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    Login/Logout Issues

    Login/Logout Issues

    If you are having a problem logging in or out of Quarrels and Quills, please post here.
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    Anne, are you still have issues or has it been resolved now that the transition has completed?

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    My issues are resolved. Now it's Xetal who's having trouble. He's getting the 403 Forbidden message, and no, clearing his cache didn't help. {wry smile}

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    Now Metereo said over on Facebook that he's having trouble logging into this forum on his phone. He has installed Tapatalk, but he's having trouble logging into that, too. Does anyone have any suggestions I could pass on? {Hopeful Smile}

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    I downloaded the app to check it out. It is telling me there's a network error, but I'm guessing that's on tapatalk's side, because the forum is obviously running!
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    Yup. I was able to log into the forum using the Chrome app and I did post from there. Not much of a fan of the forum that way, it's difficult to handle it.

    Tapatalk is giving me the same problem Quaxo mentions (btw, heya, Quaxo!!!!). I don't know if there's a way around it.

    Long ago I installed Tapatalk and I think there was a way around this problem.

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    I tried everything and I gave up on Tapatalk. It just hates me.

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    I'm sorry it's giving you so much trouble, but I'm very glad you found a solution that sort of works. I hope something better comes along soon, but at least you have something. {Smile}

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    Unless a new app comes along, it's the Chrome app for me

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    As long as it works, that's the important thing.

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