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    There wasn't a werewolf in the world who was happier than the one that was plastered against the back wall of the recording studio at that very moment. His favourite band...made a song just for his Maria! It was a dream come true! Even better, though, the song might lead to his greatest dream coming true. That Maria would get the message, find him, and the three of them could be together again. It was a long shot, but Riff had been so long without any tangible hope of reunion so long that he was willing to let hope bloom around the idea.

    "You mean it? I can come...on tour with you?" Riff had a moment where he totally forgot what the whole thing was about. But only a moment. "I mean, right. Of course, I would love to tag along in case Maria responds to the song. If she does come out of hiding, she could be in danger and I need to be there for her." He blushed, then continued. "And if she somehow magically hears the song and makes it to Switzerland, I don't want to leave her wondering if the message was from me. I want to be there to meet her and Sophie. Thanks so much, Declan. You have no idea."

    Riff spent many of the hours on the way to Switzerland trying to figure out what he was going to say to Maria when he saw her again. Sure, he'd dreamed about it, but now that there was more of chance of meeting, the need to find the right thing to say was much more urgent. Another thought prodded at his optimism - what if she did hear the song, and showed up, only to tell him that she'd moved on? That she was in a stable situation. That she loved someone else. That Sophie already had a dad and didn't need him around. What if he found her and she didn't want him? Riff firmly pushed the thoughts aside. He knew how he felt about Maria and that was really the only thing about the situation that he could control. However she responded - however she felt - was up to her and he would just have to be happy with whatever the consequences.
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    Declan McDermott

    "Of course you can come," Declan said. "You're right, if Maria shows up and you aren't there, it would all be for nothing. She probably wouldn't feel safe enough to talk to anyone else. But also... you're our friend, Riff. You helped us a lot. We're not just going to ditch you. You're welcome to stick around as long as you want."

    The trip to Switzerland was uneventful, to Declan's relief. He had been a little concerned that the Cold Iron Brotherhood would mount another attack while they were in transit, but it seemed like for better or for worse, they were focusing their attention on Swiss matters. It was nice to just stare out the bus window, chatting with the others and holding Clare's hand. Declan had expected everything to be different now, but he found that it really wasn't. Yes, there was a Before and After, knowing about immortals and becoming part of their world. It was strange to him how much hadn't changed, though. Clare was still Clare, and Declan felt just as comfortable and at ease with her as he always had. As soon as he found the right moment, he was all set to propose. Now that he'd had time to sleep on the discovery of his own heritage and Clare's acceptance of it, he was once again pretty confident she would say yes.

    As the bus arrived in Bern, Declan kept his eye out for women who might be Maria. Not that he would know her even if he was staring right at her, but he was curious about what Riff's lady was like. He kept watching as they checking into the hotel, as the crew set up at the concert venue, as the band did sound checks, from the wings as the crowd started pouring through the gates...

    Declan wouldn't know her if he saw her, no. But Riff would. And Declan sincerely hoped that sometime soon - tonight, or another like it - Riff would not be disappointed.
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