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    Who are you?

    Who are you?

    It's been done on other boards,so I figured I'd bring it over here for fun.It'll be fun to find out stuff about all the board members.

    I'll start:

    Birthday:March 19
    Occupation:Hotel Manager/Co Owner Liquor store

    Relationship status:Engaged
    Children:Angel and Jesse.

    Fav movies/TV:Law and Order,CSI,Alias..not much that I watch anymore on TV.
    Lord of the Rings,Star Wars (Original trilogy),Comic movies.
    Video Games:Final Fantasy(all),Mortal Kombat,Star Wars:Battlefront
    Comics:Sadly,all the books I read have been cancelled/on hiatus

    Favorite Foodepperoni with extra cheese pizza
    Favorite Beverage:Coffee

    Favorite place to go on vacation:Orlando Florida,anywhere in Hawaii
    Future goals:I pretty much have my career but I'm going to relocate very soon.At some point I'll get married and MAYBE have more kids.Not sure yet.

    Ok,your turn!! And feel free to add more questions.

    Had to edit some.

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    Looks nice . *I'll have to do this later.


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    Re: Who are you?

    Re: Who are you?

    Name: Mitch
    Age: 29
    Birthday: November 27
    Location: Little Rock
    Occupation: Computer programmer/analyst

    Relationship status:Single
    Children: None
    Pets: A dog

    Fav movies/TV: Young Guns, Smallville, American Pie, Austin Powers, Ladies Man
    Video Games: Street fighter, Fight Night (boxing), City of Heroes
    Comics: Too many to mention but I really miss my CG comics

    Favorite Food: General Taos Chicken
    Favorite Beverage: Orange Gatorade
    Dessert: Cheesecake

    Favorite place to go on vacation: Any place but work
    Future goals: Not sure....

    Oh and ***waves to everyone***

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    Do you mean everyone does not know me?
    This is almost shocking news.
    I will edit this later to give details.
    My favorite creation.
    Kite fliing hill.

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    Name: Jeff
    Age: 32
    Birthday: July 3rd
    Location: Keasbey, NJ
    Occupation: Miscellaneous Professional Liability Insurance Underwriter

    Relationship status: Married
    Children: None
    Pets: 2 cats (J*ck*ss & Bi*tch)
    Movies: *Se7en, Fight Club, Interview with a Vampire, The Breakfast Club, Memento
    TV: *Chappelle Show, JL Unlimited, 24
    Video Games: MGS Series, Halo, Rainbow Six, KOTOR, Legacy of Kain series *
    Comics: Flash, Green Lantern, Superman, Batman, Hawkman, Teen Titans, JLA, JSA, Sandman, Preacher, Hell..most of DC. * Spiderman, Xbooks, DD, FF

    Favorite Food: Steak - NY StripMedium Rare.
    Favorite Beverage: Guinness
    Dessert: Chocodiles

    Favorite place to go on vacation: *Vegas, Baby.
    Future goals: *Why planjust live.
    [center:3e8hovlw][/center:3e8hovlw][center:3e8hovlw]Evil is a point of view.[/center:3e8hovlw]

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    Name: Julia
    Age: 20
    Birthday: Feb. 5th
    Location: Toledo, OH
    Occupation: Student, Head Lifeguard, Psychology research assistant

    Relationship status: SINGLE
    Children: None- thank god
    Pets: Dottie, my cocker spaniel...eventually I am gettin a Doberman and naming it Eva...maybe a bengal cat instead- lol
    Movies: Sin City, Head in the Clouds, Closer, Spanglish, Pretty Woman, Cruel Intentions, Mean Girls, Underworld, 13 Going 30, Bourne Identity & Supremacy
    TV: Real World/Road Rules Challenges- I dont have time for anything else
    Video Games: Final Fantasy, MGS, & Mortal Kombat series...and X-men!
    Comics: all X-Men, Rogue...um...lots of things with pretty covers grab my attention, Fathom, yea...Im not getting much except X-Men titles right now

    Favorite Food: Hamburgers, French Fries, Chicken, Steak, Pizza- you know real food
    Favorite Beverage: Dr. Pepper and Amoreto Sours (sp?)
    Dessert: I dont eat dessert- chocolate gives me a headache

    Favorite place to go on vacation: Australia, Hawaii (havent been to either but they look great) Florida and California- any place wam
    Future goals: To be a rich Psychologist/ Psychiatrist and retire early and travel the world and live some place warm...and...if possible to simply be a rich house wife, and eat lunch everday with my best friends who would also be rich house wives, and then we could all have kids at the same time and make them play with each other!!!
    Mother of the Dawn and Daughter of the Sun

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    Name: Trina
    Age: 21
    Birthday: December 2
    Location: San Leandro, California
    Occupation: Student

    Relationship status: Single
    Children: None
    Pets: None
    Movies: *Clueless, X-men, Aladdin, Oliver & Company, Vampire Hunter D
    TV: *Lost, Desperate Housewives, Mad TV, Chappell's Show, The Daily Show, Korean Music Countdown
    Video Games: *No favorite
    Comics: Ultimate X-men

    Favorite Food: Chicken, corn, potatoes, pizza
    Favorite Beverage: Water
    Dessert: Chocolates, Vanilla ice cream

    Favorite place to go on vacation: Never been anywhere
    Future goals: *To rule the world
    *worships the kinky tinky god*

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    Re: Who are you?

    Re: Who are you?

    Name: Stephanie
    Age: 20
    Birthday: August 21st
    Location: Connecticut, USA
    Occupation: Teacher's Aide/Student Coordinator for America Reads/Student

    Relationship status: Happily taken
    Children:/ None beside the ones I teach... for now.
    Pets: (Here comes my zoo) Tigger (Pomeranian), Bullet (Stratfordshire Bull Terrier/Pit Bull), Big Kitten (orange blob of cat), Wicked (charcoal colored cat), Mechie (cow colored cat), and Wanda (my kick *ss Beta Fish).

    Fav movies/TV: DragonHeart, Star Wars Original Trilogy, 13th Warrior, As Good As It Gets, Kill Bill, LoTR, Pirates of the Carribean, Chasing Amy, Batman (w/ Michael Keaton), Princess Bride, Moulin Rouge, Star Trek:TNG, CSI: Las Vegas, Without A Trace, Everybody Loves Raymond, and ER.
    Video Games: The old school Mario games, Tetris, and Frogger, Super Smash Brothers Melee, and anything Zelda.
    Comics: Crossgen Comics, 1602, Fallen Angel, Identity Crisis, Blue Monday, Star Wars: Infinity, Empires, etc.

    Favorite Food: Dad's "Macaroni & Oil" (I don't know the Italian name for it).
    Favorite Beverage: Milk
    Dessert: Cheesecake, brownies, taluches, or cookie dough ice cream. Above all else: GINGERBREAD!!! I do consider it an addiction rather than a desert, though.

    Favorite place to go on vacation: Quintana Roo, Mexico (Riviera Maya, Cozumel, La Isla Mujeres, Playa del Carmen, Tulum, Chichen Itza etc.).
    Future goals: To become a certified teacher, publish my novel, move out west, travel, start a family, learn to play piano or how to horseback ride.
    *The Golden Goddess|The Goddess of All Motherless Secundae*
    *Dexter to the Core|Council of Guidance|Matriarch of Poetry*
    -Official #2 fan of Greg Land|#1 fan of Reesha Teramu & Nevole|#3 fan of Gareth|#4 fan of Arwyn
    1656OF56**Beeber Heads Unite!**4270

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    Re: Who are you?

    Re: Who are you?

    Name: Jason
    Age: 32
    Birthday: March 16, 1973
    Location: Salinas, CA
    Occupation: Software Quality Assurance (Software Testing) and Web Site Developer

    Relationship Status: Married
    Children: None (Yet)
    Pets: 2 Cats (Licorice and Tigger)

    Fav Movies/TV: Star Wars, Star Trek (all), Smallville, MI-5, Monk, Mutant X, Pixar Movies, Disney Movies, Lord of the Rings
    Video Games: Final Fantasy (all), Lord of the Rings: The Third Age
    Comics: I'm a big DC fan, but don't collect any of their titles at the moment. Currently collecting Exiles; Lions, Tigers & Bears (coming soon); and Hero Squared (coming soon). More to be added when finances allow.

    Favorite Food: Chicken, Pizza (Candian Bacon/Pineapple), Burgers, Fries, Italian Food
    Favorite Beverage: Dr. Pepper
    Dessert: Chocolate

    Favorite place to go on vacation: Away from home. I went to Kauai once, loved it, want to go again.
    Future goals: Do more Web Design/Programming work, and work for myself. Minister to children through foster care.
    QC1: From this day forth you shall be called "Sprinkle Berryweather".

    Kevin Flynn: The Grid. A digital frontier. I tried to picture clusters of information as they moved through the computer. What did they look like? Ships, motorcycles? Were the circuits like freeways? I kept dreaming of a world I thought I'd never see. And then, one day... ...I got in!

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    NAME: Bryan Sprouse
    AGE: 30
    BIRTHDAY: June 8
    LOCATION: Spartanburg, SC
    OCCUPATION: work for my Daddy in the scrap recycling business. someday i'll be part owner with my brothers and sisters.

    RELATIONSHIP STATUS: single. needing someone.
    CHILDREN: none
    PETS: 5 Beagles for hunting rabbit. 1 choclate Lab. 1 Chow/German Shepard Mix. 1 German Shepard. lots of dog food.

    FAV. MOVIES: Hunt for Red October, Troy, Star Wars, We Were Soldiers
    VIDEO GAMES: Metal Gear Solid series, Grand Theft Auto series.
    TV: no particuar show. i just watch what ever is on.
    COMICS: G.I.Joe, Batman, possibly New Avengers

    FAVORITE FOOD: DORITO'S, well done steak. i'm a meat eater. Bojangles chicken, KFC hot wings. Hardees Monster Thick Burger
    DRINK: Mountain Dew Live Wire,
    DESSERT: Chocolate cake

    FAVORITE PLACE FOR VACATION: going to Canada for 2 weeks deer hunting with my brothers and Daddy in November.

    FUTURE GOALS: Get a degree in Business Managment or Chiropractic. i already have a degree in Welding.


    FAVORITE THING TO DO AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER: Paintball, watch NASCAR, go to high school football games, hang out with my friends.
    Speed Kills. Drive a Ford and live forever.
    #1 Fan of LAW and Jenny's Baby Meter.
    God Of Dorito's and Fluffing
    Possum...The Other White meat
    Negation Nation
    This is Ford country. on a quite night you can hear a Chevy rust.
    Great Big Globs Of Greasy Grimy Gopher Guts.
    all GODS creatures have a place......right next to the potatos and gravy.
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