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Thread: RIP Stan

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    RIP Stan

    Unhappy RIP Stan

    I am sure many of you who have visited this forum in the past have heard this by now but a legend has passed after a good long life.


    While some of us may not have been comic fans before the CrossGen days and may not even be Marvel fans to this day, the comic culture owes a great many debts to Stan Lee. His stories inspired generations of writers and artists and changed the way the super hero is seen. He helped drive comics into the media's eye before it was ready and remained to many the public face of comics for decades. His creations helped me dream of greatness growing up and made me feel less alone. I still hold the small whisper of a dream that I could one day write a comic and one that makes a difference for someone. I don't know if that will ever happen but I have to pay credit to Stan's many creations for helping me develop as a writer and a gamer.

    Rest in Peace, Stan. Excelsior!

    Lord Mattson, LM, Matts, its all the same.

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    Echo that, Mattson!
    Sworn, bloody!


    The Old Peculier perpetrator of warm English beer

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    Yes, RIP. He has a legacy that will live on forever.

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    I learned why folks mourn him just before he passed... or at least I started to, as some new friends got me into reading Fantastic Four and Spider-Man right from the beginning, when Stan Lee was writing them, and establishing who they were, with the help of assorted artists. They've since gotten me into early Iron Man, too, and I really need to explore early Daredevil, more, too. {SMILE}

    (Yes, I'm looking into comics elsewhere, but the Marvel Family, Plastic Man, the first Red Tornado, and others I'm wondering about aren't Stan Lee. {smile}

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