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    What's the Question?

    What's the Question?

    Quite popular at another board I visit, you give something that's an answer to a question. The next poster invents - or knows - a question it answers - and comes up with an answer of his own for the next to invent a question for.

    I'll start with

    Sworn, bloody!


    The Old Peculier perpetrator of warm English beer

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    (lol this is gonna be crazy)

    What is the most powerful chess piece?

    Feel free to feed the Kulit!

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    What's the color associated with envy?

    Warm English Beer

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    What does Xetal like to drink?


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    What kind of cake does Kulit likes best?


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    What's the easiest medium for a poor artist to re-re-re-re-re-re-work in?


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    What long word would you describe someone who likes children?


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    What do prisoners use to call the outside world?


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    *sniffs* What publisher does Kulit miss the most?


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    What do you make out of snow after getting a snowball in the ear?


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