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Thread: Provisioning

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    Asif was eager to welcome his new child to their family. The birth of their daughter or son would be bright spot in difficult times, made even more joyous by their recent reunion with their friends.

    That didn't mean he was able to relax entirely, though. In addition to the general anxiety caused by his wife giving birth when the world around them was so dangerous, it worried Asif that Lina had not been able to get sufficient prenatal care. Until they had found Chase, Lina had not seen a doctor - it was simply too risky to go to a medical facility where Lina would surely be recognized as a Lycan when they started taking readings and samples. Chase had examined her and reported that mother and developing baby both seemed healthy, but there was no way to perform an ultrasound scan to get a closer look. They would have to just hope for the best.

    It also concerned Asif that even though Lina was due practically any minute, they had very little in the way of baby supplies. Having to travel so light, they hadn't been able to save much of anything from Taara's infancy. They had their photos, but while those contained lovely memories, it wouldn't help from a practical standpoint when it came to caring for their new little one. The Zaidi family was accustomed to living a simple life, but even so, a baby required some provisions.

    When he heard that a shopping trip was planned, Asif realized he could allay at least one of his worries by purchasing some supplies. "Do you mind if I tag along?" he asked. "I need to pick up some things for the baby."

    If he could at least stock up on diapers and other necessities, things would go a lot more smoothly when the baby was born.
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    Jasmine Sinclair

    Children were a blessing, Jasmine truly believed that. She was happy that Chase reported that Lina and her baby seemed healthy. That was good, she thought. With how the world was, it wasn't like the Lycan could just head to a doctor's office. At least during the rest of her pregnancy she could be safe here with them. With the arrival of Asif and Lina's family, they would need to be getting more supplies then they had planned before. When Asif asked if he could join them, she nodded her head.

    "You read my mind, I was going to ask if you wanted to come."

    While the Sinclairs and Bardous were more then happy to make room for the Zaidi family, they had nothing in the way of baby supplies. She couldn't conceive a child and Rachel and Chase had decided to not have any more children right now. Rafe was the youngest child in the cabin and he was five. The baby things they had had for him were long gone. She looked over at her husband.

    "Bruno, I'm going to go to."

    Originally it was just going to be Toby, Karina, and Oksana doing the shopping while Bruno waited with the car. He was too noticeable to do any shopping himself. His large size made him stand out in a crowd and years ago he had been a famous boxer. They couldn't risk an old fan recognizing him, especially since he hadn't aged since Nathan turned him.

    "We can get back faster if we divide up the list."

    She added, they needed supplies themselves and with Ming's birthday coming up, Rachel had asked for them to pick up some things so they could throw her a nice birthday. Just because they were in hiding, it didn't mean that they didn't do normal things for the kids, like celebrate a birthday. Celebrating was important, that was what families did and for a girl that had been abused in the past, it was even more important. It helped her feel loved.
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    Bruno Sinclair

    Chase had been happy to report that everything looked okay with Lina and the baby. Of course, he couldn't do an ultrasound. It was an expensive piece of equipment and their group had had no need for it in the recent past. He had added more supplies to the list for the shopping trip that he would need to take care of Lina and her unborn child.

    Bruno agreed that Asif should come. Lina was very close to being due, so they didn't have the luxury of a few more weeks or even months to get supplies for the baby. It had been a few years since they had any baby supplies themselves. When Jasmine suggested she come, he did agree that it made sense. She and Asif could get half the supplies, while Toby, Karina, and Oksana could tackle the other half. He always drove them but could only provide backup. He could never blend into a crowd.

    He had one concern, though, with Jasmine coming. He knew his wife was more then capable of protecting herself, there was no one else the Vampire would trust to have his back then her, but he was worried how Ruthie would react. Of their kids, she was the most nervous about her parents leaving. The attack on their community had made her more afraid if he and Jasmine left her for a while.

    "What about Ruthie?"

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    Jasmine and Ruthie Sinclair

    "I'll go talk to her."

    Jasmine replied, concerned about Ruthie as well. Their daughter didn't like when they had to get supplies. If she had her way, everyone would stay safe together. Jasmine found Ruthie with the other girls. She was having fun with them and Jasmine felt a little bad that what she had to tell her would ruin that. She pulled Ruthie off to the side and told her about the trip.

    "Uncle Asif needs to get supplies for the baby, I'm going to go with the group."

    Ruthie bit her lip and looked upset. She was still recovering from the abuse she had suffered at Pete's hands. The attack on their community had set her healing back a little. While she knew she was safe, she didn't like when anyone in her family left her. She was scared they wouldn't come back.


    "We'll all get back sooner if I help."

    Jasmine gently added and Ruthie understood that. She understood the logic in it but her fears were creeping up.

    "What if you, Dad, and Toby don't come back?"

    She was already worried that her father and brother were leaving for the town and now her mother was too. Jasmine pulled her into a hug. She couldn't promise she would come back. She hoped she would but the world was dangerous for immortals and Ruthie was old enough to know that.

    "Then you will be safe. Aunt Rachel and Uncle Chase will protect you."

    The couples had made an agreement when they escaped together and realized that they would not be able to find any of their friends for five years that they would always look out for each other. Rachel and Chase were more then capable of protecting the children. They stayed at the cabin during these shopping trips because it was decided that Chase's medical skills were needed and they couldn't risk him.

    "I know...I just...I don't like when we're apart."

    Unlike many teenagers, Ruthie wanted to be around her parents. Since they had entered her life, they had kept her safe. She always felt safe with them. The idea of losing them or Toby terrified her. It made her think of how after her birth mother died it had just been her and Callie with Pete. She never wanted to feel that way again.

    "I don't like when we're apart either but we need to get things for Aunt Lina's baby."

    "You're right."

    Ruthie replied, she knew Aunt Lina's baby was due very soon and that babies needed lots of things.

    "You'll be careful, right?"

    "Always. And I know Dad and Toby will too."

    Jasmine told her with a smile and Ruthie gave her another hug. She was nervous about her parents both going on the shopping trip along with her brother but was okay as she could be with the idea. Jasmine and Ruthie said they loved each other and Jasmine went back to join the others going on the trip. She told her husband.

    "She's okay with it. She understands we need to get things for the baby."
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    Bruno Sinclair

    When Jasmine went to talk to Ruthie, Bruno told Asif.

    "After the attack, Ruthie has had some setbacks. She doesn't like us leaving."

    Asif had been with him and Jasmine the night they rescued Ruthie and her little sister from Pete. He had seen what her stepfather had done to her, so Bruno knew he didn't need to go into those details. He was sure the other man understood. Bruno was glad when Jasmine rejoined that Ruthie was okay with the idea. He was sure she wasn't too happy about it. With Jasmine joining them on the trip, they would get back sooner.

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    Piao and Rafe Bardou

    Piao and Rafe were very curious about Lina and her baby. The both understood the concept of babies, they understood that they had been babies once. But they didn't remember being around a pregnant woman before. They were both too young when the community was attacked to remember the other pregnant ladies that had lived there. By the time Piao had been adopted, Rafe had already been born. Their parents had decided to hold off on having any more children and their Aunt Jasmine couldn't conceive a child. So, Lina being pregnant was a new concept to the brothers.

    "Aunt Lina, how did your baby get in your belly?"

    Piao asked her curiously and Rafe added.

    "And how will it come out?"
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    "I understand," Asif replied. "I think we've all had setbacks."

    He knew that he had not suffered as much as many in their community had - because his immediate family had been traveling together at the time, they hadn't been separated. They even managed to hang onto their good friend Marek the whole time. Still, there were many people Asif missed terribly. Not blood family, but friends who were close enough to feel like it.

    The sense of safety was something he missed, too. Asif guessed they probably all did. They no longer had their little enclave away from the fierce world outside their gates. It was different, not belonging to the whole anymore. He hoped that one day when they could all come together again, they could recapture what they'd lost.

    "I hope Ruthie will be alright," Asif said. "She will, I think. She's a strong girl."

    Asif was happy to help with his share of the shopping list. Jasmine was right - it would go faster if they could split up the list.

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    They boys' questions brought Lina up short. This wasn't her first round of the birds and the bees, of course - Taara was old enough that she needed to know at least a few basics - but it was harder to respond to someone else's child than your own. In general, Lina thought it was best not to lie to children, but she also didn't want to give them more information than their parents would feel they were ready for.

    Lina smiled at Rafe and Piao. The situation was a little awkward, but it wasn't their fault. This was just innocent curiosity.

    "Sometimes when two grownups are in love and the timing is just right, their love creates a baby," she said diplomatically.

    Obviously, these weren't the only circumstances. Conception didn't always result from love, and unfortunately some young people lost their childhoods to pregnancy before they were ready. Lina didn't feel it was necessary to get into the other options, though, for the same reason she and Asif had decided that Taara was not yet ready to know that Asif was not her biological father. It didn't change Asif's love for his daughter, but the circumstances of Taara's conception were not something she should have to wrestle with at her age. It wasn't something Rafe and Piao should have to wrestle with either.

    "Women are able to grow babies in our wombs until they're ready to be born, and then our bodies know how to do the rest."

    She gave each of the boys a hug - not the easiest thing, as big as her belly was currently - and said, "Usually, though, it is the parents who tell their children about such matters. If there is more you wish to know, it would be best to ask your mother or father."

    Lina knew these probably weren't fully satisfying answers, but she thought she had dodged any major pitfalls, and Rachel and Chase could decide how to handle it from here.
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    Bruno Sinclair

    Bruno nodded his head to Asif, he was sure everyone that had survived the attack had some setbacks. It was unavoidable, they had lost their home. For many people, like Ruthie, they lost a sense of security too. He and Jasmine tried their best to make sure the kids felt safe, but he didn't make any promises he could not keep. Unlike Rafe and Piao, Bruno's children were all old enough to understand how dangerous the world was for immortals. They may be stronger then humans, but they didn't outnumber them.

    "She's strong, like her mother."

    Bruno agreed. Even if Ruthie didn't see herself as strong, he believed she was. She had to be strong to survive what had happened to her. He was glad that Ruthie was okay with them going, by dividing up the list, it would go faster. Toby and Karina would shop with Oksana, posing as her grandchildren. Asif and Jasmine could tackle the other half. And he'd get to sit in the car and wait for everyone to come back.

    Once everyone was ready, Bruno drove them to the nearby town to start shopping.

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    Piao and Rafe Bardou

    "Oh, I see...."

    Piao replied, sort of understanding what Lina meant. He understood that he and Ming were adopted and that Rafe was not. That's why Rafe looked like their parents while he and their older sister didn't. He just wasn't exactly sure how love created a baby.

    "So, if two people love each other a lot then a baby shows up in the mommy's belly?"

    He asked, seeing if he understood it correctly. Rafe asked.

    "Your baby will tell your body when he or she wants to be born?"

    They were curious about the whole thing and not trying to make things awkward for Lina in their innocence. They happily returned her hug. They might not have remembered Lina, they were both very young the last time they saw her, but they both decided they did like her. She was a very nice lady. When she said normally parents were the ones who tell their children about babies, Rafe said to his brother.

    "Maybe we should ask Daddy, he is a doctor."


    Piao said and then smiled at Lina.

    "Thank you for answering our questions."

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