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    Sojourn & Cid

    "I'll help too but you know they won't give up either one if we just ask."

    Sojourn said. She wanted to help free Cid' daughters and she knew that Hades and Hera couldn't harm them. As long as the wish granting talisman said in their possession her wish was staying in effect. But from the time she had interacted with Hades and Hera, she knew asking nicely would make no difference.

    "Oh, I know. Those two would rather light me on fire then do anything nice."

    Cid replied grimly. He thought back at what Myst had shown them and said.

    "Persephone. She's the key, at least for dealing with Hades. Despite what you may think of him, he truly does love her. Although he hates me for having to interfere in their relationship."

    He wished for Myst to show them what had happened between Hades and Demter over Persephone. To show the effect Hades' actions had had on Olympus and why he had made the decision he had. Sojourn understood why he had made it, the people of Olympus were suffering, and the needs of many outweighed one god's.

    "And Hera?"

    She asked and Cid sighed.

    "She's another story all together."

    He wasn't exactly sure what to do with her yet.
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    Optimus Prime

    It surprised Optimus to learn that the God of the Underworld was in love, even if he did put his love under an eternal sleep. Hades loved Persephone, but his love wasn't as strong as his hate for his younger brother. Optimus understood why his uncle had made the decision he had about Persephone. The people were suffering and Optimus would have made the same call himself. He wasn't sure how Cid was going to use the Goddess of the Spring to his advantage but he could already see a plan forming in his uncle's mind. As for Hera, he sighed.

    "Well, at least she can't light any of us on fire."

    He replied, thank goodness for that wish.

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    Gossamer and Nicolai

    Gossamer and Nicolai exchanged a brief but probably unnecessary look. There was no question about what they were going to do. Cid was their friend now, and there was no doubt in their minds that they wanted to help him. Not just out of obligation since Cid and Optimus had done so much for them, but because they genuinely cared what happened and wanted to make sure that he was able to get his family back.

    "We'll help," Gossamer volunteered, and Nicolai nodded his agreement. "We'll go with you, if you want."

    "Whatever you need," Nicolai added. "Just say the word."
    "Sleep to dream, and we dream to live..." -Great Big Sea

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    Phobos leaned against the bar in a little out-of-the-way tavern, drunk enough to take the edge off his woes but not quite drunk enough to pass out instead of endlessly ruminating about his problems.

    It didn't escape his notice that he was getting a lot of female attention. De-powered or not, he was a handsome man, and people noticed - regardless of the personality underneath. He caught one woman in particular eyeing him, and he decided she would make an easy mark.

    "Buy you a drink?" he asked with a charming, roguish smile.

    She accepted, and soon they were seated side by side at the bar.

    "So what brings you to a place like this?" she asked. "I mean... you seem like you should be doing bigger and better things."

    Phobos took a long sip of his drink. "I used to," he said. "I was a god, you know. People worshiped me." He let that sink in a moment, then added. "But I had the misfortune to fall in love. She seemed perfect. But she was... crazy. She left me. She took my daughter - I don't get to see my own child. Then she stole my powers. That's why I'm sitting here in this bar. I don't know what to do. I'm alone now..."

    "Oh, you poor thing...!" she murmured.

    Phobos put on his best impression of a sad smile, and he nodded his gratitude when she leaned over and squeezed his hand.

    Hook, line, and sinker, he thought.

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    Sojourn & Cid

    Cid smiled at everyone, he didn't really except any less, but he was still grateful for their help.

    "Thank you, all of you. I truly appreciate this."

    "That's what family does."

    Sojourn told him with a smile. This group, it was starting to feel like a family. Perhaps not the traditional family the Council of the First said a Secundae needed to find before leaving Doviana's orphanage, but a family none the less. Cid smiled back at her.

    "Yes, you're right."

    As tempting as it was to just up and leave for Olympus, he knew it was not wise. They needed to formulate a plan first. Hera would not be swayed by tales of loss love and there was still the matter of the Family of War. It was hard to kill a god and although de-powered, he was certain they would want to payback for what happened on Arena. One thing at a time, though. The first thing was to bring Doviana to the Saber Vortex. She was willing to give Gossamer and Nicolai advice with Karma.
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    Optimus Prime

    Optimus was sure heading to Olympus to get the talisman from Hades and Athena's necklace would not be easy. But often the right things to do were not easy. He smiled when Gossamer and Nicolai wanted to help, he didn't really expect any less. They were all becoming good friends. When Sojourn used the word 'family', he smiled. Yes, they were becoming a family, he thought.

    It was decided nothing would be done until after Doviana arrived. She was coming tomorrow and they couldn't just up and leave Karma and Zarra. Although the Chancellor was more then capable of taking care of pressing issues at the Saber Vortex, Optimus didn't want to leave Karma just with him. Not because he didn't trust the man, he did, but because Phobos was still out there. Even with Gossamer's wish, Optimus was sure that Phobos would be more then capable to take out the old man and given what he knew of the God of Horror, he wasn't going to take the defeat in Arena laying down.

    That night, before they went to bed, he told Sojourn.

    "I'm glad you think what we have going here as a family. Because I do too."

    It was nice to not just have his uncle anymore. He had his friends and he had her. He looked at her.

    "I know you have a lot of questions about your parents and...When you're ready to look at the file, I'll be there with you."

    He had no idea what was in the file but he was more then willing to offer her emotional support. He would do anything she needed him to do.
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    It was best to wait until Doviana arrived before they made their next move. While Doviana was the caretaker of the orphanage, she was still a First. She could offer protection, if need be, to Karma and Zarra. Hopefully, it would not come to that, but who knew? After all Phobos was technically Cid's family and Karma's biological father. Rory's spell might not prevent him from entering the Saber Vortex. If he was still capable of teleporting himself places.

    Sojourn smiled at Optimus before they went their separate ways to sleep.

    "I'm glad you do. Because being here, with all of you...Especially you, I finally feel like I'm where I belong."

    The orphanage in Elysia had not been awful, Doviana was very kind to her and had raised her well, but it wasn't the same. She had been an orphan and seen too many others leave. She had stopped making attachments with the other kids once she was old enough to realize the only constant was her and Doviana there. Here, on the Saber Vortex, she felt like she was a part of something. A family, like she had said.

    She looked at the file and then smiled at Optimus.

    "Thank you."

    She wasn't sure what it would say and she was scared to find out. Scared to know why she had been abandoned, but when Optimus offered to be there with her when she was ready to open it, she didn't feel as scared. If it said she wasn't wanted, maybe it wouldn't matter as much. Because she had people here who wanted her around. People who cared about her, like he did. She leaned up and gave him a kiss.

    "I love you."

    She told him and her cheeks turned red as she said it. She hadn't meant to say it, not out loud. Although her feelings for him had been turning towards that, she hadn't even admitted them to herself until that moment. She wondered if it was too soon to say it. But once the words came out, she knew she didn't want to take them back. She did love him, that she was certain of.
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    Optimus Prime

    "You do belong."

    Optimus told Sojourn with a smile, although he was a little sad. He couldn't imagine what it was like to grow up the way she had. To not feel like you belonged anywhere. To not have a family. His own father wasn't perfect but...At least he had always known a family's love. He always had a place and people that made him feel like he belonged. Sojourn only said nice things about Doviana and it sounded like the First had done the best she could in raising her. But there were too many orphans and she couldn't provide everything Sojourn needed.

    "And you don't have to thank me, but you are welcome. I would do anything for you, Sojourn."

    He'd bring stars down from the sky if she wanted him to. All he wanted was for her to be happy. Seeing her happy, made him happy. He returned her kiss and was happily surprised when she said she loved him.

    "I love you too."

    He told her touching her cheek and kissing her again. There was no doubt in his mind that he loved the other Secundae.

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    Sojourn & Doviana

    When Optimus told her she belonged, Sojourn smiled. She loved it here, she never wanted to leave the Saber Vortex. It was easy to see why she had fallen in love with the planet's young ruler, especially when he told her he would do anything for her. She was surprised but very happy he returned her feelings. Whatever was going to happen on Olympus or when she was ready to find out about her parents would be okay. She had him by her side. As long as Optimus was with her, Sojourn felt she could handle anything.


    The next morning Cid was true to his word and brought Doviana from Elysia. She had made arrangements to stay a few days on the Saber Vortex. She knew Gossamer had a lot of questions about parenthood and didn't expect to be able to answer them all in one day. Plus, she was eager to see how both Gossamer and Sojourn were doing. Cid had kept her informed of what was happening and the Goddess of Upbringing smiled seeing Sojourn. She had been her oldest ward and Doviana did love her. She had raised Sojourn, she had loved her almost like a daughter. Although, she knew she couldn't, shouldn't, do that. Andra, her mentor, told her it was okay to love the kids but she wasn't their mother. Her job was to find them parents, she couldn't do that if she loved them too much to let them go. But Sojourn had been with Doviana her entire life until very recently. She couldn't help but love her and the Saber Vortex had been good for the Secundae. Doviana could see it on her face, Sojourn looked happy. That was something Doviana had not seen for a long time.

    "Welcome to the Saber Vortex, Doviana."

    Sojourn told her and offered her a hug. Doviana returned it and said.

    "Thank you, Sojourn."

    She looked over and saw Gossamer and Nicolai. She remembered him vaguely, he had been the guard for the Goddess of Spite. And like Sojourn, Doviana saw a change in Gossamer. With freedom on the Saber Vortex, she looked genuinely happy. A big difference from how she had been when Allasayne had brought her to the orphanage.

    "It is good to see you again, Gossamer."
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    Gossamer and Nicolai

    Gossamer tried not to let it show, but she was a little nervous about meeting Doviana again. Unlike Sojourn, Gossamer had spent very little time with Doviana and hardly knew her - and what short time they had spent together had been in an odd and stressful situation. She wasn't quite sure what sort of opinion the Goddess of Upbringing might already have formed of her.

    "Good to see you too, Doviana," Gossamer replied. "I'm glad this time it's under better circumstances. I'd like to introduce you to my husband, Nicolai."

    "Nice to meet you, ma'am," Nicolai said, and stepped forward to shake Doviana's hand. He was nervous also, and as a result, his bearing had reverted to a vaguely military stance. He took a mental note of this, and made an effort to relax. "Gossamer and I are both grateful for your help back on Elysia."

    Nicolai too wasn't quite sure what Doviana would think - of him, or of their marriage. To her, it might appear that it was an impulse decision because of the pregnancy, though in reality it was the opposite. Marriage was something they had been dreaming of for a long time, that simply hadn't been possible til they got to the Saber Vortex.

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