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    NAME: Kenne
    AGE: 34
    BIRTHDAY: June 10
    LOCATION: San Francisco, CA (Originally Cairo, GA)
    OCCUPATION: File Clerk for a law firm.

    CHILDREN: none
    PETS: none

    FAV. MOVIES: Wizard of Oz, Moulin Rouge, Chicago, LOTR Trilogy
    VIDEO GAMES: Sims 2.
    TV: Alias, Lost, CSI, & Buffy (rip).
    COMICS: Depends on the mood and who's writing, Strangers in Paradise is great.

    DRINK: Barq's Root Beer
    DESSERT: Strawberry Shortcake


    FUTURE GOALS: Writing a book, becoming a bestselling author.



    WHAT ARE YOU LISTENING TO RIGHT NOW: Lose My Breath - Destiny's Child
    Clones under the MC account: Berchnal, Justine, The Zee Twins: Daizee and Maizee, A Man of Mystery, Styx and Kratos

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    Name: Minnie
    Age: 25
    Birthday: June 10
    Location: Paris, IL
    Occupation: Research Associate in the field of Child Development and Human Relations (aka Stay at home Mom/Wife)

    Relationship status: Married for almost 7 years now!!!
    Children: 4 year old twins, Gwyneth and Logan.
    Pets: Zoie (black cat) and Punky (Yorkie/toyPoodle)
    Movies: Princess Bride, Heathers, DoDgEbaLL, The Halloween Series, Any Adam Sandler/Will Ferrell/Ben Stiller comedy, and of course PIRATES!!!
    TV: Days of Our Lives/Passions, Law & Order (all of them), Joey, Scrubs, What Not To Wear, Seinfeld, Real World/Road Rules Challenges
    Video Games: n/a
    Comics: Walking Dead!, Y:The Last Man, Fables, Supreme Power, Exiles, Birds of Prey.

    Favorite Food: Shrimp with Lobster sauce and anything chocolate
    Favorite Beverage: coffee, green tea, or diet coke with lime
    Dessert:anything chocolate

    Favorite place to go on vacation: Destin, Florida, DisneyWorld. *Places we want to go when the kids are old enough: Australia, Egypt, and Scotland.
    Future goals: To mold my children into productive compassionate adults. *As for me...I'll know as soon as I grow up.

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    Name: *Eran.
    Age: *27.
    Birthday: *March 22nd.
    Location: *Israel.
    Occupation: *Publisher and instructor.

    Relationship status: *Single.
    Children: *None.
    Pets: *None.
    Movies: *Three Musketeers (Gene Kelly version), Princess Bride, Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Wars (original trilogy), Who Framed Roger Rabbit, X-men, Young Frankenstein, Spaceballs, Maltese Falcon, African Queen, Indiana Jones (all three), Leon, Monty Python and the Holy Grail... ok, I better stop.
    TV: *Hardly watch TV anymore.
    Video Games: *Last system I had was the 8 bit NES. *Loved Mario 1 & 3 and Legend of Zelda II.
    Comics: *Uhm... lots!!

    Favorite Food: *Burgers, fries, pizza, pasta.
    Favorite Beverage: *Coca Cola.
    Dessert: *Ice cream.

    Favorite place to go on vacation: *(Of the places I've been to) Costa Del Sol, Spain.
    Future goals: *Do the same things I do now... just make more money doing 'em.

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    Re: Who are you?

    Re: Who are you?

    Name: Shayne
    Age: 29
    Birthday: October 31st
    Location: Maryland, but I claim Brooklyn, NY
    Occupation: Chaplain Assistant in the US Air Force

    Relationship status: Happily Married
    Children:/ One daughter, Jhayde
    Pets: Not right now.

    Fav movies/TV: I'm Gonna Git you Sucka!, The Five Heartbeats, Kill Bill, LoTRs, Star TrekS9, Smallville, The OC, and always The Simpsons.
    Video Games: Crushed Jak3 without breaking a sweat, Still scratching my head at FF.
    Comics: Crossgen, X-Men (Astonishing, New, Uncanny, Exiles), 100 Bullets, Green Lantern, and a whole buttload more that I can't seem to remember right now...

    Favorite Food: Lasagne.
    Favorite Beverage: Kool-Aid
    Dessert: Cheesecake, or Haagen Daaz Butter Pecan Ice Cream.

    Favorite place to go on vacation: My bed.
    Future goals: To eventually become a CMSgt, have another child and continue to live life to the fullest.
    The Crook from The Brook. The Sneaky Freaky Brutha.
    I am the thief in the night, here to quietly liberate your treasures while you sleep... or slip under your lady's bed sheets to fulfill the secret passions she never tells you about. By the time you wake up, I've left you penniless and your lady breathless.
    You're welcome.

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    Name: OZZ silly! ... *ok ok.. *Scott... * ugh *lol
    Age: 29
    Birthday: June 4th * (GEMINI'S ROCK! )
    Location: East Central IL
    Occupation: Engineer / Construction Estimator / Project Manager

    Relationship status: Will be married 7 years in April
    Children: 4 year old twins, Gwyneth Faye and Logan Jacob
    Pets: Zoie (black cat) and Punky (Yorkie/toyPoodle)
    Movies: The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, Se7en, Natural Born Killers, The Doors, Interview with the Vampire, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Being John Malkovich, Big Fish, Event Horizon, Freddy Got Fingered, A Clockwork Orange, LoTR Trilogy, Tron, Chronicles of Riddick, M Night Shyamalan Movies, Any Adam Sandler/Will Ferrell/Ben Stiller/Jim Carrey comedy, Pink Floyd: The Wall
    TV: Scrubs, Committed, Joey, South Park, The Daily Show, Conan O'Brien, Seinfeld, Friends, The Biggest Loser, The Apprentice, The Prisoner, NFL Football, University of Illini Basketball/Football games, Sportscenter, Chicago Bulls games, Spongebob, Teen Titans GO!, Jimmy Neutron, Fairly Oddparents, Lazy Town
    MUSIC: Trance/Dance/Electronica, NIN, Pink Floyd, A lot of stuff really...
    Video Games: Madden NFL Football, Baldurs Gate series, Diablo II
    Comics: (in order)
    Planetary, Supreme Power, Astonishing X-Men, Ocean, Y:The Last Man, Exiles, Superman, Superman/Batman, Walking Dead, Cosmic Guard, Fables, New Avengers, Birds of Prey, Strange, Green Lantern: Rebirth and i'm starting to read a lot of stuff in trades...

    Favorite Food: Bacon wrapped Filet Mignon, served Medium Rare and topped with Crabmeat and Bernaise Sauce
    Favorite Beverage: even though i've cut down.. it's still soda. *Dr. Pepper/Mr. Pibb, Mt. Dew: Pitch Black, Mt. Dew: LiveWire ... Green tea and TUACA! *
    Dessert:Peanut Butter Rice Krispy Treats

    Favorite place to go on vacation: SanDestin (FL). DisneyWorld. Las Vegas. To places where my friends are
    Future goals: Uhmmm. I dunno. Winning the lottery would be nice.
    nextwave - healing America by beating people up

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    Age: 57
    Birthday: August 18
    Location: London
    Occupation: Civil Servant (former expat Bank Manager)

    Relationship status: Married 29 years
    Children: Ken, at uni.
    Pets: None (I'm a bit old to be impressed by Penthouse these days * )

    Fav movies/TV: Comedy movies(Life of Brian, Blazing Saddles, etc.) Sports on TV.
    Video Games: I gave up after Doom I.
    Comics: Chaos! - Pulido's later stuff has never matched it, though I'm still buying it; The Gift

    Favorite Food: Mexican
    Favorite Beverage: Warm English Beer
    Dessert: Spotted Dick & custard

    Favorite place to go on vacation: Orlando, Fla.; the English Lake District
    Future goals: Winding down, career-wise; to see my son establish his family and a good career; visit the Galapagos Islands.
    Sworn, bloody!


    The Old Peculier perpetrator of warm English beer

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    France, Versailles et d'ailleurs
    Name: Jean
    Age: 26
    Birthday: January 2nd.
    Location: France
    Occupation: designer in research and development department, materials and structures engineer.

    Relationship status: Single
    Children: someday and they will be beautiful and well dressed.
    Pets: Tigrou, a playful cat.
    Movies: The Fifth element, Leon, Dersou Ouzala, Ran, Le fabuleux destin d'Amlie Poulain, Les tontons flingueurs, Edward Scissorshand, Underworld.
    TV: Buffy, Angel, Nip/Tuck, Veronica Mars, Alias, Witch Hunter Robin, Noir, CSI: las vegas/New York, H...
    Music: Alternative rock, blues, jazz, classic, opera musics, hip-hop, jungle, techno, metal
    Video Games: Super Smash Brothers Melee, Half-life, Halo, Zelda, Final Fantasy, Diablo
    -French belgian: XIII, Largo Winch, Sillage, Blacksad, Thorgal, Carmen McCallum, Universal War One, Aquablue, le troisime testament, L o le regard ne porte pas,
    -US: Used to read all Crossgen, Rex Mundi, Fables, Y: The last man, Queen and Country, The Monolith.
    Favorite Food: True cooking, where you put all your heart in! French food, Indian, Japanese, Thai too.
    Favorite Beverage: All kind of variety of tea, wine (Saint-Julien, Sancerre-Pouilly, Pomerol, Pouilly fum...) and diet!
    Dessert: Pice monte, dlice au chocolat

    Favorite place to go on vacation: I'm quoting OZZ here: "place where my friends are". *
    Future goals: catch you with a big warm hug!

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    Re: Who are you?

    Re: Who are you?

    Name: Robert Taylor
    Age: 19
    Birthday:February 20
    Location: Akron Ohio
    Occupation: College Student/Comic Writer Wannabe

    Relationship status: Single
    Children: Not yet, but I want some

    Fav movies/TV: Buffy! Alias, Lost, Amazing Race, Monk, 24, CSI: Miami, The OC, Citizen Kane, Wizard of Oz, Gone with the Wind
    Comics: A little bit of everything

    Favorite Foodapa Johns Extra Cheese Pepperoni and Sausage
    Favorite Beverage: Water

    Favorite place to go on vacation:Orlando Florida, Key West, Pawley's Island
    Future goals: Write, direct, live.

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    posted by Xetal
    Spotted Dick & custard

    i'm scared to ask what that is.
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    God Of Dorito's and Fluffing
    Possum...The Other White meat
    Negation Nation
    This is Ford country. on a quite night you can hear a Chevy rust.
    Great Big Globs Of Greasy Grimy Gopher Guts.
    all GODS creatures have a place......right next to the potatos and gravy.
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    Birthday:July 1


    Occupation:Drop Out(Try To Get Back In)

    Relationship Status:Single

    Fav. Tv:Dragon Ball (Z) (GT) ,Gundam Seed ,Reboot

    Fav. Movies:Anything Anime Except Perfect Blue ,Robin Hood Men In Tights ,Spaceballs, Lethal Weapon (All)

    Video Games:Chrono Trigger ,Paper Mario ,Wizardry (For PS2)

    Music:All Kinds,Rollin ,Bad Touch ,Dragula ,My List ,Only God Knows Why ,The Girls Of Rock And Roll ,Kid Rock And Sheryl Crow's The Picture

    Comics:Heavy *Metal

    Fav. Food:Pizza(Deluxe) ,Seafood

    Fav. Beverage:Ice Tea ,Screwdrivers

    Dessert:Banana Split

    Favorite Place To Go On Vacation:Horse Ranch ,The Lid

    Future Goals:To Graduate That And Visit The Orkney Islands
    Trying to catch M in posts


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