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    Comics we are reading

    Comics we are reading

    Some friends have gotten me into comics. They love to talk about them, and I wanted to be able to follow their discussions.

    Right now, I'm reading early Iron Man, working thru his years in Tales of suspense, before he graduated to his own title. I'm also creeping thru Fantastic Four. I actually like them better, but I kind of put them on my wishlist at Amazon, so I have a limited supply until after my birthday on the 25th of this month, and maybe longer. We'll see when I feel I can get more.

    Reading Iron Man involves taking a break from Spider-Man, due to needing to borrow form the library and return to the same. I'm also taking breaks from early Marvel Family (since re-named the Shazam Family), and Plastic Man.

    (First posted elsewhere January 26, 2018 )
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