Review by Meteoro

"Doom's Day"

Writer: Geoff Johns
Penciller: Todd Nauck
Inkers: Sean Parsons, Nelson and Lary Stucker
Colorist: Jeromy Cox
Editor: Edie Berganza

The Infinite Crisis finally grabs the Teen Titans and tears them apart, as this major crossover has its major impact in the team. Continuity gets realigned as one of the major battles gets played out with plenty of losses! Be warned, there's no way to review this episode without spoiling the events of this story.

Superboy Prime finally faces Kon-El, our Teen Titan's Superboy, at Martha and Jonathan Kent's farm. To say that Superboy Prime is a strong opponent would be the understatement of the millenium! This Superboy can move planets with his own hands and his power levels equal those of Superman from the pre-Crisis.

So, who's this Superboy Prime? Precisely, he comes from that pre-Crisis era some of you must have heard about only as a ripple from the past or, the older ones, like me, may have known him firsthand. This Superboy belonged to an era where there were thousands of parallel Earths and he came from this Earth Prime which had no heroes but him. Yes, he was a hero, but time must have played things wrongly for him. After the Crisis on Infinite Earths, he's been trapped in between dimensions this whole time, watching as our Earth evolved; and most importantly, as Kon-El was created as a clone of Superman and Lex Luthor's, to finally take over his mantle. A mix of jealousy, despair, manipulation, brought this Superboy to the "dark side." And now, he's here to claim his name back.

There's guest stars galore, from the JSA to the Doom Patrol, together to face this threat, but you can't battle such a powerful being as Superboy without some losses… Part of the battle scene from Infinite Crisis #4 gets replayed in this book, without missing any of its excitement. And as promised, big losses… Pantha, Baby Wildebeest, Risk and this oriental guy who appeared only at one annual and whose name escapes me, they all bit the dust. Some of these may ring as second stringers to the casual reader, but Pantha and Baby Wildebeest played an important role right after the acclaimed "Titans Hunt" storyline from early 90's; and Risk was one of the main characters from Dan Jurgen's run. Well, Risk hadn't played a relevant role in quite a while, so he might have been added just as cannon fodder. Anyway, Risk lost one arm, so he might not be dead… just wait and see.

Did you think this was the whole excitement of the book? Well, you're wrong. Finally the Doom Patrol got brought back to clean up the mess created by John Byrne's run. As some of you know, John Byrne retconned the Doom Patrol entirely and got rid of their whole past, bringing inconsistencies such as Beast Boy's early days when he was supposed to be part of this team, and causing trouble with past stories where the Patrol participated. Now, their whole past catch up to them. In a beautiful splash double page that captured scenes from their past, with Beast Boy as a kid, shots from their adventures with the New Teen Titans and even flashes from their Morrison run, brought them back to who they really are. This event could be the result of the current Crisis. More of this as the storyline evolves.

This book was filled with excitement and revelations, bringing back the interest the book had been missing for the last few months and getting it ready for the One Year Later storyline that is right around the corner. Unlike other DC books that are just stalling, the Teen Titans seem to be closing this era with a bang!

That's why I'll be giving this book 5 thumbups out of 5!