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    I think if no one comes back after so long (maybe a month), then the talisman can be considered lost. Corey and I would like to keep the Sojourn talisman, though.
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    I'm cool with whatever other people agree upon. I'm not married to the idea of using the talismans. However, since you've relinquished the Scion Talisman, Jas, is it okay if I claim it? Not for MC, but for Myst. She's about to come back and come back in a BIG way. She's going to come back in such a way that many people may be wanting to say "See you later, gator."

    *there's a hint in there* :evilgrin:
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    I don't have a problem with that.
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    Thank You, Jas!
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    I do hope I misread your hint or age has mellowed us all.

    And I think I shall keep ahold of the one Janus had.
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    MC, you have so much plotting going on, I love it.

    Since I did a retcon on Angel, the Way of the Rat talisman can be up for grabs.
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    Thanks, HA. I'm having a blast putting plots together. I just hope I can pull them off. I'll check the way of the rat talisman's description out to see if it works for my plotting.
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    If you don't need the Way of the Rat on, MC. I have a new character who could use.

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    Nope, I don't need the Way of the Rat talisman, Corey. It is still available.
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    Thanks, I'll claim it for Eris. She can make good use of it.
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