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    Eve Travers
    Hogwarts - Great Hall

    Eve's first thought was, They must not know who I am.

    Surely they had just spotted an unfamiliar face, and been kind enough to pass around some generic friendliness. Had they known, surely they would have reacted the same way the others had.

    But no, this professor - Rosemary - knew her name. So Eve's second thought was, They must be mocking me.

    That had happened at her very first feast in this Hall, too. A couple of older girls with expensive shoes had pretended to want to be Eve's friends, only to laugh at her eagerness with their real circle. Eve had experienced many such moments as a Hogwarts student.

    She knew the smart thing to do would be to make an excuse and stay where she was. But Eve suddenly realized... she didn't care. There was nothing left to lose. Nothing left to mock. No sliver of pride left that could be torn away. She couldn't be hurt; she made too small a target.

    "Alright," Eve said softly, and followed them to the seat they had saved. Belatedly, she added in an almost whisper, "Thanks."

    Though she didn't trust their intentions, she was genuinely grateful for a moment of human contact, even if it was an illusion. Eve realized how much she missed those moments.
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    Rosemary Bain

    Rosemary’s easy gait led the three along the rear of the dias to the far end of the long head table. She made certain to walk between Eve and the chairs of those already seated. The woman didn’t need any more of their attitude. Evidently not all the professors put as much faith in their Headmistress as she and Cambria did. Correction: she, Cambria and Eve. It was clear that the line in the sand had been drawn and the three of them had crossed it. The glares the trio received as they passed were proof.

    Still, the temporary disapproval of a few wizards wasn’t enough to deter her. Tucking her hands into the outer pockets of her robes, she allowed her movement to cause the bottom of them to swish back and forth. She was prone to these moments – small pleasures unnoticeable to most and obnoxiously childlike to others. Taking the seat furthest to the inside, Rosemary smiled at Eve, determined to make contact.

    “You know, we went through school here at the same time. I’m not sure I can place you yet, but you might remember me. I was the one who showed up to Transformations Class wearing a bathing suit and carrying a live badger. Kinda embarrassing – I’m a bit surprised that the Headmaster accepted my application after that one!”

    Rosemary clearly viewed her story as a moment of hilarity and was not in the least bit embarrassed to recall the event. Maybe it was a silly thing to bring up, but it was the one thing she could think of that had had the whole school talking. It had been an accident, true, but it had cost her house a lot of points that she’d spent the rest of the year making up in study hall.
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    Eve Travers and Cambria Morehouse

    One side effect of how little Eve had conversed with other people in the past two decades was that her brain didn't process conversation as quickly; she wasn't used to following the flow of it, and she had to make a conscious effort to string the meaning of the words together.

    So, for just a moment, Rosemary's words hung unacknowledged in the air. Cambria was just about to fill the awkward silence when abruptly Eve caught up.

    A small smile curved the Potions teacher's lips upward, a ghost of an expression but the most Eve was currently capable of.

    "I heard about that," Eve said. She briefly seemed startled by the sound of her own voice, as if she hadn't expected to hear herself over the low hum of various other unrelated conversations taking place around the Great Hall - but she recovered herself. "But I never heard exactly what happened? How did you end up that way?"

    Cambria smiled, pleased that Rosemary had apparently managed to engage Eve's interest and distract her from staring eyes and judgmental whispers.

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