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    Re: Cloney's Lil' Instruction Manual on RPing in the CG Univ

    Re: Cloney's Lil' Instruction Manual on RPing in the CG Univ

    So you've decided to be Negation... (Part III)
    You've gotten through their backstory and read about the War, and all that's left is to hear about the many wacky and fun character types available for Negation characters.
    The Negation universe is filled with many wonderous and terrifying alien life forms. There is no end to the number of different characters that can come from there. But this entry has spilled over into three entries in this manual and that's enough, so I'll just give you some information on the primary character types that have shown up. These are the guys and gals I think of when I think of the Negation. Anything else I'll leave up to your imagination. Seriously, feel free to create whatever you want.

    *Lawbringers, or those guys that melt faces for laughs: As a Lawbringer you're a scary monster sort. You were created about ten-thousand years ago from Charon's power and insanity. You personify some dark aspect of Charon's mind. You worship Charon and view him as your father. He is the wind beneath your wings. Hee Hee.
    As a Lawbringer you look really gross. I'm sorry, but there are no good looking or even normal looking Lawbringers, well, there might be one but that just makes her scarier. Also you've got power, lots of power. Yep, Lawbringers specialize in blowing up planets, among other things. The mightiest of Lawbringers might even be more powerful than a First, but that's rare. On the average Lawbringers tend to be a little less powerful than the average First, but they're on similar levels. Lawbringers are physically powerful, strength, endurance, speed, ect. They tend to have telepathy and sometimes energy type powers. They're a lot like First when it comes to powers.
    Unlike First they're all crazy, homocidal freaks that live to hurt and kill. Well, I should say "unlike most First". Although there are exceptions to the rule. Lawbringer BLYQ was the leader of the Negation underground that was seeking to overthrow Charon's rule for a while. So you might not be stuck in the standard crazy and ultimately loyal to Charon mode, but chances are that's what you'll be.
    Also you'll tend to have a special name. It'll be around four letters long, not have many vowels and sound like a word that involves your nature. For example, Lawbringer VNTI is an aspect of Charon's vanity (VNTI = vanity). Lawbringer KNZT is an aspect of Charon's conciet.

    *Transitioned humans, those guys and gals with a twinkle, or fifty, in their eyes.: As a Transitioned Human you were once a regular human on Earth until zap, you're super powered, in an alien universe, driven insane by the Transition and Charon is turning you and the billions of others like you into an army to bring order to the crazy universe. Transitioned Humans typically have portions of their head or face replaced by star filled energy, I'm not sure if it's actually replaced or just covered by this energy, but they've got all of that star energy there. The more of your head is covered in energy the more power you have. Those closest to the Transition gate recieved more power and had more of their heads covered, those further away got less. Power levels vary, they can be anywhere from nothing special to Sigil Bearer level all the way to just below Secundae power level. You can have telepathy, teleportation, energy attacks and manipulation, super strength, and a wide variety of powers. You've been around for at least ten-thousand years, and spent much of that time helping to conquer and control the Negation universe. You'll proabably be a member of the Negation military. The more power you have the higher your rank will be, usually.

    *Ligis Bearers, get your hand, and other things, stamped by the big man: As a Ligis Bearer you were chosen by your god and emperor, Charon, to carry his symbol and power. You are a holy warrior and an elite member of the Negation fighting force. You also tend to be a member of one of the alien species that are native to the Negation universe, although there have been a very few exceptions. In order to be marked with a Ligis you had to undergo a horribly painful process that infused your body with human biology, since Sigils and Ligis', which are based on Sigils, can only function on humans, or at least those with enough human DNA in them. Then Charon himself, that guy who ran your universe and you and your pals have worshipped since forever, personally plants a Ligis onto you. The Ligis enhances some trait you already possess up to superhuman levels, or grants you a super power based on some personality trait. The powers will seem to be custom made just for you, which they were. Your power is on the same level as a Sigil Bearer.

    *Soldiers, those guys that always shoot at me: As a member of the Negation military you can either be from one of the countless worlds that makes up the Negation empire, and simply doing your part to serve the empire you love so much, or you're a Transitioned human that didn't end up with enough power to be considered one of the bunch. In any case, you'll get a cool armor, lots of awesome weapons and vehicles and space ships to play around with. You won't be uber-powerful, but that's okay, because you shoot lots of people. You can be of any rank, from the bottom all the way to just below where the Transitioned Humans are on the foodchain. You can be a lone private, or command your own squad of commandos, or captaining a ship, or running an outpost or Negation controlled world.

    *Critters, the other green or purple meat: As a critter, or Negation ugly alien beast you are the bottom rung in the Negation military. Hundreds of you are thrown at an enemy to test their capabilities and to possibly soften them up. You can be of various inhuman shapes and forms and possess certain natural abilities that makes you special in a fight.

    *A special note on Universal Energy: Universal Energy, it's the power that fills an entire universe that certain people can tap into to do amazing things. First live off of the stuff and use it to be all godly. Sigils feed on it and give their bearers super powers. Atlanteans use it for their special gifts. Transitioned are masters of it. Normal people can learn to manipulate it with spells and magic items. Universal energy is a good thing.
    But the Universal Energy of the Negaton universe is different than the energy of the bright universe. Because it's different someone from the bright universe trying to use their powers in the Negation universe will have problems. Their powers will somehow backfire and hurt the user. Energy blasts will burn those firing them. Spells will turn against the caster. Psychics will only get mental noise and headaches. The more power that the person tries to use the more devistating the results. Although a character can learn to adapt to the Negation universal energy. It takes time and practice with their power, but gradually it gets easier and less dangerous to use powers.
    As for Negation characters (Lawbringers, Transitioned humans, Ligis Bearers or otherwise powered) trying to use their powers in the bright universe, they tend to have the same problem. During the War the Negation had a direct link to their universe open so they could use their own Universal Energy, but that link has been cut and those that are stranded in the bright universe have to learn how to adapt to the energy here.

    Aaaaand that about does it for the Negation entry(s). Whew.

    While the Negation are no longer the big badguys in the CG RP they are still a big part of it. There is still a whole Negation universe filled with possible character and story ideas. There are also plenty of Negation characters wandering around the Bright Universe. So this is all still valid and useful.

    I hope you have as much fun RPing the Negation as I have running the heck away from them. May Charon be with you always. Y'know, just in case you need a big glowing guy to replace a lightbulb that burned out or something.


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    Re: Cloney's Lil' Instruction Manual on RPing in the CG Univ

    Re: Cloney's Lil' Instruction Manual on RPing in the CG Univ

    So you've decided to be an Old God...
    Okay, here's your gold watch, your pension and 401K plan. Enjoy, gramps.

    What's that? You've still got fight left in you yet? You want to teach these youngsters what it means to be a god? You want to do what to my homeworld and womenfolk?

    Whoa, whoah, whoah, there, pops. Okay, if you're going to hike your pants all the way up to your chest and go yell at the neighborhood kids for playing on your lawn then I'd better remind you of a few things that you Old Gods ought to know. So take your medication, sit back and listen to a story that goes a little something like...

    *Thy Golden Years: Earth, a long, long, long, long time ago, you are a member of a pantheon of gods and goddesses that reign over that world and are totally worshipped by humanity. You live in places like Olympus or Asgard. You work in places like Egypt, Greece, Rome or Babylon. You have names like Neptune, Atlas, Thor or Osirus. You're one of the gods and goddesses from ancient mythology. You're enjoying the hieght of your life, your golden years. Everything's great. Humanity's worshipping you, and their worship is giving you a lot of great, sparkly energy that gives you that feel-goodness that gets you through the day of doing mythological stuff.
    But eventually the golden years get dull and less sparkly. Things get boring. You get tired. And humanity advances to a point where they no longer want to worship you, or even believe that you exist. The nerve of them. But by that time you've just grown tired of the whole thing. So the golden years end. Humantiy stops worshipping and you go away.

    *Feel free to call me a liar: Or actually, not so much as lying, as I'm just sharing the most accurate story I have right now. The fact is that this stuff happened so long ago that only a few people remember exactly what happened. And the getting tired and losing worshippers stuff probably happened to most of the Old Gods, but maybe not all of them. The story might not be the same for everyone, but the effect was, humanity stopped worshipping and the gods moved on.

    *Catching forty-billion winks: Without worshippers to charge you up and to give you something to do many of you just up and go to sleep. It's a stasis like state of being that presserves you and keeps you from losing any more power. Or like a few, you might just retire to some world or realm that you call home. You spend some much deserved queit time with your family or just catch up on some neglected work. For whatever reason you just dropped out of sight for the longest time. You remained that way for a loooooong, loooooooooong, loooooooooooooong time.

    *You noisy kids, knock it off, I'm trying to get some sleep here!: But your rest doesn't last forever. Years ago, from the RP universe's present, a curious goddess searches for a new source of power and stumbles across your kind. The awakened Old Gods capture and study this goddess. Her name's Bard and she's a member of a race of new gods called the First, who are the big shots in the universe now. Bard was looking to take your ancient power for herself. And after looking around at the universe you see the rest of her kind are up to no good too. They're pretenders. Your bunch are the real gods. So the old gods decide to go out into the universe once more and show these young upstarts how the game is played, old school!

    *Making Old friends, or "Hey that's my planet, my girlfriend and you just set my head on fire, jerk!": A group of old gods, from various pantheons, gather together (the group being made up of members like Mahadevi-Kali, Anubis, Amaterasu, Morrigan, Forseti, Odin, Nemesis and a few others) and leave the realms they were resting in. They team up and attack the First. They kill a few, just for starters. They attack Elysia and take over Planet M. They also abducted goddess named Facade, which Anubis wanted to turn into his bride of darkness. Well, the First just couldn't stand for that sort of treatment, so they gathered together and attacked the Old Gods that controlled Planet M. And so began the great battle between the First and the Old Gods. The Old Gods may not be what they once were, but they still have more power than the First and have been doing this for a few hundred-thousand years longer, so this was possibly one of the toughest fights the First had ever been involved in. It was an epic battle. Plus Meteoro bagged himself a valkyrey chick. You go, fire-rock dude!
    It was a long difficult battle but by working together the First manage to defeat the Old Gods and send them packing, except for Anubis who was killed. The First won. Hurray. But the Old Gods are still around. Uhm, hurray? They're awake now and doing what Old Gods do best, cause trouble and stuff.

    ((Archived threads of interest: Mercury Falling, then Rising (in the Hall of the Ancients), the thread that Bard accidentally revived the slumbering Old Gods; Elysia, on this page the awakened Old Gods begin observing the First, five pages later Anubis attacks; Planet M, on this page the Old Gods take over Planet M, this is also where a majority of the fighting occurs as well as the climactic final battle.))

    *You've got Old God in my First.: Anubis was dead. Yay! But he didn't stay that way. Oh no! And he came back with with more power. Aw, c'mon!
    You see, an alternate version of Anubis from a parallel universe, a big guy called Trigon, died and his energy was transfered to the dead Anubis, allowing Anubis to come back to almost life and to get a second chance to try to kill the First. He also gained all of Trigon's power which made him a bigger threat than before.
    Someone from Trigon's home reality arrived to help defeat Anubis, this someone was a woman named Raven. Raven gathered together a group of First and other types of beings and infused them with the power and essense of the Titan gods of her universe, giving them Old God power.
    Meanwhile the Hera of the CG universe, an Old Goddess of the Olympian pantheon, likes the idea of infusing old god minds and powers into First so she does just that. She infuses the powers and minds of Olympians from Raven's home universe into First, these minds overpower the First and make them act all crazy. The Olympian-infused and Titan-infused become instant enemies and much fighting was had. This battle also spilled over into a confrontation with Anubis on Scion the Moon. The Olympian-infused were cured and freed from Hera's control. Hera joined forces with Anubis. Millennium was revealed to be the son of Anubis and Hera, who try to currupt Mill into an ally against the First. Big battle. Big battle. Mill is freed from Anubis' control. Hera is killed. Raven is killed. The First and Titan-First unite and fight with Anubis. And they finally defeat him by putting an artifact known as the Heart of Life into him. This restores Anubis fully to life and shrinks him down to a baby, or so they say.
    And on an unrelated note, I even found my son at that battle. Baby Jack.

    **The clone holds up a picture of a baby Anubis.**

    I just hope they did something nice with Anubis. If he's not raised right he might become a big danger, what with him being a big powerful death god and all.

    *But where did they come from?: Oh no, I'm not telling you nothing about where the Old God's came from. I got in trouble the last time I tried to figure out how the Old Gods came into existance, I'm not going to repeat that mistake.

    **The clone curls up into the fetal possition as he flashes back to all of those arguements about who or what created the Old Gods. But eventually he recovers just in time for the next chapter.**

    *Myth-taken identity: Now you have some idea of what the Old Gods have sort of been up to, so now you've got to figure out who your character is. First thing's first, check this place out. Read the list to find out what's already been taken. Keep in mind that those who were "possessed/merged" were taken over by the Olympian or Titan from another universe, so those guys and gals are still free in the CG universe. For example; even though KDogg was possessed by the essense of Hermes that was a Hermes from another universe so the actual Hermes might still be wondering around somewhere.
    Next you have to figure out who you want to be. It can be practically anyone from ancient mythology. The Encyclopedia Mythica is a good resource to look things up, if you don't have any other source handy.

    *Or be a Young Old God: As the Olympians will prove, the Old Gods breed like crazy (really, just check out those old myths). So you could even be a child of the Old Gods, like Millennium or Minity are. As a child of the Old Gods you'll have access to their power, which might make you slightly more powerful than a First, but as Mill and Min will prove your powers can also adapt towards the First end of the spectrum, making your energies rather First like. Is she an Old God? Only her hairdresser knows for sure.

    *Or play some fancy dress up: Or you could be one of the beings that was infused or possessed by an Old God essence from an alternate reality. You wouldn't be one of the Olympians or Titans from the Anubis fight, since that whole thing is over with already, but who's to say that this trick couldn't be pulled again. All you need is someone with the power and/or knowledge on how to do this and you could be half Old God and half something else. It might seem like an odd idea but feel free to play around with it.

    *Godly Power, or just talking about blowing up you-know-whats.: You're more powerful than a First, sometimes. Back in your prime you could stomp down a dozen First, but now you just barely have slightly more power than they do. They mightiest of Old Gods can take down a group of First, while the weakest will be at First level or maybe a little less. Your powers will tend to be specific to your particular area of expertise, so Anubis had death powers because he's a death god, so he wasn't controlling flowers or butterflies unless they were undead. Also keep in mind that the Old Gods have been around since, like, forever so they know how to use their power. They know all of the best old tricks and stuff. They've got the experience to make them dangerous with any amount of power.

    That pretty much wraps up the Old Gods. There's probably more to them, which others will have to remind me about so I can add later, but this is enough to get you started.

    Just remember, you're really old, really powerful, just woke up from a loooooooooong nap, are no longer worshipped like you should be, and have woken up to a universe where the First are stealing your thunder and need to be taught a lesson or two. Remember some of that and you should be fine.

    And now if you'll excuse me, this Young God has to go live life to the max, all extreme and stuff. And I've got to listen to my music too loud and disrespect all of you geezers.

    So this is George Cloney saying: Bite me, old man. And have some fun.

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    Re: Cloney's Lil' Instruction Manual on RPing in the CG Univ

    Re: Cloney's Lil' Instruction Manual on RPing in the CG Univ

    Welcome to the Realm of Nightmares...
    Wooh! You've certainly picked a happening vacation spot for yourself there, sport. The Realm is just the cool place to be. It's the stuff that dreams are made of. Bad dreams. Literally. But before you run off to have yourself a good ol' time in the Realm you'd better sit down and let Cloney tell you a few things about it, so you don't make any mistakes and so you can further appreciate the history and culture of the local critters that are spewing your worst fears out at you and feasting on your ooey-gooey entrails.

    *What you need to know: My staff of researchers, after combing the universe for the bestest and most up to date information on the Realm of Nightmares, tells me that someone's already went to the trouble at coming up with an explaination and recap of the history of the Realm. So I guess I can call it a day. Why bother doing something that's already been done before. Pffft. Why should I do anything for ya.

    *Aaw, c'mon.: Oh, okay. Here's that description of the Realm of Nightmares:

    Quote Originally Posted by Jasmin
    Somewhere, beyond time and space, there was a place that wasnt even a place. The Realm of Nightmares, it was called by wizards and witches alike. A place beyond where bad dreams were as real as you and me, and they could cause as much harm as any living thing.

    For ages, their domain was kept hidden from mortals and immortals alike, only through dreams a person or a God was able to reach some of its dark aspects. But these beings made of reverie, bored of their own plane of existence, decided it was time to enjoy the Realm of Mortals, as they called our universe.
    Ooh, nifty. So the Realm of Nightmares is where your dreaming mind is whenever you have yourself a bad dream. It's where everyone's bad dreams exist as a fully formed and crazy reality. The Nightmare creatures living there are alive and know stuff. They want to get out of their realm and cause some havok in that fun waking world they hear so much about.

    *And how did that turn out, Mr. Cloney?: Well, let's see what else Jasmin has to say on that subject, shall we:

    Quote Originally Posted by Jasmin
    To achieve their ends, they used a First who had a deep tie to Phoebe, Titan Goddess of the Moon, Darkness and Dreams. For a brief moment, this Goddess became a portal and hordes of demons went through. Sadly, the portal was closed to quickly and too many demons were left behind after having tasted just a little of the fear they caused in the Realm of Mortals.

    One of those demons was Twilight, Queen of the Demon Circle, mate of Dan Daemon, who had successfully traveled to the other side. Ever since, Twilight has worked even harder to recreate that portal, but this time she meant to make it stronger, unbreakable. Her thirst for the hunt had become overwhelming since her mate crossed over. She would not stay behind. That was her promise.

    Twilight and her sister Fierna attempted to open another portal by locking onto the Azure Sunder, an Elysian warship. The crossing of the spells didn't succeed in opening a portal, instead, it pulled the Azure Sunder and it's crew to the Realm of Nightmares.

    Abord the Azure Sunder were several bronze-skinned humanoids which functioned as the ship's crew; a number of blue angels that had been injured when the demons invaded Scion the Moon; Jasmin, a Dexter First; and Adam Heidraa, a Secundae from a United Elysia, and captain of the Azure Sunder. These people suddenly found themselves in unfamiliar territory where their nightmares became a reality.

    While they were trapped, two other beings joined the crew of the Azure Sunder. One was a mysterious girl by the name of Eve, who appeared to be like a dream herself. Eve seemed to have the ability to change herself into another person when the situation was dire. The other was an angel of light and peace named Crystaline. Through the additional help of the two new arrivals, the Azure Sunder was able to push away the initial demonic attacks, and have a short time of relative safety.

    At the end of the period of safety, the five Inner Circle demons, the Tartarus Demons, were sent by Twilight to capture the Azure Sunder and her crew, and bring them to Twilight's castle so they could beocme the portals to the bright universe. As soon as the ship was brought to Twilight's castle, Twilight used her magics to teleport the crew off the ship and into magical bubbles in her Arcanus Room.

    Jasmin had begun to experience new powers in the Realm of Nightmares. She used those powers to prevent herself, Crystaline, and Adam from being transported, but was unable to stop Twilight from taking the rest. The three remaining members of the Azure Sunder knew it was time to stop Twilight once and for all, and rescue the angels and bronze-skinned crew as quickly as possible.

    In the battle that followed, Twilight managed to open a portal to the bright universe, allowing several demons back into Scion the Moon. Even Jasmin apparently had been killed by the demon known as Ixion. The Realm, though, had not experienced anything with Jasmin's control or mastery. The Realm used Jasmin's own's essense and re-created her, keeping her from death.

    Jasmin, newly returned to life brought with her a new knowledge of the Realm, and the knowledge that she had been chosen by the Realm to rule. She used this knowledge and challenged Twilight for rulership of the Realm. Twilight was slain in one-on-one combat against Jasmin, assuring Jasmin rulership of the Realm.

    As Jasmin battled Twilight, the Azure Sunder escaped through the portal to the Bright Universe to stop the advancment of the demons there. Eve chose to remain behind with Jasmin as Jasmin secured her position as Queen and Goddess of the Realm of Nightmares.
    Pretty cool, huh? Twillight tried to invade the waking world again, but a ship of heroes managed to save the day and Jasmin ended up queen. I do love happy endings.

    *Um, actually there's more: Wha? More? *sigh*:

    Quote Originally Posted by Jasmin
    Jasmins rule of the Realm of Nightmares began with the ritualistic coronation ceremony. The coronation was a mere formality to introduce the nightmares of the Realm to their new Queen. Jasmin knew the importance of the ritual, and agreed to participate.

    The ritual was not a typical ritual for the Realm, as it carried with it several distractions. From the Bright Universe, a Lawbringer known as VMPR had arrived and had a battle of words with the new Queen, as he tried to locate an item of importance to him. Later in the ceremony, when the crown was being placed on her head, the crown exploded; tampered with by the mysterious Armont, the ruler of the First Circle of the Realm of Nightmares. Jasmin survived the explosion, and Armont left.

    Soon after the ceremony had completed, and most of the nightmares had returned to their respective circles, Tantalus...
    Tantalus was a succubus, a naked chick that seduced the souls out of dreaming saps. Mmm, she sounds like just my type, maybe I should give her a call.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jasmin
    ...was murdered.
    Oh, well, then maybe she had a hot sister I could call.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jasmin
    [/i]What concerned Jasmin the most about the murder was that the Realm had hidden the details from her. She was determined to discover who was responsible, and bring them to the appropriate justice. She commissioned Tartarus to find who was behind the murder and bring them to her.

    There were several suspects in the case, and Tartarus went from one to another, trying to piece together what had happened. Mera, an angel from the Bright Universe; Eve, the princess of the Realm; Armont, the mysterious ruler of the First Circle; Mirror, a being reflecting the fears of others; even Jasmin herself were suspects in the crime.

    The mystery took several unexpected twists, one of which was the disappearance of Eve, who went to remain with Armont. He had tricked the child into thinking that Jasmin didnt care for her anymore. He, of course, had his own interests in mind, interests that are yet to be discovered.

    The trail of clues had lead to Mirror. Tartarus, confronted Mirror, and the confrontation cost him his life. Jasmin witnessed the act of Mirror murdering Tartarus and executed a swift judgment upon him. Two other mirrors quickly gathered up the shattered remains of their brother and returned to their circle.[/i]
    Whoah, things look interesting. Maybe if they had called on the George Cloney detective agency to solve the crime they wouldn't have had so much trouble. Or maybe Columbo or Hawaii 5-O or Rockford.

    *Cloney, you lazy bum, are you going to fill this entire entry with quotes, while you do nothing?!:
    Quote Originally Posted by George Cloney
    The thought had crossed my mind.
    *The "Mall Map" overview: Okay, folks, the Realm of Nightmares looks like an onion. It's made up of layers that are shaped into circles that fit one on top of the other. The outermost circle is the one closest to the waking universe, while the further towards the core of the Realm you go the further away from the Mortal Realm you get. There are currently a few circles that have been described and or shown in an actual RP.
    *The First Circle: It's the closest to the waking world, it's a place of hallucinations and waking nightmares. It's got a great view of the mortal world that Armont, the ruler of this Circle, enjoys while he plots to break out of the Realm of Nightmares.
    *The Third Circle: A fun place that is dedicated to humiliation and embarressment. It's full of creatures called Mirror's, who are shape shifters that turn into things that brings out the worst emotions out of dreamers, so the Mirror's can feed off of those emotions. This is the place where you dream about going to school naked and stuff.
    *The Fifth Circle: This is the place where nightmares about work and jobs take place. It's a boring place to be, and if you do go there can you get me a few things that I forgot in my desk. I miss my lucky staple remover so very much. *sniff*
    *The Sixth Circle: The demon level. This is the one that Jasmin rules over. It's filled with demonic Nightmare creatures. Very scary, but always interesting.
    *The Ninth Circle: This place is a big grey cloudy space. The minds of dreamers fills it up. In this circle the nightmares and fears of the dreamers become reality.

    And so far that's all of the Circle's that have been shown.

    *Why's my travel agent having a heart attack trying to book me a flight to this place?: Because the Realm of Nightmares is as exclusive as you can get. You've got to be in the "in crowd" to get there, or at least have a whole lot of power. Even the mightiest First wouldn't be able to punch through the barrier between the Realm of Nightmares and the waking world. So actually, physically travelling there is very, very, very hard. But everyone can go there when they have a Nightmare, but that's only their dreaming mind and they're at the mercy of whatever nightmare they're having. So to be in the Realm you either need a lot of power, be dreaming, find a back door or some special means of entering or be a native to the Realm.

    *Backdoor you say?: Yes, I do say.

    *Tell us more about these back doors, Mr. Cloney: Oh, okay. Sure. Well, gods and goddesses tied to dreams, fantasy and illusions in some way will have a knack for things involving the Realm of Nightmares. Scion the Nun was first used as a portal betweent the waking world and the Realm of Dreams, which led to the first Nightmare invasion. The blue angels that were attacked during that invasion had been left with residual Nightmare energy on them, I guess they didn't scrub hard enough to get rid of that. Twillight was able to use this trace amount of energy to try to turn the angels into a portal to the waking world, but do to a magical mishap she just ended up bringing the angels and the Azure Sunder into her realm. I was able to accidentally miscast a spell that sent me and a bunch of my friends deep into the realm, but only in mental forms only. And Cao, a lil' goddess of Illusion, was taught how to use a realm of shadows in combination with her natural illusion and deception powers as a shortcut to the Realm of Nightmares, but she's really not liking how this trick has turned out for her.
    So it's possible to find ways into the Realm of Nightmares, but for the most part it's difficult, tricky and a hard thing to repeat.

    *What about the locals?: I'll get to that next...

    Character types.

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    Re: Cloney's Lil' Instruction Manual on RPing in the CG Univ

    Re: Cloney's Lil' Instruction Manual on RPing in the CG Univ

    So you've decided to be a Nightmare...
    You've just read all about the Realm of Nightmares and have said, "Pffft, I can do that, I'm plenty scary and junk, where do I sign up to be one of them Nightmares?". Very well, Grasshopper, I shall teach you the ways of the Nightmare. I shall show you how to walk the Nightmare walk, talk the Nightmare walk and help you to tell the difference between the different kinds of Nightmares that lurk their dark Realm searching for poor dreamers to scare into soiling their bed sheets.

    *The Boogie-Man/woman/dog/china hutch/whatever: Anything in a nightmare can be a character. A bad dream has substance within the Realm, they become a reality of their own and anyone/anything within them gain life and some independance. Have a bad dream about Suzanne Sommers cutting your new car in half with a chainsaw (wow, what would Frued say about that one?), then Suzanne Sommers, maybe the car, and heck even the chainsaw could be granted sentience. During the dream they are restricted to the role that they must play, but once the dreamer awakens the dream and Nightmare creatures either fade or somehow remain alive and solid and continue to exist and grow all on their own. They'll still be locked within certain parameters of their original role, but they'll have the chance to grow and evolve a little without the direct input from the dreamers mind. Who knows what Suzanne Sommers and her chainsaw will evolve in to without you dreaming about them. I shudder to think of the terrible possabilities and the crummy sitcom that will be spawned from them.

    *The devil you say?: The Sixth Circle is the home of demonic Nightmares and Nightmare creatures. It's one heck of a place. It's populated by millions upon millions of demonic beasties of every imaginable kind. You can be the pitchforks and horns type, shadows, a succubus or anything you can think of. These monsters tend to be organized in a very specific hierarchy, with a great big government to rule over them. They also possess quite a bit of natural abilities as well as access to arcane magics and such.

    *Man in the Mirror:: The third Circle is the home to creatures called Mirrors. They are shape shifting, reality twisting beasts that feed off of humiliation, fear and dread. They take the forms of what will bring up the tastiest emotions in the dreamer and torment them like there's no tomorrow.
    The Mirror's have been RPed and created by Lord Mattson, so if you decide you'd like to RP one yourself you might want to shoot him a PM, or a shout out on an OOC thread somewhere, and talk to him about it first, just to be polite.

    *Preying Ueum's: Throughout the Realm of Nightmares lurk a race of creatures called Ueum. Ueum stalks the Realm of Nightmares hunting down any dreamers that become aware that they are dreaming. Awareness grants dreamers power over the Realm. Ueum seek to prevent dreamers from tipping the scales too much in their favor. Once an aware dreamer is found an Ueum will feed on whatever portion of their mind contains this minute awareness, weakening the dreamer and leaving them ignorant once again. Ueum ressemble large, larger than people size, mantis like insects that are made up of darkness and have big, glowing red eyes. They are really kind of animal minded, they think only about hunting and feeding. They have no real society. And won't make for the deepest of RP characters to write. Ability wise, Ueum are creatures of odd substance, they can be injured, but it doesn't hurt them too much and they can regrow any lost parts. They can teleport to almost any corner of the Realm. Their senses tend to tell them all they need to know about others, which is whether or not the other person is food. And they're vicious animals that will ferociously attack their prey or anyone else that gets in the way of their feeding. But they are by no means the mightiest of Nightmare creatures, they're just hunters after all and don't need to be too powerful.

    *King of the Jungle: Every Circle has a lord, which are called Cicle Lords, duh. They are the absolute masters of their circle, they have absolute power there and in some way personify the theme of their circle. Although "once a circle lord" does not mean "always a circle lord", if a circle lord is slain the Realm itself will choose another one, usually the one that slayed the former lord. The new circle lord will gain all of the power of their predecessor. What kind of power level are we talking here? It tends to vary, some circle lords will be more powerful than others. The Realm's so chaotic so power level can shift pretty regularly. but on the average in the Realm of Nightmares a cicle lord will be almost as powerful as a First, but within the circle that they hold dominion over they can be even more powerful than that, since they are supposed to be the absolute masters of that level.

    *A drifter wanders in to town...: Even though the Realm of Nightmares is extremely difficult to get into unless someone's dreaming, every so often someone wanders into the Realm. So almost any character type from almost anywhere can be played in the Realm, although they'll be out of their element and won't be able to escape so easily since travel to and from the Realm is so incredibly difficult.

    *Dreamers: And lastly there are just the folks that make the Realm of Nightmares possible, the people that dream it up. Anyone who sleeps, dreams and has nightmares can get to the Realm of Nightmares while having a bad dream. Dreamers will be restricted in their travels through the realm. They tend to stay within their own nightmare world, are unaware that they're dreaming and will be at the mercy of the dreams. But it's the easiest way to bring a character into the setting. Dreamers will be as powerful as they believe themselves to be, but it's rare for a dreamer to be more powerful than their own nightmares, since it is their own deepest darkest fears and dreads.

    And that wraps up the Realm of Nightmares entry. As the stories of the Realm expands so will these entries, in order to reflect all new information. But for the most part this will give you the basics needed to start RPing in the Realm. Well, almost all of the basics. One last part you need to keep in mind is that this Realm is shaped by the subconscious minds of not only every mind in the universe, but also every mind that ever existed. Anyone whose ever had a bad dream has somehow shaped some part of the Realm of Nightmares, and so it will be an infinitely chaotic place where anything can and always does happen.

    And always remember, it may be scary but as long as you've got a brave teddy bear by your side you'll be fine.

    **The clone pulls his blankets even closer to himself, clutches his teddy bear tighter to his chest and reaches for the lamp beside his bed.**

    Good night, and have yourself a fun little Nightmare.

    **With a small "click" of a switch the clone turns off the light, allowing darkness to claim the room.**

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    Re: Cloney's Lil' Instruction Manual on RPing in the CG Univ

    Re: Cloney's Lil' Instruction Manual on RPing in the CG Univ

    *Welcome to "Go", Mr. Thimble, here's your two-hundred dollars.: You've chosen a character type and now you want a place to start, where oh where can you go. Hmmm, that's a good question. If only someone had a list of good choices for threads to start RPing specific character types on. Oh, wait, I happen to have such a list right here. What a coinkydink.
    Yep, as you may have read from some of the previous entries there are a bunch of good threads to start out on, but here's a more complete list of threads. You don't have to start out RPing here, these are just suggestions. Feel free to start where ever works best for you. I'm not forcing you to do anything.

    **The clone sheaths the sword he was going to use to threaten the reader into doing as he says with.**

    Anywho, here's that list thingy:

    Atlanteans: Earth - Birthplace of humanity, a long abandonned world that is now the home to the revived Atlanteans and the rebirth of Atlantean society.
    First: Elysia - A mythical planet and home to the pantheon of the First, a world of ancient legend and ultimate power, it is said that the might of Firstkind rests here.
    Negation: The Negation universe - the home reality of the Negation, a universe with dark stars and cosmic laws that are bent towards chaos and madness, and inhabitants that are far from human. Currently a universe in the grips of anarchy as the final embers of the former Negation empire struggle to survive after losing so much in the war with the bright universe.
    Crylic - a space station orbitting a Negation controlled world within the Bright universe, one of the few safe havens for Negation exiles and one of the greatest information gathering resources in the cosmos, where any Negation operative can scan vast regions of the universe in search of whatever is needed to further the Negation cause.
    Nightmares: The Realm of Nightmares - an otherworldly place where bad dreams are born, live and thrive as real as anything born within the confines of the waking universe, a warped domain of Nightmares, spooks and terrors and home to entities that exist only to spread fear and dread through the minds of the dreaming.
    Old Gods: None yet.
    Secundae: The Secundae Orphanage - home to the many young godlings that find themselves orphaned, without homes or simply wandering to find their place within this vast universe, a place to find family, friends and a home.
    Sigil Bearers: The Sigil-Bearer Treehouse - a mighty fortress built within the branches of a city sized tree, a majestic place for the Sigil-bearers to gather, meet, socialize and to train to better use theit fantastic powers.
    Transitioned: None yet.

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    Re: [OOC] Cloney's Lil' Instruction Manual on RP in CG Unive

    Re: [OOC] Cloney's Lil' Instruction Manual on RP in CG Unive

    Glossary of Terms:

    Altwaal: The original leader of the First, and the first of them to come into being. He is thought to be the wisest, most powerful and best of the First race. He has long since disappeared from Elysia and is thought to be dead. He has since become a near religious figure to the First.

    Ancient Gods: Several individual pantheons of gods that are made up of the beings of Earth's ancient myths (Olympians, Egyptian, Norse, ect). They are no longer widely worshipped and have lost much of their former glory and power. Up until recently many of them have been in a deep slumber.

    Atlantis: A continent on Earth that was once lost beneath the ocean, but has recently been brought to the surface and restoration of it has begun.

    Atlantean: One of the inhabitants of Atlantis. They possess an advanced and enlightened civilization and superhuman powers and psychic abilities.

    Boomtube: A method of travelling across vast distances. It is a portal like construct that allows for instantanious travel between two points in the universe. It is always accompanied by a loud "BOOM!" to announce its opening. It's commonly used by Meteoro and some inhabitants of Planet M.

    Dexter: A philosophical division of the First. A Dexter First will strive to be selfless. They are often associated with the color yellow.

    Elysia: The home world of the race of gods known as the First.

    First: A race of gods. They do not age, possess incredible powers and often tremendous egos.

    Lawbringer: A being of great power that's originally from the Negation universe. They are often psychotic, homicidal and very unstable. They often acted as enforces of the Negation empire and acted to destroy worlds that caused trouble for the empire.

    Ligis: Symbols of power granted by the Negation empire. They were created to act like Sigils, and so they grant superhuman abilities to those that are marked with them.

    Mentor: A mysterious being of great, yet unknown power that guides a Sigil-Bearer for hidden agenda.

    Negation: The name of a universe and title of those that inhabit it. An alternate universe where the laws that govern it are extremely chaotic.

    Secundae: The children of the First. A child First is considered a Secundae from birth until a point in their adulthood when their power ascends to a level equal to a First. Once they've ascended they are considered a First.

    Sigil: A marking that can grant someone superhuman powers.

    Sigil-bearer: One who is marked with a Sigil and wields its power.

    Sinister: A philosophical division of the First. A Sinister First will strive to be selfish. They're often associated with the color red.

    Talismans: Twenty-two gem-like items that grant the wielder incredible power. Each of the Talismans possesses a specific type of ability.

    Teleportal: A method of travelling across vast distances. It is a portal like construct that allows for instantanious travel between two points in the universe. It can also be used as a method of communication, surveillance and defence in combat situations. It's commonly used by Lord Mattson and inhabitants of the Matrix Quadrant.

    Transitioned Atlantean: An Atlantean that underwent the process of invoked evolution during a process known as Transition long ago. They have become beings of nearly limitless power. They're the mightiest beings in the universe.

    Transitioned Human: Humans of Earth that were swept into the Negation universe by the man-made Trasition gate. This process has left them with vast amounts of power, yet mentally unstable.

    Universal Energy: A natural occuring energy that flows through the universe. It can be harnessed and utilized to grant superhuman abilities or create incredible feats of magic. First possess large amounts of Universal Energy, which gives them their godly power, as do Atlanteans, Talismans, Sigils and other people, places and items of power.

    Watersilver: A substance that is capable of harming and negating the power of First. It is found in either liquid or solid forms. Touching it burns a First and being around it robs them of some of their power. It is immune to their abilities and is sometimes used as prisons or weapons against them.

    Weapons of Altwaal: Seven items and weapons that possess great mystical power. They once belonged to the leader of the First known as Altwaal, but since his disappearance they have been passed on to others. Possession of a Weapon of Altwaal can often shift the balance of power on any world.

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    Re: Cloney's Lil' Instruction Manual on RPing in the CG Univ

    Re: Cloney's Lil' Instruction Manual on RPing in the CG Univ

    Quote Originally Posted by Qwaring's Clone#1
    Another example is Lestat, the blood god. Lestat is a vampyre god that not only feeds on blood and gain power from it, but can also control it. He can freeze the blood of others, or boil it, or have it pour out through some embarressing place. Heehee, that Lestat is such a fun guy.
    I try.
    [center:3e8hovlw][/center:3e8hovlw][center:3e8hovlw]Evil is a point of view.[/center:3e8hovlw]

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    Re: [OOC] Cloney's Lil' Instruction Manual on RP in CG Universe

    Re: [OOC] Cloney's Lil' Instruction Manual on RP in CG Universe


    Banter hugs his father after not seeing him for a long time.
    Father of Quaxo
    Son of the Vampyre Lestat and LAW
    Twin of Qwaring
    Unwilling brother of Qwaring''s Clone #1

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    Re: Cloney's Lil' Instruction Manual on RPing in the CG Univ

    Re: Cloney's Lil' Instruction Manual on RPing in the CG Univ

    Quote Originally Posted by Vampyre Lestat
    I try.
    Speak his name, and he will grace you with his presence.


    (great to see you find your way back here after all this time...)

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    Re: [OOC] Cloney's Lil' Instruction Manual on RP in CG Universe

    Re: [OOC] Cloney's Lil' Instruction Manual on RP in CG Universe

    (Thank you very much!! Its good to see everyone after so much time. I'm looking forward to catching up on both Game stuff as well as RL stuff.)

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