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    "Well you are, aren't you? I mean, look at you! We can all see that you're lesser. Why are you even here?"

    Rosemary didn't immediately turn her head to look at the young woman who had piped up from back of the room. She already knew who it was - Marta Pembrooke. It was little surprise to Rosemary when she recalled that the girl's father was on the Council. This was what she was worried about - that things might turn for the worse...

    "Oh wow, you're one to talk. Not like you've never been a minority that society considered less than worthy."

    This time, she did turn her head. She had not seen that one coming. A young Gryffindor tilted back on his chair ... Laurie Pembrooke, Marta's younger brother. He was referring to his sister's sexual orientation, no doubt, though he managed to avoid saying as much in public. Good for him - he wouldn't get detention for that. As for Marta, she turned bright red and looked about to reply until she seemed to feel the weight of all eyes in the room upon her. She faltered for a moment, then gathered up her group of friends and left the hall in a huff, amid some minor comments. Laurie looked a bit smug, then waved his hand above his head and addressed Shishguk himself.

    "I'm sorry about her - I'd say she couldn't help it but that'd be a lie. I do have a question for you though - what do you think this little chat is going to accomplish? The Council is full of people like her," he thumbed in direction of Marta's exit, "so how do you tell people like them that you are to be respected when they don't even see you?"
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    Shishguk looked uncertain for a moment, but then collected herself, and her confidence returned. "I don't think this chat is going to do anything great," she replied honestly. "The people who already agree with me will nod their heads, and the people who hate us and think we're no better than animals will hear nothing I've said anyway. But there are others - people in the middle. People whose minds are not completely closed. They will listen, and perhaps dismiss most of it. Perhaps forget about it tomorrow, as they get busy with lessons and assignments and exams. But maybe... a seed was planted. Maybe they'll spare some thought to it again in a quiet moment, or the next time they see a goblin, or when some line in a book sparks a memory. I don't know, exactly. But that's what I hope for. That maybe a seed was planted. I don't expect that I've changed anyone's mind in one evening. Maybe I've given a few of you something to think about, though?"

    As Marta had departed the hall, Cambria had quietly excused herself and followed. What Marta had said was cruel. It was reprehensible. But Cambria was not one to think that a student - not yet an adult, not yet fully formed or set in stone - was beyond redemption. Many of these children came from family backgrounds where they had been taught everything Marta had just flung at their goblin visitor. How could they change, if no one ever tried to teach them differently?

    She caught up with Marta and her cronies a short distance outside the hall. "Miss Pembrooke?" she called. "I just wanted to make sure you're alright. I can imagine what was said was unpleasant for you."

    Of course, it wasn't wrong. The comparison was quite apt. But that didn't mean it was easy to hear, or that Marta wouldn't need support to process it.
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