, seemingly mollified by his contrition. "I've been on the phone with Child Welfare. I've gotten them to agree to take all of the children. They'll be working out the legalities now, I expect."

    Declan knew his mother well enough to expect her to accomplish things, but this was a coup even for her. "All of the children?" Declan repeated, incredulous.

    "Yes, all of them. Why settle for half measures? Of course it will take a few days to assign them all to foster homes, and they'll have to go to a shelter in the meantime, but they'll be safe and I've been assured that they'll find all the children a place."

    "Mum... thank you... I don't even know what to say..."

    "Don't mention it," Sue replied, sounding pleased - and glad he'd mentioned it. "Least I can do, poor kids."

    Declan wondered idly what else his mother might be able to accomplish tonight. Was it worth a try? "Mum, there's something else..." he dropped his voice, even though no one was paying any attention to him anymore. The action - and therefore the cameras - had focused elsewhere. "It's a long shot, but maybe it's something you can help with too. I've made some friends here. They're in trouble..."

    "Pregnant?" Sue asked bluntly.

    Declan had to laugh. "No, Mum. Not that kind of trouble. It's..." He took another glance around. Still safe. "It's a Lycan. And a Fae. Someone leaked her secret online. They're in a lot of danger. Is there anything...?"

    "Well," Sue said, her tone surprisingly businesslike. Declan had expected more of a reaction to the news that her son had immortal friends. "I don't know about how things work with the Fae, but I can get your friend in with the local Lycan community."

    "You can?" Declan was dumbfounded. His librarian mother had just casually announced that she had connections with with the neighborhood werewolves?

    "Sure," Sue said. Like it was nothing. "Just have him talk to Isaac."

    Declan wondered if he was dreaming. This was surreal. Was he about to wake up and laugh at what his sleeping brain had concocted? "Isaac at the library?"

    "Yes," Sue said. "The library line is secure. Have your friend call."

    "...Isaac Fishblatt? At the library? Is a... werewolf?" Declan had not expected that. Riff more fit Declan's mental picture of a Lycan. Not that Declan knew him well, but Isaac seemed so... well, normal. Just a regular guy.

    "Yes, I just told you. Are you listening, Declan? Is this a bad connection...?"

    "No, Mum, I heard you. But why - why didn't you tell me before?"

    "Was it your business, Declan?"

    "Well, no. But I mean... I knew a werewolf all this time? We played at that benefit concert for his synagogue, when there was that storm damage to the roof..."

    "And? You did it because it was a good cause. Would you have done anything differently if you knew?"

    "Well... no," Declan had to admit. "I guess. No. I wouldn't have done anything differently."

    "See?" Sue said, with a hint of mother-knows-best. "I didn't tell you because it didn't matter. I'm going to put the call through. Give your friend your phone..."
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    To Maria, everything seemed to be falling apart. Just a few hours ago, the pieces had finally been falling into place again - and suddenly, again everything was in shambles. The children Maria had taken responsibility for had nowhere to go. Swithin School hadn't been much of a home for any of them, but it had been something, and now it was gone. Her boyfriend was bleeding - thank goodness it hadn't been a silver bullet, the Fae hunters hadn't been expecting a Lycan, but the fact remained that Riff had been shot and Maria was scared for him. And then this last straw. She had been exposed publicly for what she was. Essentially a death sentence.

    She wanted to be brave. She wanted to be as optimistic as Riff that everything would be alright. But the situation just seemed so hopeless. And so unfair. To have him come back into her life, only to face separation again in an even more painful way. Her presence would put all of them in danger.

    "Riff... maybe you should take Sofie," Maria said quietly, looking at the ground. "Will you keep her safe for me? She'll be in danger if... if I'm anywhere near her..."

    Maybe that was why they had found each other again. Because Maria was not long for this world - and at least Sofie would be with her surrogate father. At least she would be with someone else who loved her.

    "Hey um..." Clare stepped into the shadow of the van with them. "Sorry to interrupt. But um. This is relevant. I have a suggestion. Things for immortals are better where we live. No one is looking for us. I'm not saying it's perfect, but no one is hunting us down. The humans back home would rather just... well, they'd rather just not know. They'd rather just not deal with it. The rest of the world may just be waking up to the reality of immortals, but they've been part of Fog Island folklore for a long time. The humans already sort of... half believed. So it's easier to co-exist. You three could come with us. It would be a lot safer."

    Then Declan was with them too, phone in his hand. "So. You guys are not going to believe this. But apparently my mum is friends with a big deal Lycan back home and is going to help you get an in with the Pack? She's going to put you on the phone with him. Ask for Isaac."

    Declan awkwardly shoved the phone at Riff as a voice on the other end picked up.

    "Hollywell Public Library..."

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