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    Cloney's Lil' Instruction Manual on RP in CG Universe

    Cloney's Lil' Instruction Manual on RP in CG Universe

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    Re: Cloney's Lil' Instruction Manual on RPing in the CG Univ

    Re: Cloney's Lil' Instruction Manual on RPing in the CG Univ

    Hello, Newbie, welcome to the CrossGen (or CG, for us hep cats) Universe based RP thing.

    Before you hop in and start RPing on the CG forum you may be asking yourself "What in the name of Lincoln Logs, is CrossGen?" or "Why should I listen to this orange freak? His avatar doesn't make me confident in his ability to instruct a poodle, let alone myself.".
    Well, those are some very interesting questions. I guess I should answer them.


    Ah. CrossGen was a comicbook company that had a great line of comics. They had great stories, great art and real innovative ideas, plus a message board where their fans could discuss the comics and even develope roleplaying games around it. But unfortunately CrossGen went belly up and us RPers were forced to find our own place to continue the tales that we had began on the CG MB. Which brings us here to the Quarrels and Quills message board, where our RP characters and stories continue to live on.

    As for the other question, I am George Cloney, the clone god of out of continuity stuff. But you can call me Qwaring's clone#1, Punkie Brewster or that idiot clone, depending on which catagory you fit in with the parameters in my signature below. Now, don't worry if any of that stuff is confusing or just plain doesn't make any sense, sometimes it confuses me. I hope this "Lil' Instruction Manual" will answer a number of questions that my presence tends to bring up.

    As for your third question, I- uhm- hey, there's no third question. Cool!

    **The orange clone god runs off to enjoy fifteen minutes of recess since he finished all of the questions. Fifteen minutes later QC#1 returns covered in sand, tangled in a jump rope and with several Hot Wheel cars stuck in his hair.**

    Alright, let's get started. Shall we?

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    Re: Cloney's Lil' Instruction Manual on RPing in the CG Univ

    Re: Cloney's Lil' Instruction Manual on RPing in the CG Univ

    *You are here: The CG RP's take place around the year 90,000 AD. About 88,000 years in the future. Humanity has long since moved on from Earth and have spread out over the universe. But everything isn't all sci-fi and stuff. Well, some of it is. A lot can happen in thousands and thousands of years of colonizing far off worlds. Some worlds are still very much Star Trekkian, with their star ships and ray guns and fake ears. While other worlds appear to have fallen back into earlier stages of civilization. You can find a world where kings and queens rule, knights enforce the law with swords and indoor plumbing is just a dream (a pipe dream). There really aren't many limits to what kind of world you can find out there. And with magic around things get even more interesting.

    There is a fundemental force that fills the universe, called Universal Energy. It's this Universal Energy that gives First and Secundae thier power and godhood. Human's can use that as well. Normal humans can't use it as well as First and Secundae, and nowhere near as powerful, but skilled people can use the UE for magic. They can cast spells, mix potions, make magic items, shake the secrets of the cosmos out of eight-balls and a ton of cool stuff.
    Universal energy can also be used to power psychic abilities and other super powers.

    So that leaves us with a universe of thousands of different human civilizations, from sci-fi advanced all the way down to the stone age and any point in between, and plenty of magic and super advanced technology and science to spice things up. Plus we've got gods and goddesses of all sorts running around like they own the place, or actually owning the place as the case just might be.

    It's a pretty groovy mix for imaginative types to come up with interesting locations and story ideas.

    I just thought I'd give that a mention.

    Oh, and there are also aliens, clones, supernatural monsters and a giant salt shaker named Gramma, but those can wait till other manual entries.

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    Re: Cloney's Lil' Instruction Manual on RPing in the CG Univ

    Re: Cloney's Lil' Instruction Manual on RPing in the CG Univ

    So, you've decided to be a First...
    Congratulations. The First are a race of gods. They live for thousands and thousands of years and have powers beyond those of mortal men. Many rule planets, systems and sometimes entire galaxies. Some are worshipped by millions. They're a wacky and diverse bunch that are often a hoot to play. I wish you many enjoyable RP's as a First.
    Here are a few points of interest many First should know:

    *Know thy heritage: Your race is ancient, a lot of you believe you were around for the very beginings of the universe and even got the whole place up and running by creating stars and planets and such (but that's not necessarily true). In the begining the First lived on a planet called Elysia, which is a wonderous place that is like Mount Olympus or Asgard, but on some performance enhancing drug that kicks things up a notch. Wooh! Ahem. And for a large portion of their history the First were ruled by a god named Altwaal, who is the first First. Altwaal is a god of the gods. He's their king, diety and best bud all rolled up into one hunky, bare-chested package. Plus he's more powerful than all of them put together. Unfortunately this did not last. Two warring factions of the First began a civil war that blew the whole thing up.

    *Warring factions? What's the deal?: In the early days (and to a lesser extent in the present) a First had two settings, they could either be Sinister (selfish)-

    -or Dexter (selfless).

    Sinisters and Dexters just didn't get along. These differences led to fighting. Fighting led to war. And war led to Altwaal splitting up the Dexters and Sinisters and sending them to different halves of Elysia, which were seperated by a power stealing barrier to make warfare extremely difficult for Dexter's and Sinisters. After that Altwaal vanished, never to be seen again.

    *Know thy House, or wait a minute, maybe you don't have to: Due to a recent conflict, not the most recent because there were a bunch of conflicts since then, but one that happened not too long ago, the First had to unite to battle a powerful enemy. That means the barrier between Dexters and Sinisters had to come down and all of Elysia had to fight as a whole. After that battle it was decided to give a united Elysia a try. So the Houses (or factions) that the First were seperated into became, for the most part, something of the past.

    *What?! No houses? Then why did you bring it up, jerk?!: Hey, that's not nice!

    *Okay, sorry. But could you at least explain what the point was?: Oh, okay. There are still plenty of gods and goddesses that possess selfish or selfless traits and even consider themselves Sinisters or Dexters. But they're not really organized or anything, There's no secret handshakes or club houses. it's just a way of letting everyone know what their deal is. Dexters and Sinisters tend to associate with the color associated with their House. A Dexter god will try to help others and tends to have lots of yellow (yellow glowing eyes, yellow power effects, yellow underwear, ect, ect). And Sinisters will tend to help themselves and have lots of red (red eyes, red power effects, red fuzzy dice hanging from their rearview mirror, ect, ect). This doesn't mean a Dexter can't be selfish or that a Sinister can't help others, it's just the way they tend to swing most of the time. If motivated correctly a Sinister can be helpful to others and a Dexter can think of only themselves.

    *Hey, I see one House still around!: How very observant of you. That's House Uter. It was founded by Bard during the time when House Dexter and House Sinister were around. It's a place for more nuetral minded gods and goddesses to get away from the politics of Elysia. It's not a nuetral House, or a place for First that just can't decide what they are, it's a refuge from the struggles of the selfish and selfless. Even though the other Houses are no longer around Uter can act as a home for the gods and goddesses that are just tired of the political games of the First and want to become independant of that and hold no loyalties to Sinister or Dexter. Plus it's a real nice place.

    *What about the cool stuff? Like blowing up planets and junk!: No, never blow up planets! Someone's got to clean that mess up, y'know! But if you just don't care about that sort of thing, or the people on the planets, then I suppose you could, if you wanted to.
    Yes, First are really, really, really powerful. They live off of this stuff called "Universal Energy". It's this super charged power that fills the universe and can be found just about anywhere and everywhere. They are able to use lots of this energy to make themselves super powerful. First can have telepathy, teleportation, energy beams, and any power you can possibly imagine. And these powers tend to be on godlike scales. But First also tend to specialize.

    *Specializing, or customizing your First with fancy shmancy names: When you're a First you become the god or goddess of something. You choose what your character specializes in.
    For example, Meteoro is the god of falling rocks. He specializes in meteors. He can create and control meteors. He can hurl fist sized meteors at enemies to beat them up or burn them. He can create a flying meteor to stand on and fly him around to places. He can use meteors as messangers to invite people to parties, although my meteors tend to get lost in the mail, due to a drinking problem of mine, or so I am told.
    Another example is Lestat, the blood god. Lestat is a vampyre god that not only feeds on blood and gain power from it, but can also control it. He can freeze the blood of others, or boil it, or have it pour out through some embarressing place. Heehee, that Lestat is such a fun guy.
    So, you will need to choose a specific thing for your First and their powers to focus on. It can be something specific like meteors, blood, justice, motherless Secundae, gadgets, truth or fire. Whatever you want.
    Although try to ask around and find out what has already been taken, because it would be rude to choose something that someone else already has. It's like a hundred times more embarressing than showing up at a party wearing the same outfit as someone else, which is another habit of mine that gets those invitation meteors lost.
    I am the clone god of out of continuity stuff, so my special powers are usually centered around that. If you aren't sure what that means, buy me a few drinks some time and I'll be happy to explain it all.

    *To worship or not to worship: Ack! High minded theology discussion!

    **The clone runs away and hides. After a few moments to ponder things an embarressed orange First returns.**

    What am I thinking, there's nothing high minded about any of this.
    Anywho, a lot of First are worshipped. They are gods after all. Not all First need people to worship them, but a lot like that sort of thing.

    It's up to you to decide if somewhere in this big old universe of ours if there is or isn't a world, or worlds, with mortals that bow down to your image and take days off from work on your birthday and such.
    Not only are worshippers possible, but some First also rule planets. I happen to rule this groovy little planet with a great out door swimming pool and an all you can eat buffet. Again some First might not rule planets. It's up to you. Some First can own a bunch of planets. For example, Lord Mattson rules the Matrix Quadrant, which is a vast empire that takes up a big chunk of interstellar realestate.

    *First are adults only: Yep, First don't age, unless they want to or lose their powers or something. For the most part they are young (and sometimes restless too) forever. But they're adults. The first bunch of them were originally created as adults. They were the original batch of First and are often refered to as original First or first First (if someone wants to sound like they're stuttering). When these orignal First discovered certain things about birds and bees, and figured out sex, they had kids. If you need me to explain how that works out then you're worse off than I thought. The children of First are called Secundae. Secundae are lesser gods that are less powerful that First. As they grow up their powers develope and grow. Eventually the tykes reach a point where they become adults and it is usually around this time that they "ascend" into Firsthood. Sometimes it's just because they're bodies and powers have reached a point that they're ready to evolve or maybe some event or something gives them a power jumpstart that sends them into full blown godhood. Whatever's the cause, Secundae eventually grow up to be First. They're second (or third, or fourth, or fifth, or sixth, or... ect, ect, ect) generation First, but still about as powerful as the original bunch. So in order to be a First you were likely one of the orignal bunch (which means you're extremely old and have been around forever) or at one point you were a Secundae but are now a First (you can be anything from twenty to two-hundred thousand years old). It's all up to you to figure out.

    *Okay. Okay. Okay. Enough already, what do I do now?: You come up with an idea for your character, if you don't have one already. You get the guy/gal/whatever a name, a title, powers, backstory and figure out what they look like. Decide if you want them to be Sinister, Dexter, Uter or none of the above, whichever fits your characters personality and background. And then you jump in and have fun.
    Parties and social gathering storyline's are also a good place to practice with your character and to make your big entrance. The big storyline of the season (an RP that many RPers and characters are involved in) is also a nice thing to get involved in if you want to get involved in heavy RPing right away. Or you could just create a thread for a planet or location that your character calls home, just to give them a place to hang their hat and to get a few posts out there to establish your First.

    But the most important thing is to just have fun.

    I hope this is a helpful tool in your attempts to play a First. If not too bad I'm not giving you your money back!

    **Before anyone can explain to the clone that this manual is completely free and he isn't getting paid he straps a jetpack onto his back and flies off, laughing maniacally the entire time.**

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    Re: Cloney's Lil' Instruction Manual on RPing in the CG Univ

    Re: Cloney's Lil' Instruction Manual on RPing in the CG Univ

    So you've decided to be a Secundae...
    Well, mazel tov!
    Now, let's give you the skinny on what being a Secundae is all about.

    If you haven't done so already please read the entry about the First above, that will have some basic information that you may need to understand some things here.

    Secundae are the children of the First. They've got the cool powers of First, but slightly watered down and in smaller doses. Eventually they'll grow up to be as mighty as First but for right now they're lesser god. But cheer up, kid, there's more to being a Secundae than power.

    *Who's your daddy?: Chances are it's Meteoro.
    Uhm, I mean, as a child of First your parents will be a god and a goddess. Who this fine couple is will be up to you. It can be some nameless NPC's (Non Playing Characters) or it can be two First that are being played by other posters (if you choose someone else's characters please be nice enough to ask them about this first, there are some suprises that aren't nice to recieve, like being the last to find out you have kids but don't remember going through the kid making process). Or your parentage can be a complete mystery. You see, the First are a funny bunch, they sometimes get too busy to raise kids and lose the ones they have. So we somehow end up with Secundae that are looking for their parents. But don't fret, youngster, if you don't have parents then you can always find yourself some and have some fun in the process.

    *Where to find parents: The Secundae Orphanage was established by SilntAngl (AKA Sil), the goddess of motherless Secundae, to give all parentless Secundae a place to live, play, grow and to find and/or be claimed by either their real parents or new adoptive parents. It's an excellent starting point to those that are new to the CG RP. Knowing everything about the universe and other characters isn't absolutely necessary and the stories there can often be lighter and more easy going than most other threads. The orphanage is populated by Secundae children, the caretakers and the various characters that wander through during the course of the many storylines that seem to find their way into the orphanage.

    *Uh huh, but what about that blowing up planets thing?: Hee hee. You little scamp. There will be no destruction of worlds for you. You've got some growing to do before you can get that far. In fact being a Secundae gives you the opportunity to develope you powers as you write. You may start out with a basic idea for what kinds of powers you'll have, but you don't have to stick to specialties as closely as a First. Over time you can decide what best suits your character and evolve towards a specialty, and that's perfectly okay because your character is still growing after all and it makes sense that their powers will be growing and developing too. Whether things are specific or vague for your Secundae at this point is up to you, just keep in mind they won't measure up to the power of a First. As I mentioned earlier your powers will be on a smaller scale. You'll be almost godlike. More than any mortal but not quite able to leap galaxies in a single bound.

    *You poor houseless sap: Sinister? Dexter? Who cares, you're young, go out and play. Choosing what you want to be can wait until you're a First, that is unless you're an overachieving type and already know whether your Secundae will be A Sinister, Dexter, Uter or other. Then you can go ahead and be that. Be that way, smarty.
    And as a rule Secundae aren't generally allowed to take an active role in Elysia's government. The leaders of the First are First themselves. Secundae may serve ruling First but as second class gods and goddesses, not to mention being kids, they don't often find more political power than that.
    Although you might not be able to make the laws you can feel free to try to break a few of them. What's youth without a little rebellion.

    *Movin' on up: No power, no chances to run for political office and pimples! What's a young god to do?
    Cheer up, sport, it doesn't last forever. And the pimple thing is easily cured on the hyper advanced Elysia. I think there's a god of Noxema or something flying around.
    At some point (one you choose for your character) you'll ascend up from a Secundae and become a full fledged First. It results in a big boost of power, the creation of new powers and you get a spiffy title, like "the god of spam" or "the goddess of flashlights". This title also comes with that specialization that I mentioned in the First entry above. Ascention can come along at random, whether it's because your body and powers are just ready to make that next big step into true godhood, or it could be because some special event or something gave you the boost in power needed to jumpstart you onto your way to being a First.
    Kids grow up so fast these days.

    *So, why bother with a Secundae?: Do you want to enter a First based RP but just aren't sure how to go about it? Is your character not completely developed? Do you think playing a character with godlike powers is something you'll need to work up to? Are you harrassed by creditors?
    Then a Secundae character would be perfect for you. Their power level allows you to work your way into writing a god like character. They're young so you don't have to come up with too much of a backstory and you don't have to know everything about everything. And they're growing up so you can freely adjust and evolve the character as you write them.
    Secundae are a great starting point when first begining to RP on the CG RP. And by the time you're ready to ascend you'll likely have a nice history for your character and will have all sorts of things fleshed out about him.
    Plus, if you ask nicely enough a veteran god or goddess will teach you how to do the Secundae dance. Dirty dancing if I recall correctly.

    And in the end isn't that what we all want.

    That concludes another entry in my lil' manual. Once again I hope this has been helpful and will answer some of your questions so you can focus on just having fun.

    Stay tuned and next I shall tell you the secrets of the Sigil Bearers! Here's a hint, it involves pinnaples.
    Or maybe not.

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    Re: Cloney's Lil' Instruction Manual on RPing in the CG Univ

    Re: Cloney's Lil' Instruction Manual on RPing in the CG Univ

    So you've decided to be a Sigil Bearer...
    Welcome to the world of Sigil Bearing. We here at the CG RP are pleased that you have chosen our Sigil Bearing service and hope this easy to follow instruction manual will lead to many happy years of Sigil usage.

    To begin with, here are three easy to follow steps to gaining a Sigil:

    1)Be yourself: You're a human (not much of a stretch is it?), living on one of the thousands and thousands of worlds populated by humanfolk. You can be on a super advanced world of space travelling Star Wars types, a sword and sorcery world, a planet where the Old West just won't quit and everyone's a cowboy or whatever world is out there. Just be whatever character you can think of on almost any setting that currently exists or in a setting of you own creation. Simple enough, right?

    2)Meet strange people, or just one strange person, actually: Well, not exactly meet. At some point your character encounters someone with orange eyes, glowing orange eyes. This can be just a normal looking person, a mailman, a wizard, a cab driver, a dentist, a caveman, or even something that's not human at all, like animals, nonhuman creatures or aliens if your world has any of those. The only requirement is that this person blends in pretty well, by looking at them they wouldn't seem too out of place in the setting (the caveman wouldn't show up on your spaceship, unless that sort of thing is common). And they'll be someone you, nor anyone else, knows. This orange eyed stranger will then touch you in some way and on some part of your body (keep it clean folks, this is an all ages board, so this stranger will not give you a "bad touch").

    3)Zapparooni!: Through this touch some brightly colored energy will transfer from the stranger and into you. Aaaaand before you can say "Shazam!" you've got this happy fellow planted on whatever part of you that was touched:

    That's your sigil. That's it. You're now a Sigil Bearer. Enjoy.

    The whole process will usually play out something like this.

    *Huh? Uhm, thank you?: Don't bother thanking, or yelling at, the stranger for this little gift, or curse, because before you notice it they're already gone.
    What's a matter? A little confused by this glowing symbol that's on your skin that doesn't seem to wash off? Not sure what it's for? Well, don't worry, buddy, the Sigil's purpose becomes clear soon enough.

    *Faster than a speeding what? More powerful than a huh? Leaping tall- You want to run that by me again?!?: These Sigil's act as outlets that let you plug into that fancy Universal Energy that makes First and Secundae so very godly and lets a lot of people cast spells and such. Each of these Sigil's is tailor made to it's bearer, so any natural traits they already have determines what kind of whacky power they get. A space pirate might get the powers needed to ensure they can steal what they desire, a soldier can gain the power to transmute matter and control the battle field by turning stuff around him into giant hammers and spikes and stuff to beat on his enemies, some blue clone with any lack of originality can gain the power to copy the powers of others. It will be somthing that fits the character in some way, but the exact power is up to the writer. You won't be on the same level of power as a First but you're still a superhuman dynamo that can save the universe and win over damsels (or he-damsels, if that's more to your tastes) in distress with your superness. And these fantastic powers of yours tend to become obvious almost immediately after you get the sigil, since that brand new Sigil is so supercharged that your powers will just explode out of you after you first get them (literally explode or figuratively, depending on the powers you choose).

    *And we'll throw in the enigmatic best pal/advisor/kooky sidekick for absolutely free!: And before you can yell "Cool, powers without any instructions or supervision whatsoever, Whooh!" you will get a little of both, but not a whole lot, in the form of another orange eyed stranger. Like the previous one this orange eyed person will seem to belong to whatever world you're on, and you don't know them. Although unlike the previous stranger they're not out to touch you (not everyone with orange eyes is out to touch you. Well, I might, but only for a dollar.). Instead this new stranger (who can take almost any form, but specifically one that can talk, and move in order to give advise and follow you around) will hang out with you for reasons that they can't reveal, and provide help or advice, usually with motives that also go unrevealed. They won't say much, but they'll sort of act as mentors for you, helping you to grow into your new role as Sigil Bearer. They'll guide you along a path towards becoming something great, even though they won't tell you what that path is, or mention what that something great happens to be and most likely won't bother bringing up that this is what they're doing.
    Besides being stingy with the truth and chronically enigmatic these Mentors also happen to be completely invulnerable to harm, possess vast amounts of power that they rarely use. And they seem to know practically everything, even though they don't share much of anything.
    See, you've just made a fun new friend, this Sigil is paying off already.

    *Why Mr. god-of-things-and-stuff doesn't like you very much: Mr. god-of-things-and-stuff is kind of a jerk and doesn't like anyone. The rest of the First don't like you very much because: a) you're walking around with the symbol of two of their Houses even though you're a know nothing mortal, b) you're getting powers from some mysterious source which tips all kinds of scales and makes certain control freak type First nervous, and c) your Sigil can not only tap into the universe's Universal Energy but you can also use it to drain First's and Secundae of their power as well. Your Sigil allows you to tap into a First's power supply and drain it, granting you that unbelievable amount of energy. You can make them weak or if you don't hold back and really focus on it you can drain the First to death. And for some reason those crazy First hate that sort of thing. They think your Sigil sucks and so they don't like you much.

    *The lifetime warranty that outlives you, sometimes: Even with superpowers a Sigil Bearer is still mortal. So death is around every corner waiting to stomp your head into the afterlife, just like any non-Sigiled schmuck. I know you're probably asking "But what happens with my Sigil, Mr. Cloney?", if you aren't asking that then I'll give you a minute to ask that.

    Did you ask, yet?
    Well, you can't take your Sigil with you, so one of two things will happen.
    First, you and your fancy, schmancy Sigil just might blow up. All of that energy has to go somewhere, and that somewhere happens to be everywhere, reducing you to chunky salsa in the process. But don't worry, you won't feel a thing, you're already dead.
    Or second, all of that energy has to go somewhere, so why not into someone close by. Yep, that Sigil will hop from your dead as a doornail self and plant itself onto a very alive someone else. It will have to be someone within contact of you as you die. And having some other kind of connection to the person would help the process too, since there just might be some active involvement on the dying's part in transfering the Sigil. In this example of a Sigil being transfered it would seem as if the previous Sigil bearer was somewhat involved in motivating the Sigil to move on. This can also prove to be a sort of one step way of gaining a Sigil, for those of you that don't feel like following a three-step plan.

    *But wait, there's more!: The Sigil also comes with membership in a super exclusive club, with super cool decoder rings and access to a club house! And it's all free!!!
    Uhm, hold on, some of that might be a little inaccurate.
    As a Sigil Bearer you will be one of the many Sigil Bearers that are scattered all over the universe. Usually there is just one Sigil Bearer per planet, on rare occassions there have been known to be two, but that's not very often. But there are hundreds, if not thousands, of Sigil people out there, each with different powers that they use for different things. There are heroes, villains and anything in between. Each one gets themselves a unique Mentor type.
    As for the decoder part, if two Sigil Bearers encounter each other their Sigil's will act to translate each others languages. So two Sigil Bearers will be able to understand one another.
    And lastly, there is something of a clubhouse. It's called The Sigil Bearer Treehouse. In some corner of the universe there is a world where a city sized tree grows. Within the massive branches of this humungous tree there is a large fortress type structure built. It's a big place that has been built by the same one, or ones, that have created the Sigil's in the first place. In fact a Sigil allows it's bearer to instinctively, but not consciously, travel to this tree. Each branch of the tree has a portal on it, and each portal acts as a two-way door to and from a Sigil Bearer's homeworld. So Sigil Bearers might suddenly feel how to open this portal and travel to the tree. Once on the tree they will be able to head into the fortress.
    Why the portals? Why the tree? Why the fortress?
    Uhm, I'm not sure. What, am I supposed to know everything. Pffft, I wish.
    Erm, but it's likely that this fortress is used as a central meeting place for Sigil Bearers to get to know each other and to train with one another, since the fortress has a lot of rooms with the sole purpose of practicing powers and fighting and stuff.
    The fortress also has losts of rooms for thousands to stay there, kitchens to feed everyone, and a countless number of other rooms that are just there to serve the needs of who ever is staying in the fortress. But except for the Sigil Bearers that occassionally wander by, and an orange eyed caretaker that comes and goes at random, the "tree house" is essentially unpopulated. And don't worry, giant squirrels have not been spotted, so our nuts are safe.

    *There's a lot that you're not telling me.: Yeah, plenty. But for the most part this is the information that you'll need to start RPing a Sigil Bearer. I'll be revealing information on the Mentors and granters of the Sigils in their own RP manual entry, so be patient, the information will come later if you just have to know.
    But for now you know enough to play a Sigil Bearer, since they seem to be a bunch that are in the dark about a lot of stuff, like why they were given their Sigils in the first place or why is that George Cloney such a handsome devil.

    Some things must remain a mystery, my friends. Or at least until that mystery is revealed in a later entry, or if you just ask one of the helpful bunch of posters that hangs out here.

    And always remember, my Sigil Bearing pals, I will touch anyone for a dollar.

    Good luck, and have a darn good time.

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    Re: Cloney's Lil' Instruction Manual on RPing in the CG Univ

    Re: Cloney's Lil' Instruction Manual on RPing in the CG Univ

    So you've decided to be an Atlantean...
    And I don't mean Aquaman, or Submariner, or the Little Mermaid, or...
    Just sit back, or stand if that's your custom, and I will tell you exactly what kind of Atlanteans we have here in the CG universe.

    Earth, 10,000 B.C., there was a civilization called Atlantis, located on the continent of Atlantis (yeah, they were name recyclists). The Atlanteans were a highly advanced people. They were super peacful, super scientific, super artistic, super civilized, super smart and just plain super. They had evolved with things they called gifts, but I call super powers. These gifts are actually the ability to use Universal Energy in special ways (kind of like First and Sigil Bearers do).

    *Tis the season of giving- or a different kind of gift actually: Atlanteans trained to focus their gifts towards any one of five diciplines.
    1) Mind: These guys and gals have telepathy and telekinesis.
    2) Body: This can be super speed, strength, agility or just simply super abs. Although, no one's abs are as super as mine.
    3) Spirit: This bunch are seers and psychics that can see things far away, stuff in the past or even things in the future, sometimes. Plus they can see special stuff, like the truth behind illusions or just plain old deceptions.
    4) Passion: It's not what you think. This is for those who concentrate their energies externally, as in energy powers, like electromagnetism and such.
    5) Empathy: This kooky characters can shape shift.

    Although, being highly evolved and stuff they were generally stronger, quicker, tougher and smarter than your average human. Plus all of them had at least a little telepathy, which allows them to sort of read minds, talk with thoughts and to understand other languages.

    *And so...: The Atlanteans had a good life, they had this great little civilization, cool power, a happening culture and they were helping those scummy humans with their developing little society. But one day those Atlanteans decided that it was time to move on up in the universe. A bunch of them came up with a way of pooling thier powers together in order to jump start their evolution and ascend into godhood. A process they called Transition. And not only that but they'd end up going to some higher realm, aka some heaven type place, to boot. Sounds like a pretty nifty idea to me.
    But a bunch of other Atlanteans didn't want to abandon humanity. i suppose that was the bunch that also reminded the teacher when they fogot to assign homework before everyone could get out of the door after the bell rings. So it was decided that half of the Atlanteans would ascend into godhood and the rest would enter stasis pods, which would make them sleep and protect them from the energy of Transition, and wake up after the rest moved on to heaven. That sounded like a good plan too. Unfortunately the energy from Transition was more than the big smarty Atlanteans had figured on and that released power blew things up and sank Atlantis. Um, oops?

    *Did you say a nine AM wake up call?: So Atlantis sinks to the bottom of the ocean and stays there for the longest time, but that's not so bad for the bunch sleeping in the stasis pods because the Atlanteans built those things to take a licking and to keep on ticking. The pods survived and preserved everyone. They were kept safe and sound for one-hundred thousand years, at which point a group of them were revived by a mysterious dude with orange eyes, named Danik. A short time later this group managed to bring Atlantis up to the surface, which helped to dry things up nicely. And even revived the rest that were in stasis.

    *The Dawning of the age of Aquarius: Man, that song rocked. "Leeeet the sun shine- "
    Oh, sorry. Anywho. Atlantis is back, a bunch of the Atlanteans are awake (I'd say a few hundred to a few thousand, I'm not sure exactly) and that human race that they gave up paradise to look after left Earth and moved on. Yep, it must stink to be Atlantean, and not just because their continent spent a better part of history on the bottom of the ocean, which gives it that inescapable fish odor. Humanity had long since began colonizing the universe and had expanded out to the stars. And some mysterious event made every person on Earth vanish ten thousand years before the Atlanteans woke up. The only people that were around was from a human empire from another world, a big corperation called Terra Cognito, which owned Earth and was turning it into a global amusement park. Attacks from alien invaders calling themselves Negation put a halt to Terra Cognito's work on Earth. Although the Negation were dealt with during an all out war with Earth and pretty much everyone else in the universe, and are no longer a threat these days.
    This leaves a handful of Atlanteans with a beat up continent, on an abandonned Earth, and all after a a big war with Negation invaders. But being the highly evolved types that they are the remaining Atlanteans are picking up the pieces and rebuilding.

    *But, Mr. Cloney, what's it all mean?: As a whole the remaining Atlantean people don't have a single purpose or goal to unite them. Their budding leadership have been discussing getting more involved with interstellar affairs lately, but nothing definate has happened with that.
    So, that leaves it up to you, the one writing your Atlantean character, to determine what your path is. There's helping to rebuild Atlantis, with the many political pitfalls and intrigue awaiting you. There's trying to continue leading humanity along the path of their own evolution, which would most likely involve leaving Earth behind to seek out some human world out in that big old universe that needs an Atlantean's guidance. Exploring exactly what has been going on since you took that looooooooong nap in the stasis pod, by travelling all over Earth looking for adventures, or exploring the universe, also looking for adventures. Or whatever possibility that you can come up with.

    *And that's why you're special: At this point some of you may be wondering how playing an Atlantean would be different than playing something like a Sigil Bearer. They both have superpowers that's roughly on the same level and stuff. Well, Sigil Bearers get their powers and pretty much operate on their home turf, while Atlanteans seem to be outsiders, even Atlantis is in ruins and requires rebuilding and is on a world that still sort of needs taming, so they aren't exactly in their comfort zone there. Sigil Bearers are newbies, they've just got their powers and had to figure everything out on their own, but Atlanteans have had to train all of their lives and spent a lot of time focusing on their specific dicipline, so they're the expert. Plus Atlanteans just seem to be the underdogs, they've lost so much but keep on going, just being an Atlantean can say something about a character and help to figure them out (sometimes).

    Well, that just about covers the first half on Atlanteans. Huh? Yeah, of course there's more. Why would I leave out what happened to those that Transitioned. Cloney's got your back.

    But this entry should be enough to get you started RPing the bunch that are hanging out on Earth, or other places if that's what you want.

    If it doesn't then- uuuh- then expect some updates to be edited in.

    **The clone shrugs before lunging at the button that activates the ejection function of his chair. Unfortunately Ruri had disabled this method of the clone escaping, forcing the orange First to face this awkward moment.**

    Heh heh heh. Have fun and until next time I am still the orangest Smurf that ever Smurfed.

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    Re: Cloney's Lil' Instruction Manual on RPing in the CG Univ

    Re: Cloney's Lil' Instruction Manual on RPing in the CG Univ

    So you've decided to be a Transitioned...
    Whoah, whoah, whoah there, cowboy. Are you sure you're ready for that? Are you sure you're sure? Or are you just saying you are?

    Hmn, well, how about I tell you all about this happy bunch, or not so happy as the case usually is, and you figure out if this is right for you. Although if you're just reading this part to get at all of the juicey secrets to everything then ignore all I just said above this sentence and read on, my inquisitive pal.

    You're an Atlantean that has tired of existing on realms that involve not being complete masters of matter, energy and mind. You want to be a thing of pure energy that is a billion times more evolved than anything anywhere. You really want to Transition. So, in the year 10,000 B.C., you and a few thousand of your pals, all of whom also want to Transition, gather above Atlantis and form a big glowing ring. You pool your energy together. Focus it.
    And BOOM, you open a whole can of otherdimensional ascention, and this rockets your butt up the metaphysical/cosmic foodchain. Sure the energy of your Transition sinks Atlantis, but it's not your fault, besides you're on your way to nirvana, so it's okay not to notice things like that.

    *Despite the song, heaven wasn't a place on Earth.: So, you and your Transitioned buddies are off to the higher planes of existance. Each of you has the power to balance solar systems on your little finger and stuff. Heck, you could even create that solar system and a spare little finger just to pull that trick off, you're that powerful. You guys and gals are so powerful and are just in bliss. Yep, you're gonna make it after all.

    **The clone throws his hat into the air.**

    *But every party needs a pooper: Heehee, I said "pooper". Teehee-hee-hee-hee.
    Ahem. But things aren't as good as you think. Not all of you are perfectly happy in your little heaven. A few slip out to persue other interests and to keep their disenchantment with the whole glory of Transition from spoiling the fun of everyone else. But some lady named Solusandra sticks around and begins to harsh your buzz. You see, she's figured out that things aren't perfect. Transition was cool and all of that, it led you to a groovy place to be all god like and such, and you had kick butt powers, but it wasn't what you guys had dreamed of. You see, your bunch were becoming dispassionate, you were becoming boring and looking at a future where your current happiness would lead you into a boringness induced oblivion. You would bland yourselves into extinction. So Solusandra tried to get all of you to get off of the metaphysical couch and do something with yourselves. But you were just so happy with your current paradise, even though it was a false one, that you had to get rid of her before she could spoil things.

    *Boss, you want I should break her thumbs?: No, no, no. Besides, Solusandra is so powerful that the unpaid loanshark method just won't work. The Transitioned had to deal with her. So they all ganged up on her and changed her. They twisted her mind and made her all childlike, and then they gave her a time out in some small corner of the universe, but she didn't much mind it because she was powerful enough to make toys to play with. And with her childlike mind she would just be happy playing with her toys.

    *My First toy, and I named him Altwy!: Having vast amounts of power, Solusandra kept herself entertained by creating herself a little god named Atlwaal. Altwaal was such a fun toy with cool sayings and action features, but he needed accessories. Solusandra created some cool weapons for him and a playset called Elysia. But Altwaal just wasn't enough, he needed some friends and possibly some enemies. And so Solusandra created the First. Yep, those First, that Elysia and that Altwaal. Solusandra created vast games to play with her collection of gods and goddesses. She had much fun playing with her little toys in her small prison.

    *Enter the babysitter: Since Solusandra was just so very dangerous to them, the Transitioned decided that she needed someone to watch over her and make sure she behaved. So one of their own, a dude named Danik, was chosen to be her jailer. He watched over Solusandra and made sure she focused on her toys and her games and not on spoiling the happiness of the other Transitioned. But during his time watching over Solusandra Danik came to realize something, she was right. He could see that the Transition was a false paradise, that it would lead them to become fatally boring until they were extinct. Danik knew that something had to be done. He needed to find a way to get the other Transitioned acitve and out into the universe in order to prevent their fading away.

    *It's a fun game, you just start by putting these things onto people.: Danik suggested a new game to Solusandra, this one would take place outside of her prison. This game was meant to eventually grab the attention of the other Transitioned and get them to play along as well, and thus overcoming their death by inactivity. Here's the game; Solusandra would travel from world to world, in the disguise of some local type person or thing, but with orange eyes, and slap a Sigil onto various people. Danik would then use his power to split off different aspects of himself and insert these pieces of himself, in the disguise of orange eyed people and creatures, into the lives of the Sigil Bearers to act as Mentors that would guide the Sigil Bearers. The Sigil Bearers are meant to stir things up, to infuse power where there normally wasn't, that would cause conflict on a massive scale, which would bring in even more power and that would make the universe into a place that would capture the attention of the Transitioned. All the while Danik would be guiding the whole situation, to make sure things worked out perfectly.

    (Here's the shorter verion of the story. Hah, you read all of that when you could have just looked at the short version. Hahahaha. Sucker. Uhm, wait, sorry about that. The longer version has more details that you may need, so you did good by reading it first.)

    *Things didn't work out perfectly: Daniks plans did lead to the other Transitioned taking notice, but too soon and not in the Sigil Bearers or the conflict within the universe, instead they noticed that Solusandra was too far outside of the boundaries of her prison and exhibiting traits that should be beyond her child like state. Although, this did lead to the other Transitioned taking action, but it was against Solusandra. They teamed up against her and tried to destroy her, since their previous non-killing solution didn't work out so well. There was a fight. A great, big, "I'm going to smack you upside your head with this planet" kind of fight. Worlds were destroyed just for being too close to this cosmic brawl. During the battle Solusandra broke through a dimensional barrier, probably in an attempt to escape. She accidentally touched something, and that something stole energy from not only her but from a lot of the Transitioned that were attacking her. But the energy on the other side of that barrier and the energy from the Transitioned didn't mix very well and it all exploded. Many Transitioned were killed in that explosion. Solusandra also would have been killed but she managed to barely escape it by breaking herself into pieces.

    *And so Danik's all like 'whoah' and stuff.: The other Transitioned went back to their heaven. But Danik, he took a peek through this barrier that Solusandra had breached and what he saw was the Negation universe. The Negation universe is a whole other universe that works very differently than our universe, with different rules of physics and energies that conflict with our own. The Negation has also been conquered by a fellow named Charon, who has about as much power as a Transitioned, possibly more, and has conquered the Negation universe with a brutal seige by his army of monsters and superpowered people. He rules them absolutely, heck the Negation people worship him as their god, and is impossing his version of order on them and their entire universe too. Also he's very interested in expanding his little universal empire past the Negation, namely by invading Danik's home universe (aka our universe). And Danik knows very well that the universe isn't ready for a negation invasion.

    *Oh crap. Oh crap. Oh crap. Oh crap.: So, the universe is facing a war with the Negation and uberpowerful Charon. Danik has to do something to make sure we're ready for this. So, he begins whipping his Sigil Bearers into shape. They're a tough bunch, they'll make awesome soldiers in the invasion. He also begins to manipulate the First, bringing them closer to reuniting the two warring Houses that keeps Elysia split up and unable to fight as a whole. He helps to revive the Atlanteans that are asleep in stasis pods on the sunken Atlantis, so they can play a part in fighting the Negation. Danik even sends aspects of himself into the Negation universe in order to spy on them. He's manipulating everyone so the universe will be able to face the invasion with guns ablazing.

    (Short version. Gotcha again.)

    *War, huuh, yeah, what is it good for!: About a few months of RPing if I remember correctly.
    Yep, the war happened, my friends. They came, they saw but we kicked their butts before they could even think twice about conquering. Charon sent his universe of soldiers, superpowered soldiers and army of monsters and scary thing he had, but the united First and Sigil Bearers were able to fight them off and the Atlanteans were able to protect Earth from becoming a very valuable piece in the Negation's conquest. It was a hard fought war, may died, much was destroyed. But we won. The First were united. The Sigil Bearers gathered and fought like an army. The Negation invaders were defeated. And the doorways to the Negation universe were closed and locked. We kicked butt and made sure they wouldn't be showing thier ugly faces around here any more.

    *Back at it, I s'pose.: Danik went back to his original schemes, maybe a little differently than before now that the war is over. A majority of the Transitioned seem to have stayed in their boring old heaven during the war and don't seem to be getting out much. And Solusandra, the broken up one, is probably wandering around and stuff.

    *So, Mr. Cloney, where's there a character in all of this?: Oh, yeah. Let me see. Well, remember how I mentioned that before Solusandra originally created a fuss there were other Transitioned that weren't happy with the way things were going and left their paradise, well they're out there. In fact a bunch of them recently had a meeting about stuff. Each one of them has been out in the universe and following their own agendas and stuff. Some seek to spread war, others want to spread peace, some want to just watch everything like it was his favorite TV show, some want to make sure everyone else doesn't interfere with the lives of those less evolved non-Transitioned types, and one happy lady just likes doggies. So, a Transitioned character can be one of these who have been out in the universe and doing the whole godhood thing. Or you could be one of those that have been in Transition heaven, one that actually took notice in the War and the goings on in the universe and felt like getting a piece of that action.

    *Okay, now what kind of powers are we talking about? Blowing up worlds?: What do you have against planets, pal. Seriously, seek help. Anyway, yeah, you could sneeze and take out a planet. Solusandra is a Transitioned and she created the First and their entire planet, so a Transitioned is a billion times more powerful that a First. That's a lot of power. You can do almost anything. So why bother leaving that little paradise that the other Transitioned are mellowing out in. They can have everything they want there. Be anything they want. Exist in any state and have existence itself bend to their wants and needs.
    And that's why they're probably stuck there. The Transitioned that are on the outside of that realm are the ones that have their energies focused on goals and ideals. And that's the real limit to a Transitioned characters abilities, their motivation. Without motivation these guys would just be stuck on that boring path that is leading the rest into oblivion. But with motivation their powers are focused in certain areas, which usually brings about limits of some sort, but not very many. In Danik's case being split into so many thousands of aspects all across the universe had limited him by also splitting up his power. Think of him splitting his power in half to become two people. Then each of those two split in half. And each of those split in half. And each of those. And each of those. Eventually you end up with a bunch that are still super tough, still more powerful than First, but not as infinite as the whole Danik would have been.

    And that's pretty much it, for now. Although I should point out that a begining RPer might not want to tackle writing a Transitioned just yet. With all of thier power it gets easy to forget the rules of RPing and just do whatever the heck you want to despite how it may effect others. Plus that level of power might prove too boring since their aren't too many challenges for these guys and gals.

    No matter if you RP one of this bunch or not I hope this has been helpful in at least shining some light on the various secrets of the CG universe.

    This is George Cloney, First god of out of continuity stuff, saying have fun, farewell and to infinite and beyond!

    **Sneaks out of Solusandra's toybox and creeps on over to her fridge, with a craving for a giant corndog.**

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    Re: Cloney's Lil' Instruction Manual on RPing in the CG Univ

    Re: Cloney's Lil' Instruction Manual on RPing in the CG Univ

    So you've decided to be Negation... (Part I)

    Have you accepted Charon into your heart? If you haven't, why not? He's so blue, and sparkly. sigh. He's so dreamy.
    But who is Charon, and what the heck is the Negation?

    *Hi, we're your new nieghbors.: The Negation universe is an entire cosmos unto itself, but it's a lot different than ours. Sure its got planets and stars, but those planets often act funny and those stars are usually black and glow with darkness. Rain often falls up, as do some waterfalls. Gravity isn't so strict, so down isn't always down, but it usually is. Islands can float through ths sky practically everywhere. Humungoid space squids eat planets. And these guys on the planet Karakorum- well, you don't want to know what they've got growing out of their butts. It's a freaky scene, dudes and dudettes.
    But one shining bit of not so chaotic is the Negation government. They've just got one government. The Negation Empire (see, the bad guys recycle names too). The Negation Empire has ruled their universe for about ten-thousand years. That's as long as their universe has had a single religion too. You see, the Negation worship and are ruled by one guy, Charon. Now, ain't that convenient. You can pay off taxes while at church.
    The Negation Empire and religion started ten-thousand years ago when Charon arrived into their universe and conquered them. He had created very powerful and very, very scary monster things called Lawbringers to go out and destroy anyone that didn't want to be ruled by him. He also showed up with an army of billions of superpowered people to act as his generals and soldiers. Plus Charon has the power of a god, and then some. So with all of this going for him Charon was able to take over every inch of the Negation universe and set himself up as god/emperor of everyone and everything.
    But who is Charon and where does he come from?

    *Behind Blue Eyes: Ten-thousand years ago (80000 AD), in the bright universe (that's what the Negation call the CG universe), on a little, old planet called Earth, Atlantis was discovered. Terragov, the government of Earth and stuff, had discovered the sunken continent of Atlantis on the ocean floor, where it had been since their whole Transition thingy went so very, very wrong for Atlantis. The Terragov military had taken over the study of Atlantis, in order to dig out superweapons from every sunken artifact. The Atlanteans in stasis weren't much help because they couldn't figure out how to wake them up. Any time they tried to open a stasis pod and revive an Atlantean it ended up with the Atlantean dying. The man in charge of the studying of Atlantis was a dude named Robert Charon, human, not so blue and an archiologist (but did not have the Indiana Jones hat or whip, the lame-o).
    While deciphering Atlantean texts and relics Charon discovered information on the Transition event. Eager to explore Transition, and Terragov's military eager to explore the possibility of getting themselves some supersoldiers, they enlisted the aid of a man named Appolyon. At this time Appolyon was serving several thousand consecutive life sentences in prison. You see, he was a brilliant scientist that got a job building advanced weapons for the military, he also had an odd sense of humor, which is why he thought sabotaging one of his superweapons so it would kill a few thousand innocent people was hillarious. That scamp. Terragov didn't see the humor in it and threw him into prison, but since they liked his work so much it was a cushy prison with a lab that Appolyon could use to continue to make weapons for the military. This is when Charon shows up. Charon offered to get Appolyon released into the Atlantis projects custody in exchange he would help Charon to figure out and duplicate Transition. Appolyon agreed and the rest is history.

    *History, but not the kind that makes you sleepy: Appolyon and Charon worked hard to duplicate the prinicples of the Atlantean Transition. They couldn't duplicate the Atlantean's biological powers so they had to use technology and science to copy things. They worked and toiled for many moons, insert an A-Team styled working on stuff montage here, until finally they built a great big thing called the Transition Gate. Then it was Miller time.
    The idea was to open a gate up and let some Transition energy out over a group of soldiers, all the while Charon and Appolyon would be protected from this energy because of special protection suits that Appolyon made for them, using his super science and incredible fashion design skills. The gate would be on low power so that only enough power to give them supersoldiers would be released, not enough for godhood or anything like that. So, they gathered their soldiers/guinea pigs and turned on the gate. And wouldn't you know it, Appolyon sabotaged the whole thing. Still such a scamp. Who would have thought that the guy serving thousands of life sentences for mass murder couldn't be trusted with the source of ultimate power.

    *I don't think this is covered in the warrantee: The gate's turned on, the gate that is a billion times more powerful than it should have been (thanks to Appolyon), and turned up onto a setting a trillion times higher than it was supposed to be (again, Appolyon). The special suits that were meant to protect Appolyon and Charon, they instead focused the energy of the gate and made sure these two got a whole lot more power than anyone else (yep, Appolyon's doing). The soldiers that were meant to be the test subjects, for the power of the gate, they were still hit by that power, that part worked fine, but they had company. Not only were the soldiers, Charon and Appolyon effected by the Transition Gate but so was everyone else on Earth. (Transition.) Every man, woman and child were hit by the gates power, power that not only made them all super but also swept them all up into the gate. Everyone was pulled through the gate and spat out the other side. The human Transition Gate didn't send them all to the same place that the Atlanteans had Transitioned off to, it sent them into the Negation universe. But thankfully monkeys and bunnies were unharmed.

    *Are you a good witch, or a bad which?: Everyone on Earth is filled with power and shot out into the Negation universe, over a planet. Charon and Appolyon recieve more power than everyone else combined. These two fall down towards the planet they appear over, while everyone else falls into a coma and floats around in orbit over the planet. Charon and Appolyon crash onto the planet and both survive due to their power. They fend off the local alien dudes that attack them, thinking they're monsters and such. They then rest, relax and recover, they did have one very rough day. Appolyon soon discovers that not only had he gained unlimited power but he also gained a boat load of sanity. Although Charon got some crazy mixed in with his power and sort of freaked out when he saw that this place had black fire and different laws of physics. Charon believed that their Transition must have thrown their universe out of whack, not realizing that they were in a different universe. Faced with a broken universe and vast amounts of power Charon and Appolyon decide to go and fix things. They gathered together the people in a coma above the planet and headed out into this twisted universe to try and put things right.

    *Off of the top of my head...: Charon had an idea on how to try to fix things, but first he had to get rid of the crazies that were dancing through his brain. So on some planet somewhere he threw up his insanity and certain other portions of his psyche, in the form of raw energy that mingled with the power of the Negation universe. The crazy energy stewed and formed Lawbringers. The Lawbringers came in many scary shapes and sizes and often personified some aspect of Charon's insanity and/or mind. With his insantiy out of his system Charon was once again his clear thinking self. Appolyon on the other hand, was obviously freaked out by his pal vomiting out an army of horrible monsters, and wasn't really receptive to Charon's idea on how to fix things.
    Charon's plan was to use his power and Lawbringers to return order to the universe (which Charon still thought of as his home universe, or what is typically called the Bright universe). In fact Charon's entire plan rellies on beating order into everyone and everything and to just take over the entire universe. Now, I may be wrong, but I think Appolyon's reaction went a little something like this:

    Appy: Dude, that plan sucks!
    Charon: Nuh-uh. That's totally going to work. The plan kicks @$$!
    Appy: Your monster things are like totally gross and junk. And that one's drooling.
    Charon: Shut up, she has her father's psychotic lust for eating spines. Literally. It's all hers now, I don't have any spinal cravings at all.
    Appy: Well, none of the others are going to go along with your stupid idea.
    Charon: Others?
    Appy: Yeah, the other people from Earth.
    Charon: Oh, man, dude, I totally forgot where I put them!
    Appy: No way, dude!

    ((Special Out Of Character note: Appolyon and Charon don't really talk or act like that.))

    Hee, hee, hee. Isn't that fun. Uhm, oh yeah, Appolyon also kind of freaks out a little more so Charon decides that he isn't a part of the solution. And if he's not a part of the solution, then he'd have to have a few thousand crazy-mad Lawbringers trying to kill him. Charon sent his Lawbringers after Appolyon, and old Appy ran like heck. The Lawbringers chased him all over the Negation universe. They fought constantly, but such battles mostly ended with Appolyon blowing up Lawbringers. Meanwhile Charon gets the Transitioned humans to finally wake up. He tells them what's going on and since they gained insanity just like Charon did the plan to fix things sounds great. So now Charon has his army of Lawbringers and billions of super powered humans on his side. Thus begins Charons conquest of the Negation universe. At first he used the Lawbringers to kick the crap out of worlds that resisted him, but since the Lawbringers tend to go a little overboard with the death and destruction Charon began using the Transitioned humans as his soldiers and generals in a new army. For regular conquests he used the Transitioned but for those hard to reach spots that needed to be completely destroyed Charon pulled out the Lawbringers and let them have some fun.
    Plus the Lawbringers were still hunting Appolyon, but after a while Charon got sick of the Lawbringers getting killed, since each one was a part of him and almost like his sons and daughters. So he decided to take care of Appolyon all by himself. He tracked down Appy, they talked a little and then they began the smack down. They fought with all of their might, which was a whole lot.Their battle stretched through many different planes of existence as it tore through the fabric of reality. The power released in their fight was like no other and the cosmos could only hope to survive the onslaught. But it did survive and in the end Charon proved to be more powerful that Appolyon. Not wanting to destroy his former buddy Charon let Appolyon live and just chucked him into a pocket dimension prison place. And then Charon went back to work.

    *Skip ahead. Skip ahead. Skip ahead.: About ten-thousand years later, or in the RP present if you're keeping score, Charon rules the Negation universe. He's their absolute master and unconditionally worshipped as their god. It's good to be the king. But it could be better. I mean, why stop with one universe when you could have two.
    One day, something peirced the barrier between the Negation universe and a place called the bright universe. Through this breach power flooded in, lots of power, power that didn't mix well with the Negation energies and caused a big explosion. This caught Charon's attention, big time. He looked into the universe that this breach came from and sure enough it was a great big sparkly universe. It was his home universe where things worked like they should have. Charon wasn't too embarressed about his earlier confusion over what universe he was in, because things worked out just fine for him. Instead he was focused on spreading the order, that he had smeared over the entire Negation universe, into the bright universe. The big shot wanted to go back to his home town to share his success. And so Charon decided that he'd go and invade the bright uninverse.

    *Nosey neighbors: The Negation started snooping around the bright universe. They sent teams of spies and commandos through interdimensional portals that they invented for travel between the two universes. They pulled an "X-Files" and started abducting people to study and test, so they could figure a few things out. They mostly wanted to test out these Sigil Bearers and First that had wild powers and could actually be a threat to any plans of invading. So they spent a long time just spying and studying. Charon just had to test the waters before jumping in.

    *Noisey neighbors: Then the Negation got a little bolder. They wanted to make sure things were just right for a war. They began to take over isolated worlds here and there, to set up shop and get things ready. In fact they tried to take over Planet M twice, even before the war started. They also opened big, huge, gigantic doorways to allow easy travel between universes, this was to allow their ships and stuff to move around easier but also to allow others from the bright universe to stumble into the Negation universe so Charon could test how they handled things. They also captured First and tried to brainwash them into becoming agents for the Negation that would betray the other First and hurt them real bad. Although a lot of the brainwashings didn't work out real well, and I should know because Charon himself tried to wash my brain. Thankfully my mind is much too dirty to ever be washed.
    Also Charon got a little jealous of someone going around and spreading Sigils in the bright universe to create super powered humans. So in order to counteract the Sigil Bearers Charon created his version of a Sigil, which he called a Ligis. And so he began creating Ligis Bearers. These Ligis Bearers possessed powers on the same level as Sigil Bearers.

    *But they do throw one heck of a neighborhood party!: And after years and years of preparing, and spying, and testing, and psuedo-invading, the Negation finally had an invasion, for real this time!

    The War

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    Re: Cloney's Lil' Instruction Manual on RPing in the CG Univ

    Re: Cloney's Lil' Instruction Manual on RPing in the CG Univ

    So you've decided to be Negation... (Part II)

    *The War: The War was carried out on several fronts. The major invasion was against Elysia, and was led by the Lawbringer Gator, aka BigGator, a First that was successfully turned into an agent for the Negation. They also tried to invade the Matrix Quadrant, Planet M (for a third time), Saber Vortex, Tebryna and a bajillion other worlds and places all over the universe. They had the war ships that they had been using to conquer and control the whole Negation universe, plus the armies and alien creatures of their entire universe, not to mention the Transitioned army, the Lawbringers and Ligis Bearers. They hit everyone everywhere. They took over worlds. They blew stuff up. They killed and hurt a whole lot of people all over the place. It was a war between universes. It was really, really, really big.

    *A game of CrossGen Risk: Charon was not the only one that had been plotting and preparing, Danik, a Transitioned Atlantean in the bright universe, had known about the invasion for some time and had come up with a few plans. The breach and explosion that first brought Charon's attention to the bright universe was caused by a group of Transitioned battling one of their own, a Transitioned Atlantean called Solusandra. The explosion had killed a number of Transitioned. The breach itself had caught Danik's attention. He looked through the breach and into the Negation universe. He saw that Charon knew about the bright universe and had begun preparing for an invasion. So Danik began preparing the bright universe for the war. He manipulated the Sigil Bearers in order to better prepare them for war. He worked to begin the process of uniting the First. He revived the Atlanteans to defend Earth. He had gathered weapons of great power and valuable agents. He even sent some of these agents into the negation universe. It was Danik's schemes against Charon's. The bright universe's champions against the Negation universe's champions.

    *What did you do during the war, Mr. Cloney?: I was caught in a vicious battle with a stuck zipper. Then I ate a meatball sub sandwich.

    *And the winnah is...: Okay, now I know you haven't been reading the other entries of this manual if you don't know who won. I revealed the winner in the post about Transitioned Atlanteans. But because I'm so nice I'll let you know how things turned out anyway.
    In the Negation universe: Danik's agents meet up with Appolyon and they work with him to use a secret weapon on Charon. The weapon hurts the god-emperor and forces him to go into hiding. It is assumed that Charon had died, but he's just licking his wounds and waiting for a chance to strike back. Appolyon takes over Charon's old job and becomes ruler of the Negation universe.
    Elysia: The Sigil bearers are gathered along with the First. They all find out that they must all work together in order to beat the Negation. The mightiest forces of the bright universe gathered in one place, huh, you'd think the Negation would pick that place to attack.
    And sure enough: Negation forces, led by Lawbringer Gator, invades Elysia. The Negation overwhelm the First and Sigil Bearers in this suprise attack and forces them to retreat from Elysia.
    Elsewhere: Lawbringers and other Negation forces attack everyone everywhere. They take some worlds but are barely fought off of others.
    Elsewhere still: Danik gathers together a few choice agents for a side-mission. Danik has a big suprise in store for the Negation, something that will definately take the wind out of their sails. He has them gather together artifacts called the Orbs of Power.
    The First: They're sick of getting beat up and want to get Elysia back from Negation control, so they decide to unite the Houses (Dexter and Sinister) in order to be able to fight as a united pantheon. All of the physical barriers that had seperated the Houses were brought down and the First attacked the Negation that had taken Elysia.
    Lawbringer Gator: Was eventually freed from Negation control and joined the fight on the side of the Bright universe.
    Fighting: Yep, lots of it.
    The Orbs of Power: At the hieght of the battle the Orbs were brought together and joined into a single mystical force. And with their power the doors to the Negation universe were closed. The barrier between universes was strengthened and travel between the Negation uninverse and the bright universe was cut off.
    The fighting: With Charon overthrown, their link to their home universe and power source severed and generally getting pounded by the combined forces of the First and Sigil Bearers the negation were defeated and fought off of Elysia. With that stronghold taken from them the invasion's back was broken. They lost their strength. They had no Charon to give them orders. Much of their power had left when the universes were cut off from one another. The Negation lost.

    We won. Hah!

    **The clone begins to set off fireworks in celebration of their victory. Unfortunately he's indoors and has to spend the next few minutes putting out fires. Afterwards he returns to the manual.**

    *What now?: The Negation universe had sent pretty much all of their ships, soldiers and freaky super-freak-thingies into the bright universe for the invasion. Some of those forces managed to retreat back into the Negation universe before the universes were cut off from one another, but this still leaves big holes in the Negation's defences. An entire chaotic universe with severely weakened forces to police it, plus the guy who had been telling them what to do for the past ten-thousand years is now gone and replaced by Appolyon. It's safe to say that things in the Negation universe are likely spiralling off into anarchy. Probably for a long, long, long while. Plus they're cut off from the bright universe so they won't be able to ever try to invade ever again.

    *Dude, that was my ride!: And since so much of the Negation fighting force was sent into the bright universe we've got a bunch of them stuck here with no way of heading home. Some still hold on to the worlds they took over, but for the most part they're all in bad shape and scattered all over. They're hated by everyone that was involved in the War, which is pretty much everyone everywhere, and they are all alone. It seems kind of sad until you remember that the Negation people tend to be jerks, so it's really kind of funny.

    *Charon?: He's still in hiding. He's trying to find a way back into the bright universe so he can gather whatever forces he has stuck there for an attempt to retake the Negation universe. Or maybe he wants to get revenge. or maybe he just wants to make sure his Lawbringers, which are like children to him, are safe and sound. Or maybe he just wants to take a vacation. Charon's still around, but no one worries too much about him unless they see him.

    *Please, clone, sir, show some mercy, no more backstory, just tell me about the character types already: Oh, okay. But don't ever say I never do anything nice for you.

    Character types

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