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    Underworld Historical Bios

    Underworld Historical Bios

    This thread is for bios of characters for storylines taking place in time periods other than more or less the present time. Please indicate what time period(s) your character is active in.

    Gerhard Einbrecht
    Gilda Engel
    Hermann Kraus
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    Name: Gilda Engel

    Historical Era: 1940's

    Nationality: German

    Gender: Female

    Race: Fae (Siren a.k.a. Lorelei)

    "The loveliest maiden is sitting
    Up there, so wondrously fair;
    Her golden jewelry is glist'ning;
    She combs her golden hair.
    She combs with a gilded comb, preening,
    And sings a song, passing time.
    It has a most wondrous, appealing
    And pow'rful melodic rhyme.

    The boatman aboard his small skiff, -
    Enraptured with a wild ache,
    Has no eye for the jagged cliff, -
    His thoughts on the heights fear forsake.
    I think that the waves will devour
    Both boat and man, by and by,
    And that, with her dulcet-voiced power
    Was done by the Loreley."
    -from "Die Lorelei" by Heinrich Heine

    Physical Description: An attractive woman of average height with blonde hair, blue eyes, and a slim but curvy figure.

    Personality: Gilda is a puzzle box. She has many different faces. People will figure out in due time which face is the real one - if they're lucky.

    Backstory: Most people assume Gilda is just what she appears - an opportunistic gold digger working her way through a series of affairs with prominent Nazi men for her own advancement.

    In reality, Gilda is a powerful Siren who is using her wiles and powers of seduction to extract information from important targets for the Resistance.

    Powers: Gilda has the ability to mesmerize others with her voice and gaze. Because she is a pretty young woman, this tends to work more easily on men who are attracted to her, but it is not limited to males. There are generally two levels - she may use her power of persuasion to obtain information or favors, or with a more intense effort she is able to bewitch her target into obeying her instructions, even if that should lead to their own peril or death. Gilda is able to affect multiple targets at once, but the effect is lessened when divided amongst a group; for example, where she may be able to completely influence the behavior of a single person, she might only manage to invoke a general feeling in a room full of people. Gilda's power has the possibility of being resisted with a great amount of willpower, considerable stamina, and some level of awareness of her manipulation attempt. A person who has been influenced by Gilda will not remember it and will have only vague memories of what happened before or after, but her actions are perceivable by other people if she is observed by a bystander. The power of manipulation is Gilda's only combat ability. If she is in a situation where she can't mesmerize a target, she is left with no great fighting options.

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    Name: Hermann Kraus

    Historical Era: 1940's

    Nationality: German

    Gender: Male

    Race: Human

    Physical Description: Kraus is an attractive man in his early 40's, with strawberry blond hair, a soldier's athletic physique, and piercing blue eyes.

    Personality: He generally presents himself as a pleasant and affable guy. He is friendly with his co-workers and popular at parties, though he is sometimes a bit condescending toward women. Despite his high standing, he will make conversation with even the lowest enlisted man, and makes an effort to treat his subordinates with respect. As a doctor and a Nazi, however, Kraus is utterly without conscience. He conducts brutal human experiments and has no empathy whatsoever for his victims, who he sees as less than human. Despite his likable facade, the bottom line is that Kraus is a ruthless and unrepentant murderer who takes pride in the sadistic experimental procedures he devises.

    Backstory: Kraus has a fairly conventional origin. He grew up in a middle class family, completed medical school with flying colors, served in the military, settled down with a wife, and produced three children. He has risen steadily in the ranks of both the medical field and the Nazi party.

    Powers: He is a human with no supernatural powers, but he has extensive medical training as a doctor, a combat background as a soldier, and significant social prestige and connections within the scientific, military, and civilian communities.
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    Historical Era: 1940's

    Name: Gerhard Einbrecht

    Nationality: German

    Gender: Male

    Race: human

    Physical Description: Blonde and brown eyed, shorter than average and somewhat underweight. Wears thick, round glasses for short-sightedness. Generally keeps himself neat and clean.

    Personality: Gerhard is a quiet, observant man. He is boring as far as his fellow officers are concerned – he does not drink, gamble or spend time with women. He works long hours not because he loves the Fhrer, but because he has no where else to be.

    Backstory: He considered himself a simple man, a young clerk in a law firm. His family had been farmers and he had no opportunity for higher learning until he left the farm for the city. Shortly after settling into his new opportunity, an illness swept through his hometown, taking both his parents and leaving his sister permanently disabled. Then, the war happened. Gerhard was conscripted into the army, but as he possessed poor eyesight, he was given administrative tasks – effectively still acting as a clerk, but now for the military rather than the courts.

    When he takes time to think on it, Gerhard does not approve of war. However, he is smart enough to know that would not be a wise thing to voice to any other person lest he be considered treasonous. This has turned him into a recluse – he fears to say the wrong thing, so avoids having to say anything at all. However, he cannot help but continue to observe all that goes on. Something urges him to keep a mental account of each missive he delivers, the people who drink together at parties and where his superior officers are at all times. He tells himself it is nothing more than a habit.

    The pay for his position is not sufficient to keep him in a housing situation as he sends almost everything he makes to his sister’s caretakers. Unable to stay at the barracks, he sleeps in the pantry of an inn – trading places with a man who is on a different shift. At least it is relatively quiet and Gerhard can earn his meals by doing the book keeping for the small business.
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