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    Eve Travers

    Eve was glad that they would be eating breakfast in Rosemary's quarters instead of the Great Hall. The Great Hall was... a lot. So many voices. So much sound and movement. And so many people staring at her. Staring at her and wondering. Eve didn't begrudge them that. She probably would have wondered too, in their place. But it was all so overwhelming. She wasn't sure she could face that at every meal. It was nice to have a break.

    She wondered what it would be like standing at the front of a classroom. Eve was an excellent potioneer, always praised for her natural talent - but she had never taught anyone in her life. Ability to brew was very different than ability to instruct. She hoped she was up to the task. It seemed daunting. But that was the price of freedom, and she would do her best to earn it.

    And now, that was the price for saving Cambria, too. When she first came here, preserving Cambria's life had just been another task on her Hogwarts to-do list. Now that they were friends, it had taken on vital importance.

    "Oh, alright!" Eve told the very persistent kitten as it twined around her legs and mewed for its breakfast. "I'll find you something to eat. You had better behave, though, or we'll get in trouble."

    She folded the kitten into her robes again and met Cambria outside Rosemary's room.

    "Good morning," Eve said to Rosemary when they had been invited inside. Her tone seemed brighter than the night before. More optimistic. The moment she sat down, a tiny feline spilled from beneath her robes. "I stole the kitten," she said calmly. "Please don't tell anyone. They said if I did anything wrong, they'd send me back to Azkaban. But... it was very hungry."
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    Rosemary Bain

    As the two came through the door, she allowed her chair to move back onto its four feet. The kitten was a welcome addition.

    "Well hello there! I remember you! Let's get you a little something." Rosemary patted the kitten's head and stood to gather a shallow dish and a tin of sardines from the cupboard. Returning to the table, she split up the tin between the kitten's dish and a spare plate, mixed some cream into the bowl, and set it down for the littlest member of the group. As she put the items together, she spoke in Eve's general direction, "I believe it's 'adopting' a kitten, not 'stealing', when the kitten is, in fact, without an owner. I won't tell, but I also think you shouldn't worry."

    She winked as she settled back into her chair and proceeded to help herself to oatcakes, butter and sardines. There were all manner of things laid out, including a small pot of a coffee and one of tea, a bowl of crab apples, and muffins and jam. "Please, help yourselves. There's plenty. I wasn't sure if you drank coffee or tea, Eve - I suppose there's also un-tainted water if you'd prefer!"

    Rosemary was rather the hands on sort. Certainly she used her magic for some mundane tasks - like writing notes on chalkboards - but she liked doing things for herself. Like making and laying out breakfast, for instance. Oatcake in one hand and cup of coffee in the other, she once again tipped back on her chair, balancing on the back two legs like a schoolgirl. She was still feeling a bit on edge, so decided to see if anyone else had felt it an odd day or if it was just her.

    "Sleep well?" She asked, casually.
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    Eve Travers and Cambria Morehouse

    "Adopting, not stealing," Eve mused, loosely echoing what Rosemary had said.

    Adoption... Eve's son had been adopted. She hadn't been given a choice about that - but what would there have been to choose? A child couldn't be raised in Azkaban. She had been pregnant when she was arrested, and they had given the baby to another family as soon as he was born. Eve hoped he was doing well, and that he was happy. She knew she would never see him again. That he didn't need her. She could accept that. She just wished she knew his name, so she knew what to think of him as.

    "Thank you," she told Rosemary when she offered food to the kitten - a kitten who really needed a name soon. Eve couldn't quite decide. Nothing she had tried had fit just right yet.

    Cambria exchanged a look with Eve when Rosemary asked how their night had been. She wasn't sure how much Eve would want her to say, and didn't want to embarrass her friend with what Cambria couldn't help witnessing.

    Eve seemed unconcerned about that, however. "I kind of freaked out," Eve replied conversationally. "I forgot where I was and was trying to get out. Cambria helped me and let me sleep in her room."

    "Brilliant move, wasn't it, putting her down in the dungeon?" Cambria said with an eye roll.

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