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    Asterix the Gaul. God I love that comic. I'd forgotten. *Dad* loved that comic, and he hated superheroes unless they were spoofs like Under Dog, but somehow he loved Asterix anyway.

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    He's been arpouind for ever, of course: I rememeber reading him in French while I was till at school.

    Sworn, bloody!


    The Old Peculier perpetrator of warm English beer

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    My Latin teacher had him in Latin. I thought that was neat. At least the Roman soldiers were speaking what they would have been speaking.

    The Thing (I've come to really like the Fantastic Four)

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    Iron Man

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    A friend is getting me into him a bit... but Iron Man will be stuff to borrow for a while. Too much is higher on the list.

    One Punch Man

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    Evil Ernie

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    Iron Fist (This is more fun now that I have a decent chance of not having to look someone up. )

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    Invisible Girl, The

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