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Thread: Provisioning

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    Asif glanced over the shopping list that he and Jasmine would be covering. He also had the list of baby things, and a few requests from his own family. Fortunately, none of it would take long. Being among that many humans made Asif feel uncomfortably exposed. Back before the humans knew about immortals, it wouldn't have concerned him - nothing in particular about him would draw attention as a Lycan - but these days it paid to be careful.

    "Jasmine, has Ming said what she would like for her birthday?" Asif asked. The families had been separated long enough that none of the Zaidis were sure of Ming's current interests, and they wanted to make sure they got her something that she would find fun.
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    "Sometimes a baby shows up in the mommy's belly," Lina gently corrected. She didn't want to give the boys the impression that couples who conceived a baby loved each other more than those who did not. "Not all the time. But yes, when the baby is ready to be born, she or he will tell me without words. Soon you will be able to meet the baby in person."

    Since she hadn't been able to get a ultrasound, Lina had no idea if she was having a boy or girl. She and Asif had picked out names for each, and would be surprised when the time came.

    Lina hoped what she had told the boys would be acceptable to Rachel and Chase, and that she hadn't opened up too many questions that would be difficult to answer. She thought that maybe she should give Chase a heads up about what was headed his way...

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    Jasmine Sinclair

    Jasmine walked with Asif to get half the things the group had decided they would need before the Zaidi family arrived, while her son would take care of the other half. Thank goodness for Chase, she thought. He was able to still create the sunlight inoculations for her and the other Vampires in their group. She didn't have to shop at night and there wouldn't be many humans that would expect that a Vampire was shopping among them. However, going into the city still put her on edge. While Nathan had always told her that Vampires were apex predators, that didn't mean predators didn't get hunted. After all, weren't lions and sharks considered apex predators too? And yet, they were hunted, by humans.

    "As far as I know, she hasn't made any special requests. She told me and Bruno we could get her anything we wanted."

    Jasmine replied to Asif. Ming was a very appreciate of anything that was given to her. After spending a few years as a child prostitute, to be loved and have a family, it made her appreciate anything someone gave her. At times it seemed the young Vampire was surprised that anyone would give her things. She smiled as she continued.

    "But she still likes to draw and she likes anything with butterflies. And she likes games that she and the other kids can play with together."

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    Piao and Rafe Bardou

    When Lina corrected them about their assumption that a couple being in love brought a baby, both Piao and Rafe nodded their heads.

    "That makes sense it's only sometimes."

    Rafe said and Piao added.

    "Yeah, that must be why Mommy and Aunt Jasmine don't have any babies."

    Not that they understood the whole concept of conception or that some couples just couldn't naturally have children. They smiled at Lina.

    "I can't wait to meet your baby."

    Piao told her and Rafe agreed.


    A new person was exciting to them both. Even if the baby wouldn't be able to play with them for a while.

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    Rachel Bardou

    Rachel overheard her sons asking their aunt Lina about babies, and she felt embarrassed. Leave it to kids, she thought. She hadn't even thought about how curious they would both be about Lina and her baby. Piao and Rafe understood they had been babies once, that everyone started off as babies. But they hadn't been around any pregnant women since they were both very little and they really had no memories of that. The concept of pregnancy was foreign to them. If they all still had the community, it would be very different. There had been plenty of babies and pregnant mothers there.

    Rachel smiled at her sons as she joined them.

    "Boys, Dad and I will be more then happy to answer any questions you have about babies."

    In hindsight, she and Chase should have been talking to Piao and Rafe about this sooner.

    "Right now, though, you should let Aunt Lina get some rest. The baby will be here very soon and she's going to need her energy."

    And that would be a good thing. Babies were a good thing. Once Rafe and Piao had left the room, Rachel told Lina quietly.

    "Sorry about that. Chase and I haven't gotten around to talking to them about babies."

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    Lina and Taara

    "That's quite alright," Lina said. "It's natural for them to be curious. Up till now, this would not have been an urgent thing for them to learn. Of course, we had to speak to Taara about it recently. Since she has a little brother or sister on the way, she had been wondering about..."

    Hearing her name, Taara ran up to her mother, practically dragging Shazia along by the hand. "It's a sister!" she confidently assured Rachel.

    "Oh, you think so?" Lina asked with a smile. "You know we won't be able to tell until the baby is born."

    "It's not me that thinks so," Taara insisted. "Shazia says it's going to be a girl."

    "You do?" Lina asked Shazia, not surprised that this was a discussion that had come up but interested to hear their thoughts.

    Taara nodded on Shazia's behalf, then informed Rachel with great gravity. "Shazia says it'll be a girl because..." The little girl paused to recall the exact phrasing she had overheard, then recited, "Because Shazia says Daddy is 'doomed to be surrounded by estrogen'!"

    Lina burst out laughing. Shazia turned red. Taara grinned, very proud of herself for remembering those unfamiliar and difficult words.

    "Doomed to be surrounded by estrogen?" Lina repeated, putting her arm around Shazia's shoulder and giving Rachel a knowing smile. "I guess that's one way to put it. We should not forget that little pitchers have big ears, hm, Shazia?"
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    Asif thanked Jasmine for the birthday gift suggestions. That gave him a starting point - although he would have felt more confident in picking something out if he had his nieces' input.

    And with that, once again he was reminded just how strange their life was. It was such an ordinary thing for young girls to be able to go shopping... what a crazy and upside-down world it had become, that such things were now too dangerous. The girls should be out in the world, socializing with their friends. Doing ordinary things, like picking out a birthday gift. Not hidden away in fear for their lives.

    It also hadn't escaped Asif's notice that the girls were old enough to be thinking about dating, and even starting to consider the possibility of marriage someday. But how could they, with things being as they were? Asif was of course not overly eager for his nieces to leave the nest, but he wanted them to be happy. Immortality would be a long time to spend without a partner. How would they find that, though? Life seemed so much more difficult than it used to be.

    There was nothing Asif could do about that for the time being, though. He would just have to do as Lina was always reminding him to, and trust that it would all work out as it was meant to someday. For Ming, he chose a journal with butterflies on it and a new set of colored pencils. At least she could have a nice birthday, in spite of all the ills of the world.

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    Piao and Rafe Bardou

    "Yes, Mommy."

    Both boys told Rachel when she said they should ask her and Chase the questions they had about babies. Their parents were pretty open to answering about anything they could think of. They just thought it made sense in their young minds to ask Lina first, since she was having a baby. They nodded their heads when their mother said Aunt Lina needed her rest.

    "Sleep well, Aunt Lina."

    Rafe said and Piao added.

    "Yeah, soon the baby will come and they cry a lot and don't let anyone sleep."

    At least that's what he figured babies did from stories he had heard about them. He didn't remember much of Rafe being a baby since he had been so little himself. They said bye and quickly found their father. Everyone would be able to hear the boys asking Chase lots of questions about babies.

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    Toby Sinclair and Oksana Ivanov

    While Jasmine and Asif tackled half the list, Toby and Oksana were tackling the other half. He pretended to be her grandson. He thought how crazy the world had changed since he had been turned into a Lycan. There was a time when immortals didn't fear humans much. They kept a low profile and could interact with them. Sometimes hiding in plain sight. Humans said they feared them but they outnumbered them greatly. Humans always did fear the things they didn't understand. Well, most humans did. Oksana didn't fear them but she had spent her whole life around immortals. She knew they were basically like people. Some were good, some were bad. But it wasn't right to judge any of them without knowing them. Toby thought it was a shame more people weren't like her.

    "My, my, what a large boy your grandson is."

    A shop keeper commented to Oksana as they got part of Chase's medical order. They had to visit different shops to not raise too suspicions.

    Oksana smiled proudly.

    "Da, he eats like a horse."

    She replied back. The shop keeper could believe that he could. She took Toby's arm as they continued shopping. He saw a clothing store that was more geared towards girls and said.

    "Grandma, we should head in there. Find a birthday present for Ming."

    Oksana nodded her head.

    "I agree."

    Ming's birthday was coming up and she thought it was important for everyone to get her something nice. Rachel had a list of things she wanted for Ming's birthday, but Oksana wanted to get her something that she picked out as well.

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    Rachel Bardou

    "Good boys."

    Rachel told her sons when they agreed to let Aunt Lina get some rest. Her sons were good children, just very curious. Well, she and Chase did tell them that the worst type of question was the one that was never asked. Unless you asked, you'd never know the answer. She smiled at Lina, glad that she understood and wasn't upset.

    "That's true."

    She said and before she could add more, Taara joined them with Shazia.

    "Is it? You sound very certain."

    She told Taara with a smile when she said her mother was having a baby. She raised an eyebrow when Taara said it was Shazia who was sure that Lina was having a girl. Of course, she found it adorable that Taara wouldn't let the older girl speak. She laughed along with Lina when she said that Asif was doomed to be surrounded by estrogen.

    "If that is true, I'm sure he won't mind."

    She said with a smile and thought young kids were adorable. Especially when they were innocent like her sons and Taara are.

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