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    A Pleasant Day at the Beach

    A Pleasant Day at the Beach

    Visper Averrod

    Visper opened her ship's galaxy map, spreading the image to maximum width with practiced fingers. Once the array of planets was laid out in front of her, though, she hesitated. It occurred to her that she'd never been in quite this position - at least not that she could recall. She couldn't remember the last time she'd been without a clear destination. Of course, with the limits of her memory, all the time that she had lost, she couldn't say for certain that this moment was unique. It felt odd, though.

    Being without a destination didn't mean she was without an objective. Quite the opposite, in fact. Her goal was entirely clear. She just wasn't sure how to accomplish it.

    They found you once - and I don't know how. I don't know who knows about you. But I won't let it happen again. This time, I'll be able to keep you safe.

    Visper stared at the names of planets as though the mere arrangement of letters could bring clarity, but they just seemed like a meaningless blob of light.

    Breathe. Think. Where is the best place to go?

    It needed to be someplace out of the way. This wasn't the time to be strolling the streets and alleys of Coruscant. Not in the Rift Alliance - too obvious, after her extensive diplomatic work there. Or Wild Space - remote, but posing its own dangers. It needed to be a planet accustomed to comings and goings, with a significant transient population; it was too unwise to visit a backwater where the arrival of a stranger would be the talk of the town. It needed to be a place where people didn't ask a lot of questions in general...

    Her eyes settled on a possible destination.


    The longer she stared at the name, the more sense it made. It fit all the criteria... and they could go to the beach. Visper had been wanting to go to the beach. A petty consideration, in a sense - but they needed the open sky. That seemed almost vital to survival right now.

    She punched in the coordinates. The ship gave the usual small hiccuping shudder as the stars appeared to elongate amidst the hyperspace jump.

    The bedroom door opened with a soft, mechanical swish. "Welcome to Rishi," she said. A small smile rose to her lips as she added, "We're finally going to the beach!"
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