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    Race Issues in America...something to think about

    Race Issues in America...something to think about

    I know that many members are from different countries and probably only hear minute stories and about situations concerning race relations in America. ¬*Yesterday a relative and myself were talking about what we have seen in our year. ¬*He is an uncle of my mother, so I guess he is a great-uncle to me. ¬*Any ways...he has seen the civil rights movement, and everything before and after. ¬*We were commenting on what we see as better race relations today. ¬*Not always true in all cases, but it is getting better. ¬*

    I guess others see it that way also. ¬*http://www.usatoday.com/news/nation/...lorblind_x.htm

    I think that it is great. ¬*Give me some feedback please.
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    race issues? i thought you meant NASCAR.

    but anyway, most of my family dont like the mixing of the races. i was raised that way but i know a few black girls i would like to maybe date. only reason i dont is because of my family. some are for it and some are against it. we are all the same, only a little darker or lighter.

    you get what im trying to say?
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    I get what you are saying. ¬*Do not feel embarrassed by "The Family". ¬*It goes both ways. ¬*Members of my family are mixed, and yet other members say silly and down right stupid things also. ¬*I ignore them when I hear it to a certain point. ¬*My mother's husband is really ignorant and says anything that comes to his mind about any one he feels like talking about at the time. ¬*White, Hispanics, Indians. ¬*When he touches on Idians, that is when I say something to him. ¬*Any hoot...some people will never change

    You can pick your friends, but not your family. ¬*LOL

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    I think race relations might be better in areas where money isn't too big an issue (it's always an issue but you know what I mean ^_^), but in lower class areas like the ghetto and the barrio, race is a very big deal.

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    Very true my friend. *Very true!

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    Comparing England in the sixties with now, overt racism among whites is greatly diminished.

    Harder to shift is the sense of victimhood among non-whites (especially in ghetto areas.) That's easing off too, but you still see too much playing of the race-card by losers who find it easier to blame white racism than their own shortcomings. This is probably more of a problem with people who integrate less well into a secular society for whatever reason - Islam is getting a lot of publicity now - because they tend to fall back on how different they are for comfort.

    I doubt we'll ever see a completely non-racist society, but in general England is moving slowly but steadily in the right direction. Certainly when I married my Japanese wife in the 70's, when there were still plenty of people about who had fought against them in WWII, it caused far more of a stir (on both sides, for different reasons) than such a marriage would cause today.
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    It certainly raised a few familial eyebrows when I started learning Japanese at high school in 1981. But what was most important was that the eyebrows which weren't raised were my great-uncle's; and as he was the only one in the family who had actually fought the Japanese (in the Pacific as a communications bloke) his were the only eyebrows that actually mattered.

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    i work with the general public so i see all kinds of people. there is one black fellow who comes in all the time. we joke about being white and black. i raise my fist in the air and say "Power to the black man" he will do the same and say "Power to the white man". he will say something about me and the KKK are coming after him this weekend. i'll say something about needing a black man to hang. we joke around about that kind of stuff but there is NOTHING racist about it. he knows im joking, i know he's joking. we have fun with it. i respect him and he respects me.

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