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Thread: Provisioning

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    Asif and Hamza

    Asif quietly whispered a suggestion to Jasmine - nothing too heavy for either of them, since he was about to eat two meals. Not that a Lycan couldn't handle two human portions, but Lina wouldn't be happy with him if he completely spoiled his dinner.

    Hamza shook his head when Jasmine asked him if he'd been here long. "No, I'm from Kosovo," he said, essentially confirming Asif's guess about his ethnicity. "I recently experienced a situation with... um... a bite..."

    He glanced around furtively, but no one was nearby or paying them the slightest attention.

    "It was really dangerous where I was. I was sure I was going to die. But someone helped me. A new friend I made. His name was Riff..."

    Asif made eye contact with Jasmine, then said, "We know Riff."

    Well, that was reassuring, Asif thought. Riff had been a valuable part of their old community, and Asif had always considered him a good man. If Riff and Hamza were friends, Hamza was probably a decent person too.
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    Jasmine Sinclair

    Jasmine nodded her head when Asif made his suggestion. He definitely spoil his dinner if he ate too much here. Unfortunately, he'd have to eat for them both or the humans might think it was weird that his companion wasn't eating anything at all. Thankfully, the café wasn't very busy and the people here, at least right now, weren't paying them much mind. When Hamza said he had an experience with a bite, she gave him a sympathetic look.

    "I understand how that goes."

    Although her own experience with a bite had surely been much different then his own. Since she had allowed Nathan to bite her and spent almost a decade of her life working for him. It was good to hear that Riff was still alive, she thought. She thought Riff was a good man as well, and that Hamza must be a decent person if Riff helped him.

    "Any friend of Riff's, is a friend of ours."

    Jasmine said and added quietly.

    "As I'm sure you realize, it's important to have friends in this world. There is safety in numbers."

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    Hamza looked heartened - both to hear that they knew Riff, and that they appeared to be making a gesture of friendship.

    "It would be good to have friends," he agreed. "I'm on my own here. I'm grateful that Riff saved my life, and there's protection in lying low, but... it gets lonely. It would be nice to have some others to talk to."

    He glanced around again. There was still no one paying attention to them. But he still couldn't quite bring himself to say the word 'immortals.'

    "Others like me," he said, knowing they would understand his meaning.

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