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Thread: Random RP

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    Random RP

    Random RP

    OOC: Friends, are you sick and tired of being alone on the boards with nowhere to post? Are you waiting for others to make that crucial post before you carry on the scene? Are you bored to tears with just nothing else to distract you from the work you should be doing? Well, take heart, friends. Your salvation is at hand! This thread is here for that very pupose. Your post may follow the schemes of the one before it, it may be a self-contained body, heck, it may create a new spin-off for a series of posts from other bored people. This is a COMPLETELY RANDOM RP. Love it, or not. That is your preogative. May you find relief from your symptoms of ennui.


    It really didn't matter what city he was in, it's just the fact that he was in a city that completely floored him. Gavin looked up in wonder as he sat on top of a post making up one of the thousands of piers on the waterfront. His pointed chin rested in his long, slender hands. This was not home. A fairy from the barrens of Newfoundland, the big city was something far beyond his imagination. He silently cursed himself for getting into that motorcart in the first place. Now he was lost and so far from home. With a sigh, he hopped down off the post and picked up his tiny packet on the end of his last piece of home - a twig from a dogberry bush. He mightaswell see if others of his kind lived in this strange stone world.
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    Looking around, Kav couldn't quite figure out where he was. He had just fallen and his forehead was bleeding. He didn't really remember who he was. He just was standing there with his head hurting. He saw the waterfront. But he couldn't quite place what the name of the storefront was. A man had hopped off of one of the posts. He wondered if he was friendly. Actually he wonders if they were indeed the same species or not. He didn't have a mirror after all. He was really lost and having trouble with amnesia.

    He sighed to himself.

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    Meteoro walked into the room and saw a man bleeding in the head. He just couldn't help it but laugh out loud.


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    Quietly observing the commotion was a young man laying in boredom across one of the piers. "Odd people..." he mumbled to himself, sitting up on his elbows. To him, this was home. "Where did all these people come from?" He paused. "No no, I doubt that's correct... hey, don't insult me!" Poor Edward was Schizophrenic, and had a nasty habit of talking to himself. He was never sure if what he saw was real, or fantasy...

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    Her hand reached above the surface of the water to latch onto the wooden planks of the pier. Pulling herself up from the water with one arm and a hidden object clutched in the other. Now on the docks, standing, her silvering hair hung to her ankles, clinging to her linens as her linen clung to her drenched form. she gripped a cloth lying at her wet feet and lifted the cloak up and draped it about herself. Her eyes fell over the pier at the quiet young man, then lifted to see the man along the posts, clearly realizing her position. Willo's Silver eyes watched the men on the waterfront with awareness. parting her pink lips to speak, she refrained and lifted her hood over her head to hide then turned and sat at the edge of the dock placing her feet back into the water. Keeping her watery item out of sight Willo starred into the water rough surface.

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