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Thread: Provisioning

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    Jasmine Sinclair

    Jasmine replied to Asif he was welcome. Like him, she found it sad that their children could not do normal things. Things that humans took for granted. Like going shopping and helping pick out a birthday present for a friend. All her children had been humans once. Toby, Ruthie, and Callie at a time had had normal lives. It made her sad to think of the things they couldn't do. Like just go to school. Maybe when the community was reunited again, they could at least do that. Build another school and let all the kids have some sort of normalcy in their lives.

    She found Ming a little butterfly statue that was adorned with her birthstone. Jasmine thought it was pretty and thought that Ming would like it as well. The girl was always very appreciative of anything that was given to her. Jasmine suggested they head to a baby store next.
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    Eden McComb

    Shopping was something she had taken for granted. Eden didn't realize it until they arrived in town. She used to go shopping whenever she wanted, back when she was a human. She used to go shopping all the time with her friends. It was such a normal activity, but it wasn't normal anymore for immortals. It made her appreciate it even more. It would be nice, for a little while, to pretend she was normal again. Thankfully the group she was with still had sunlight inoculations for Vampires. She could pretend she was a human. It seemed a lifetime ago she had been one. She headed into a clothing store that was geared more towards girls her age to see if she could find a nice new outfit. It had been a long time since she had bought new clothes and Sasha had told her to get whatever she wanted. Not that she planned to take advantage of her generosity. Still, it would be nice to have something new.

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    Lina and Asif

    "He'll be happy either way," Lina agreed. "We both look forward to welcoming our new little one."

    Asif had not expressed a preference about the baby's gender, so Lina assumed it didn't make a difference to him. He had admitted a great deal of concern about the baby's well-being and health, though, so clearly that was at the forefront of his mind. Lina hoped that soon both their fears could be laid to rest - but they would just have to wait and see.


    Asif felt reasonably confident about his birthday purchases after both showing Jasmine and texting a picture to Lina and the girls. No one seemed to think he was being the out-of-touch old uncle, so he decided he had done well enough. Sometimes teens baffled him - and the world had changed a great deal since he himself had been that age - but he tried not to be too stodgy.

    There was still more shopping to be done, and he agreed that their next stop should be baby items... but as Asif stopped to buy a bottle of water at a small café on the way, he was taken by surprise by a scent that was at once familiar and unfamiliar. It was the scent of a Lycan - definitely a Lycan - but no one Asif had ever smelled before. The stranger was a male, an adult but youngish.

    "Interesting," Asif said, not wanting to call human attention but knowing Jasmine would catch his meaning.
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    Jasmine Sinclair

    Jasmine smiled when Asif made sure that Lina and the girls approved of his purchases for Ming. She thought it was sweet that he wanted to make sure the women in his life approved of what he got. It was sad to her how the kids couldn't go shopping. Her son did, but Toby wasn't like most kids. Since he had been became an Immortal he had been through enough things in his life, he could more then handle himself. There were times she wished Toby hadn't, but then again, he wouldn't have become her son if he hadn't experienced what he had either. If he hadn't become a Lycan, she might have never met him and she'd never regret having him as her son. Especially because it was through Toby, she had also gained her daughters. She had came a long way since the night she had met Nathan.

    Unlike Nathan, Jasmine didn't have an ability to sense other Immortals. Nathan had had that ability and it had helped him lived a lot longer then he should have. If she hadn't been with Asif, she had never know that there was another Immortal in the Croatian town with them shopping. She immediately picked up on what Asif meant, though. She looked at the young adult male and said.

    "I need a new dress. What would be a better color? Red or grey?"

    She asked, red meaning if the male was a Vampire, or grey if he was a Lycan. She couldn't tell what type of Immortal the male was but she was curious what he was. She just wasn't going to flat out ask Asif what the male was, not in a café full of humans.

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    "Grey," Asif replied casually, easily catching her meaning. "But for the sake of your bank account, just one dress this time, not the whole store."

    Of course, Asif wasn't really commenting about Jasmine's spending habits. He was telling her that the male Lycan was alone, and he didn't smell any other immortals in the immediate area.

    The Lycan suddenly turned and approached them, and Asif tensed - but then his brain started putting together the picture he was seeing. The young man was wearing a tie, collared shirt, and dark slacks. He had a small pad of paper in one hand and a pen in the other. A waiter. This Lycan was waiting tables at the café.

    This was getting more surprising by the minute, Asif thought. So this other Lycan had been hanging around town long enough to secure a job, and apparently hadn't attracted any human attention by his behavior in the meantime. That was probably a good sign.

    "Dobar dan!" the Lycan waiter greeted them. Asif guessed from his looks and speech that he was from the region - Bosnian, maybe, or Albanian. Switching without much effort into fluent if lightly accented English, the waiter asked, "Do you wish to see a menu?"

    The young man finally got a good whiff of the two newcomers - newly turned, Asif guessed, and not used to observing his surroundings carefully - and his eyes widened.

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    Toby Sinclair

    Toby wished his sisters could have come shopping with him when he and Oksana entered the clothing store. The store was definitely not a store for him but he was sure Ruthie and Callie would have liked it. It was a shame they couldn't do normal things, like go shopping. Oksana felt a little out of place too, it had been a long time she had shopped in a store like this and found a nice employee to help them find something for Ming. Oksana told the young woman that they wanted to buy something for her granddaughter for her birthday and the woman was being very helpful. Suggesting different outfits that Ming might like. While Oksana was looking with the employee, Toby caught a whiff of a Vampire. A Vampire he hadn't seen in years. He excused himself quietly and followed the scent.

    Toby hoped his nose wasn't lying to him, but it couldn't be. Could it? He would never forget her scent.


    He said as he walked up to her. Was she really here? Was he dreaming, he wondered. He hoped not, because there she was. His dream girl, looking at clothes in the same store in Croatia that he was.

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    Jasmine Sinclair

    "I'm sure Bruno would agree with you on that."

    Jasmine said as a joke. Although she was glad to know there was only one Lycan in the café. Until he turned to them, she assumed he was just a guest. It surprised her to see he was a waiter. The young Lycan was living and working along humans. He was either rather good at hiding his true self or he was recently turned. Given his surprise at seeing them, she decided it was the latter.

    "Yes, please."

    Jasmine replied, suddenly wanting a seat in the café and a chance to talk to the young Lycan. She could tell her companion did as well.

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    Eden McComb

    Eden was browsing through the clothes when he said her name. A voice she hadn't heard in four years. Her mouth dropped open in shock when she turned and saw Toby.


    Was Toby really here? She walked over to him and touched his face and felt tears coming in her eyes. He was real and he was here, with her. She had missed him so much. There had been times she was afraid Toby was dead. But thankfully that fear hadn't happened. He was alive, he was right in front of her.

    "You're here."

    She said quietly and hugged him. Being in his arms again felt so good. After what had happened with Nathan, being with Toby had made her feel normal again. That what Nathan had done to her hadn't damaged her beyond repair. That someone could like her, love her. That she was still herself.

    "I missed you so much."

    She said, not wanting to let him go. Eden was afraid if she did let go of Toby, he'd disappear on her.

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    Asif could understand the young man's alarm. Another immortal was always a bit of an unknown quantity, and this Lycan was not only outnumbered but would be able to tell that both of them were older and thus likely significantly more powerful. Wariness was smart. They didn't mean him any harm, though - and Asif smiled to show that.

    "We'll take a table," he said. He hadn't planned on getting a meal, but that was the most unobtrusive way to check out the situation. Then offhandedly, he added, "If you aren't too busy, come join us."

    This was not an odd suggestion in the culture they were in. It wasn't a normal mealtime, and the café was nearly empty. No one would think it was odd for a waiter to have a seat with someone as long as his services were not currently needed.

    The young man still looked nervous, but he showed them to an out-of-the-way table and brought them menus.

    Asif introduced himself and Jasmine; first names only, just to be on the safe side. "What's your name?" Asif asked.

    "Hamza," the waiter replied, apparently deciding to stick to the policy of minimal identifying information.

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    Jasmine Sinclair

    Jasmine understood the young Lycan's alarm and thought that was good. He should be alarmed, it was a dangerous world for Immortals now that humans knew of them and hunted them down. Luckily for him, she and Asif meant him no harm. She took the menu but couldn't eat anything from it. This café wouldn't have her type of dietary needs. Still, she had to keep up appearances and asked Asif quietly.

    "What do you want to eat?"

    She'd order something and discreetly give it to him, instead.

    "Have you lived here long, Hamza?"

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