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Thread: SIMPLE-Dayton

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    For the past few minutes, Ilyhandra was sitting on a nearby corner happily eating her ice cream. When Eve shot down her ice cream fight idea, the fae just shrugs, "Yes it would, but it would also be one of the tasitest fights ever."

    When she asked about the tinkerer, the fae just stops,"You mean the new hacker geek? No, haven't had much time down there since I stole some heat sinks to make my own little mini-frige even colder." A smile slowly starts to spread across her face, "To be honest, I'm surprised they got a new guy with what happened down there. So... do you know what this new guy is like... and the best way to break him?"
    ***** Ilyhandra *****
    Enslaved fae

    "Try it against the fae, and ya'll feel my madness."
    ~Dr. John, The Night Tripper

    A Smokin' Joe production.
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    "Better then acid demons right?" Kelly muttered looking up from a book she'd been reading.

    "I guess we should take this to Ambrose. Given feild duty is still questionable and all."

    Lord Mattson, LM, Matts, its all the same.
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    And back at HQ...

    "He hasn't shown for his physical yet. Though I do beleive he draws near to here."

    Eve points out to where Alex is getting corn dogs and smiles wickedly.

    "What game to play with this fresh meat?"
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    Alex found himself in the cafeteria loading up on tacos and corn dogs. *Being a genius tends to make you hungry, especially after those long hours in the lab not eating. *He sat down at an empty table and began to eat. *Being new to SIMPLE he really didn't know many people in the building, though he took the liberty of reading and memorizing the profiles of every single SIMPLE employee, or at least most of them. *It wouldn't make sense to memorize the profiles of the dude who cleans the toilets or buff the floors. *Then Alex's eyes shot over to the two people talking. *One of them he clearly recognized as Eve, that creepy medic/mortician. *He never really met her in person, everything he knew about her was from SIMPLE's computer archives. *All he really knew about her as a person was that she was creepy. *The other one engaging in conversation he recognized as Ilyhandra. *He has seen her in the corridors of the building a few times, it was hard to miss the hair. *Seeing her was always a bit awkward, as Alex didn't know whether to stare at her enormous ears or her breasts. *But Ilyhandra was apparently telepathic, so she probably already knew that. *Alex just hoped he wouldn't throw him through the ceiling or something. *Alex would simply sit there eating, watching the two talking about something.
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    Within a few seconds, Moira made her way a couple of blocks down from the hotdog stand to a fruit stall. She tapped a short, fragile looking old man and handed him his chili cheese dog and water.

    "Thank you, Moira," Simon said, without even batting an eyelash as the lanky girl sat on the ground indian style, and helped herself to her own food. Moira seemed to always blend in with the street. This was unfortunate because if one would look closely behind the rags she wore and the stringy hair, they would see a beautiful girl with perfectly angular features and innocent brown eyes that peeked through her long dark lashes. She has exactly seven change of clothes, which she was fortunate enough to receive from Simon's old lady friends. She would do laundry once she's only had one left, by one of those busted pipes at the back alley. What was most unfortunate however, that this girl, despite having a heart of gold, was left to die at the age of two, and again at the age of thirteen, and has been homeless since then.

    Moira finished eating, threw her trash away and proceeded to sweep around Simon's Fruit Stall. It was as typical as her day can be.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mattson
    "Better then acid demons right?" Kelly muttered looking up from a book she'd been reading.

    "I guess we should take this to Ambrose. Given feild duty is still questionable and all."
    Gillian shrugs. *"Full demons you can just banish. *You can dampen a craft-user's power with wards, but in the end you have to deal with them as a person."

    "And yeah, I guess so - hey! *I'm fully qualified!" Gillian snaps after a double-take, then looks to Kelly, "Or... do you mean you? *What happened to you while I was off training? *When I left you were as action-ready as a bookwormy Xena."
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    Re: SIMPLE-Dayton

    Re: SIMPLE-Dayton

    Kelly tenses as she heads towards HQ. She knew Gillian would ask sooner or later and lies were useless.

    "I---You remember Mallory? There was a hunt and he got hit with a FREAK chip. He gutted the infantry squad and vanished. Now, Vicky in accounting hasn't returned from vacation *and her car was found over in Detroit."

    Looks at Gillian sheepishly.

    "He was already scary with that magic sword of his and the fact he enjoyed the hunts but now we're the pray and he already knows most of our secrets. Worse thing is no one can figure how he got infected."

    Stops the car in front of Simon's Fruit Stall and digs out a novel, Sabriel. Before Gillian can ask more, the lithe paper master gets out and starts looking over several fruits. After making a few selections, she sets down the book and payment waiting for Simon's little helper to take both.
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    Gillian blinks.

    "Oh wow... that would be another thing nobody bothered to tell me about." *Gillian's surprise quickly gives way to dourness. *"I feel like the red-headed stepchild around here."

    The car door shuts before Gillian realizes Kelly's not there anymore to pay attention. *In a huff, she gets out and glares, hands on hips, while Kelly stops to... buy fruit? "Good grief," Gillian mutters, then notices Kelly setting a book down too, and raises an eyebrow.

    With books slightly more valuable to Kelly than gold, what was going on? *Was this some sort of black market deal? *Gillian watches the proceedings closely and suspisciously.
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    Moira continued sweeping with her attention solely on the ground. When she looked up, her eyes were met by Simon's, peering at her from the top of his newspaper, nudging his head towards Kelly's direction. Moira softly shook her head, no, but it was met by Simon nudging her even more, until finally, she knew there wasn't anymore subtlety in their actions.

    She put the broom down and wiped her hands on her pants while walking towards Kelly. Moira managed a small smile at the young girl, which meant her lips moved upwards a few millimeters or so. Despite the long time Kelly's been passing by the stall, and as harmless as she appeared to be, Moira still felt uneasy towards her - like she did with most people.

    Reaching over to receive the money, Moira noticed the book that Kelly seemed to be handing over to her as well. She looked up, her big brown eyes clearly showing confusion. She looked over to Simon who only shrugged in return. She felt even more uneasy because she could feel Kelly's companion staring at her, too. Slowly, she took the book in her hands, stared at the cover; Sabriel, it said, and then looked at Kelly her head tilting sideways a bit as if asking what that was for.
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    Gillian wants to demand petulantly, "What's going on here!?" but manages just barely to stop herself and asks Kelly quietly but unpleasantly, "What's going on?"

    She contents herself with glaring at the eerily silent girl, displaying all the sensitivity and compassion of a cholla bush*. *She probes the psychic field around this unfamiliar person for her stray surface thoughts, and any distracted lines of thought that might let her slip in to poke around unnoticed. *Gillian knew better than to go mind-probing her fellow agents, but unidentified strangers on the other hand...

    *For those of you who live where rain falls occasionally, a cholla bush is a cactus that usually grows in hedge-ish clumps, with fairly narrow and fragile stems. *It has a reputation - a true one, at that - for toppling over toward the source of all but the slightest nudge, thus frequently slamming down over the feet of hikers or adding injury to the insult of unwary bicyclists. *In other words, it's a very mean plant.

    Edit: to action, slightly.
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