Eve Travers
Hogwarts - Great Hall

Eve's first thought was, They must not know who I am.

Surely they had just spotted an unfamiliar face, and been kind enough to pass around some generic friendliness. Had they known, surely they would have reacted the same way the others had.

But no, this professor - Rosemary - knew her name. So Eve's second thought was, They must be mocking me.

That had happened at her very first feast in this Hall, too. A couple of older girls with expensive shoes had pretended to want to be Eve's friends, only to laugh at her eagerness with their real circle. Eve had experienced many such moments as a Hogwarts student.

She knew the smart thing to do would be to make an excuse and stay where she was. But Eve suddenly realized... she didn't care. There was nothing left to lose. Nothing left to mock. No sliver of pride left that could be torn away. She couldn't be hurt; she made too small a target.

"Alright," Eve said softly, and followed them to the seat they had saved. Belatedly, she added in an almost whisper, "Thanks."

Though she didn't trust their intentions, she was genuinely grateful for a moment of human contact, even if it was an illusion. Eve realized how much she missed those moments.