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    Hogwarts Faculty/Staff RP

    Hogwarts Faculty/Staff RP

    So Quackers and I have been batting around ideas for an RP set in the Harry Potter/Wizarding World universe. The storyline will be set at Hogwarts during approximately the Cursed Child era (so basically once the trio kids are grown up and have families of their own) and will focus on the grownups who work at Hogwarts, the teachers and staff members who have the responsibility of keeping these little magical people alive and getting them educated. As with Underworld, canon characters exist in the world but are not the focus, so players should make up their own original characters to play the main roles in the story. As mentioned, the storyline will be much more adult-focused than the Harry Potter books, so ideally your main characters should be people who work at Hogwarts rather than students. Mature content level will be about the same as the books and movies - bearing in mind that those can get pretty dark at times.

    If anyone wants to join in with this storyline, we'd love to have you!
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