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Thread: Provisioning

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    Asif glanced over the shopping list that he and Jasmine would be covering. He also had the list of baby things, and a few requests from his own family. Fortunately, none of it would take long. Being among that many humans made Asif feel uncomfortably exposed. Back before the humans knew about immortals, it wouldn't have concerned him - nothing in particular about him would draw attention as a Lycan - but these days it paid to be careful.

    "Jasmine, has Ming said what she would like for her birthday?" Asif asked. The families had been separated long enough that none of the Zaidis were sure of Ming's current interests, and they wanted to make sure they got her something that she would find fun.
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    "Sometimes a baby shows up in the mommy's belly," Lina gently corrected. She didn't want to give the boys the impression that couples who conceived a baby loved each other more than those who did not. "Not all the time. But yes, when the baby is ready to be born, she or he will tell me without words. Soon you will be able to meet the baby in person."

    Since she hadn't been able to get a ultrasound, Lina had no idea if she was having a boy or girl. She and Asif had picked out names for each, and would be surprised when the time came.

    Lina hoped what she had told the boys would be acceptable to Rachel and Chase, and that she hadn't opened up too many questions that would be difficult to answer. She thought that maybe she should give Chase a heads up about what was headed his way...

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    Jasmine Sinclair

    Jasmine walked with Asif to get half the things the group had decided they would need before the Zaidi family arrived, while her son would take care of the other half. Thank goodness for Chase, she thought. He was able to still create the sunlight inoculations for her and the other Vampires in their group. She didn't have to shop at night and there wouldn't be many humans that would expect that a Vampire was shopping among them. However, going into the city still put her on edge. While Nathan had always told her that Vampires were apex predators, that didn't mean predators didn't get hunted. After all, weren't lions and sharks considered apex predators too? And yet, they were hunted, by humans.

    "As far as I know, she hasn't made any special requests. She told me and Bruno we could get her anything we wanted."

    Jasmine replied to Asif. Ming was a very appreciate of anything that was given to her. After spending a few years as a child prostitute, to be loved and have a family, it made her appreciate anything someone gave her. At times it seemed the young Vampire was surprised that anyone would give her things. She smiled as she continued.

    "But she still likes to draw and she likes anything with butterflies. And she likes games that she and the other kids can play with together."

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