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    Doviana gave Gossamer a friendly smile, she had no ill will towards the Goddess of Spite. In fact, she was happy to see the other First happy. Clearly this planet was bringing out the best in both her and Sojourn.

    "I agree, this place suits you better."

    She said and turned to Nicolai.

    "It is nice to meet you as well."

    She told Nicolai with a friendly smile and shook his hand.

    "And you're welcome. I do wish I could have done more."

    Her hands were tied on Elysia, so she could only do so much for the couple back on Elysia. Her primary concern was her orphans and making sure they were protected, but she had tried to help how she could. Even if Cid did more then she could.

    "Congratulations on your marriage."

    She said, very sincerely. Unlike other gods, she wasn't very judgmental. As long as people were happy and their happiness didn't harm others, she believed in letting people do what they wanted. One person's idea of happiness could be the total opposite of another's but that was okay. If everyone was the same and did the same things, then life would be boring.

    "Cid also told me you unexpectedly gained another child."

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    Gossamer and Nicolai

    "We did," Gossamer confirmed. "It's... a bit of an unusual situation, really. It wasn't a standard sort of conception. Phobos - he's the man I was betrothed to, when we spoke on Elysia - made a wish to create a child from the two of us."

    It felt odd, now, speaking of Phobos as her betrothed. That seemed like so long ago... though of course, it really wasn't. It was just that so much had happened in the meantime.

    "So suddenly we ended up with a five year old girl who was half made of me," Gossamer went on. "And I couldn't just... I mean, I know she's not my child in the conventional sense, but she didn't have anyone else. Nicolai and I talked about it, and we couldn't just abandon her. He agreed to be her father. We expected to be parents to a baby soon, but now the baby will have an older sister."

    Gossamer wasn't sure how Doviana would react to that. Would she think they were too young to be parents to a child of five? And of course, neither Gossamer nor Nicolai had had good parental models. Would Doviana think they should just send Karma to the orphanage after all? Not that Gossamer was willing to do that. They'd made a commitment to the child, and Gossamer planned to honor that, even if being Karma's mother still felt unfamiliar and strange.

    "We also have another new family member," Nicolai added. "Her name is Zarra. She's a teenager, and we aren't her parents, but she shouldn't be on her own."

    At least Doviana couldn't contemplate sending Zarra to the orphanage, Gossamer thought. Unlike Karma, who was the offspring of two gods, Zarra was fully human. Still, Gossamer knew their living arrangement wasn't exactly normal for a young couple embarking on marriage.
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    Doviana could only imagine that having a child with Phobos wouldn't be something that Gossamer desired, at least Karma didn't exist thanks to the standard way of conception. Doviana remembered the Ancient God well and she didn't fault the other First for not desiring him. He seemed to be a cruel, selfish man. She was certain he had wished for the girl as a way to punish Gossamer, not because he suddenly felt fatherly.

    She nodded her head in understanding and smiled kindly to Gossamer.

    "I think it is good thing, Gossamer. That in spite of what Phobos tried to do with Karma, you and Nicolai chose to be her parents. You could have easily wished her away or sent her to me, but you didn't."

    Many Firsts thought her orphanage was an easily solution. They didn't want the responsibilities of parenthood and would drop off their children and never look back. They could go back to their carefree lives while she had to take care of them and find them homes. She had seen the effect it had on the children. Especially ones like Sojourn, who were never adopted out.

    "There are many ways to create a family. Sometimes family is those that share our blood, but not always. It's people who love each other, take care of each other. And no matter how old we get, we don't have all the answers. I certainly don't. But what I do know is that love is important. You'll make mistakes, all parents do. But as long as you love Karma and your baby, it'll be okay. They'll make mistakes too, all kids do. But love helps make the mistakes easier to handle."

    When Gossamer brought up Zarra, she added.

    "That is a good you welcomed her into your family. No one should be alone in this big universe."

    She glanced at Sojourn, who looked down. She felt bad how Sojourn's own childhood had turned out. She had tried her best to make her feel loved but she knew that for the Secundae something was missing. A family of her own, but she did seem happier on the Saber Vortex then she had seen her in a long time. There was more then one way to create a family. It seemed to the Goddess of Upbringing that her eldest ward was creating a family here, with her new friends. She looked back at Gossamer and Nicolai and smiled at them.

    "I'm more then happy to help you out anyway I can. And even after I return back to Elysia, you can still ask me for advice."

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    "Well, I am the Goddess of Spite, after all," Gossamer said... but her light tone masked the fact that she was deeply moved by Doviana's kind words. "She's as much mine as she is Phobos', and he doesn't deserve her. So I took her instead."

    She looked down at her feet, then admitted, "At least it started that way. I genuinely care about her now, and I feel an attachment. But... it feels strange still. I don't always feel like a parent. Sometimes I feel like I'm just pretending. Is that normal?"

    Gossamer and Nicolai loved Karma, but adjusting to being parents was going to take time, especially since they had gained their first child so unexpectedly.

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    "That you are."

    Doviana replied to Gossamer with a smile. She might be the First of Spite, but Doviana did not believe that the only reason that she took Karma in was out of spite. She could tell that Gossamer cared deeply for the girl. She wouldn't worry about not loving her or being a good mother to her, if she didn't. She nodded her head in agreement about what Gossamer said about Phobos.

    "You're right, he doesn't. He would be an awful father to her."

    He was an god and far too selfish to be a good father to his child. A child he only wished for to punish Gossamer and Nicolai. Doviana squeezed Gossamer's shoulder.

    "It is normal. Taking Karma in, it is very different then expecting a baby. Being pregnant gives you time to prepare, with Karma, it only took a moment for her to exist. Having a child is a huge adjustment for anyone. Suddenly your life is no longer about yourself but about someone else. You and Nicolai were suddenly thrust into parenthood and that will take time to adjust to that big change in your lives. Especially with the type of life you lived before."

    From what Doviana knew of Grace, she knew that world hadn't prepared Gossamer very well for motherhood. Hell, look at how her own mother had acted when she had visited the Orphanage.

    "I can tell you love her, if you didn't, you wouldn't be worried about this."

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    Gossamer and Nicolai

    "I do love her," Gossamer said with a smile, her tension easing as the conversation reassured her. "We both do."

    Nicolai nodded his agreement with that. It had been an adjustment - though probably less so for him. It wasn't that hard to accept his wife's child; it was harder to accept that a child had been mystically created from you with no physical contact.

    "I'm glad you think it's normal," Gossamer said. "We'll get there. We'll be a family. I know we will. At least our upbringings taught us what not to do, right?"

    The couple had quite a few specific questions for Doviana, and when they had finished talking through them all, Gossamer and Nicolai felt a lot more confident - especially since they knew they could bounce problems off her again in the future if they were truly at a loss. Neither of them had parents who would help, but they had developed a strong support system nonetheless.

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    "And like I said before, love is the most important thing of all."

    Doviana told the couple with a smile. She could tell they loved Karma and that was good. No matter what happened, as long as Karma was loved and knew she was loved, Doviana knew everything else would work out fine. She nodded her head to Gossamer.

    "Sometimes knowing what not to do is even more important."

    She said and happily answered all the questions that the couple had for her. She planned to stay in the Saber Vortex for a few days. Not just to help Gossamer and Nicolai but also to help keep an eye on Karma and Zarra while the other gods went to Olympus. If one of the Family of War members was running around and found some loophole to get on to the planet, Karma and Zarra could be in danger. While the planet was generally a safe place, the people here wouldn't stand much chance against an vengeful god. Doviana wasn't the strongest fighter, but her lover was just a telepathic message away. It was better to be safe, then sorry.

    Before everyone left for Olympus, Doviana knew she wanted to talk to Optimus Prime, the young ruler of the world. She found him and said.

    "I wanted to thank you for opening your home to Sojourn. I'm sure her arrival was unexpected but I can see how much she likes it here. I haven't seen her this happy since she was a child. And I have a good feeling you have a lot to do with that change."

    It was a nice change, though. It made her sad to see Sojourn sad. She had been so happy as a small child, but as she got older, that had changed. It was natural when everyone but her was being adopted. Like Gossamer, being on the Saber Vortex had brought a good change in Sojourn. And it hadn't escaped the First how Sojourn and Optimus interacted with each other. It made her happy, though, to see Sojourn happy. She deserved to be happy.

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