Review by Trina Jones

I’m still pretty new to the Fathom universe, having not read the first series, but so far this is what I gathered from reading Aspen, Fathom: Dawn of War, and Fathom: Cannon Beginnings:

Aspen was kidnapped by the Black, Kiani’s former mentor Casque is one of the Black, and that Cannon Hawke is hot.

Fathom 0, with 16 pages of original story and 12 pages of character sketches and cover creation, starts where Fathom: Dawn of War left off. We see Cannon tending to the newly rescued soldiers who had been held captive and experimented on by Admiral Maylander (with a little help from one of their own named Marqueses), are reintroduced to the pilot named Chance, and see Kiani’s reaction to Casque’s transformation and disappearance.

Not much is introduced in this all to short issue except for a quick recap on Aspen through the thoughts of Chance. I doubt that you’ll be missing much if you don’t pick up this issue, especially if you have read the other mini’s and one shots. However, I do recommend this issue to those that are just now jumping on to the Fathom title so that you can get a general feel of this series. The writing by J. T. Krul is good, the pencils by Koi Turnbull are great and the colors by Cristina Strain are amazing as always.