Doviana gave Gossamer a friendly smile, she had no ill will towards the Goddess of Spite. In fact, she was happy to see the other First happy. Clearly this planet was bringing out the best in both her and Sojourn.

"I agree, this place suits you better."

She said and turned to Nicolai.

"It is nice to meet you as well."

She told Nicolai with a friendly smile and shook his hand.

"And you're welcome. I do wish I could have done more."

Her hands were tied on Elysia, so she could only do so much for the couple back on Elysia. Her primary concern was her orphans and making sure they were protected, but she had tried to help how she could. Even if Cid did more then she could.

"Congratulations on your marriage."

She said, very sincerely. Unlike other gods, she wasn't very judgmental. As long as people were happy and their happiness didn't harm others, she believed in letting people do what they wanted. One person's idea of happiness could be the total opposite of another's but that was okay. If everyone was the same and did the same things, then life would be boring.

"Cid also told me you unexpectedly gained another child."