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    Mist and Shade

    Mist and Shade


    Mist and Shade - Living Shadows

    Gender: Female
    Age: Ageless, appearing to be late twenties in human years
    Hair: Long, wavy, silky black
    Eyes: Black Onyx eyes
    Skin: Smooth and dark
    Attire: Strategically placed pieces of fabric and lavishly adorned with jewels and precious metals.

    History: Mist and Shade were creations of Night, the God of Shadows of the First. He pulled out their spirit from the abyss, breathed life into them and empowered them with First-like abilities.

    They were originally from a world of magic where Shadows and Magi dwelled called Wyldearth. A war had erupted between the two race, and just when the Magi were supposed to wipe out the existence of the Shadows, that was when Night had pulled them from the realm and given them new life in Elysia.

    Personality: Both are found to be extremely loyal to their god and master, Night. Although not necessarily evil, both sisters do have a certain innate wickedness and dark charm.

    Shade of the two is more agressive, controlling and firm. While Mist displays a more subtle and quiet personality, that should never be misinterpreted as goodness.

    Powers: Mist and Shade both have similar, although lesser degree of power as Night. This includes shadow teleportation, control of darkness and illusions, mastery of their weapons. They are also extremely fast, and combined with their ability to phase, it is almost quite impossible to catch them physically while they are in shadow form.

    As Night's shadow creations, they also have a psychic link to their master, but as twins, they have a stronger one with each other. Not only sharing of thoughts and emotions, but even their subconscious, which sometimes makes them seem like one being.

    Currently... Having recently failed their mission to seek of the Scry at Wyldearth, they've yielded to using blackmail to convince the goddess, Kulit, to go back to Night's Realm. However, complications have arised, with Mist seemingly have broken their "bond" and cut herself off from her sister, Shade.
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    Re: Qwathings

    Re: Qwathings

    Title: God of Gadgets, Elysian Council of Intelligence
    Alliases: To his family and a few very close friends Qwaring is refered to by the name he was born with, Xalidus.
    Status: First
    Sex: Male
    Hair: Red
    Eyes: Glowing red, but when he's without power or let's his guard down, which is rare, he reveals orange pupils.
    Height: 6'8"
    Family: The Vampyre Lestat, father; L.A.W., mother; Baron Banter, brother; Viking, brother; Qwaring's clone#1, who knows any more
    Love interests: Jelena was the love of his life, but she was murdered by an enemy of Qwaring's. He recently went on a date with Sil, but they both insisted it was just a friendly dinner together, followed by a battle or two with the god of annihilation.
    Major Abilities: Elemental Control, Qwaring is able to tap into and manipulate the primordial forces of lightning, which is a blended form of most of the five elements. The lightning takes the form of red colored semi-sentient electrical energy. With the lighting Qwaring is able to alter the elemental properties of matter and shape gadgets out of pretty much anything. He's able to channel his hyper invention through his lightning and create any device he can mentally conjure. The lightning can also be used as an electrical attack or as a medium to carry Qwaring's teleportational energies. Also the lightning possesses some sort of intelligence and can be given a series of tasks to perform independantly from Qwaring's direct control, although nothing too complicated is possible without the god of gadgets direct involvement.
    Hyper invention, Qwaring's mind is constantly filled with inventive simulations, its some kind of side effect of his unique creation. He can call on information of a specific invention when needed. Through decades of using this power Qwaring has gained a first hand education in gadgets and madscience and can recreate previously invented gadgets from memory.
    Link to Planet M, recently Qwaring was chosen to be the new ruler of the planet, and as such he has been bonded to the energies of Planet M. He can partially control the forces of the planet and manipulate its environment. He can summon the dark energies of Planet M for teleportation or constructs of power. And he has mastery over Planet M's Boomtubes.
    Portal generation and extradimensional-sight, Qwaring can look through the multiverse and see into parallel universes. He can also create trans-dimensional portals into a universe that he can observe.
    Both hyper-invention and extra-dimensional sight are always active and requires constant concentration to maintain his attention on reality and to not have his consciousness flooded by information.
    Minor Abilities: Qwaring possesses telepathic abilities. This telepathy has can be used to communicate mentally with others, read minds, share portions of his memories or to alter the psyche's of others. He also has strong mental ties to members of his family.
    He also possesses super human strength, speed, endurance and agility. His senses have become attuned to energy and the subtle forces of the cosmos. And his body is normally sheathed by a nearly undetectable field of minor electromagnetic energy, which acts to repel most hostile attacks before they can reach Qwaring. The protective field is not impervious but it will usually deflect enough of an attack to keep the god of gadgets alive or to let him survive an encounter without suffering any serious injuries.
    Equipment: Suit of Ebon Armor- A gift that is not often used. The armor makes the wearer nigh invulnerable to any that wish him ill will. Qwaring's healing ability is increased ten fold while wearing the armor. The armor is capable of destroying any non-enhanced weapons that he is attacked with.
    Guantlet of Altwaal- A powerful First artifact that allows the wearer to absorb and manipulate vast amounts of Universal Energy.
    Gadgets- Qwaring has literally billions of gadgets, mechanisms and devices stored in various places all over the universe. He's able to teleport and summon these gadgets from his arsenal with a mechanism concealed in his wrist bands.
    Brief History: The history of the god of gadgets is a long, complicated journey, one that is far from over. He began as Xalidus, one of twin Secundae born to Lestat, the vampyre blood god, and Law, the goddess of Chi. He was an ambitious, Sinister child destined for a life of great acts. But his life was cut short by an old enemy of Lestat's. But where the life of Xalidus ended the life of Qwaring began. Xalidus' soul was captured by an automated ethereal probe of a race of interdimensional explorers. While travelling to the universe of its creators the probe and the soul it contained were stolen and both were utilized in the creation of an energy being called Qwaring. Qwaring was meant for a villainous fate. He was created to challenge heroes of a far off universe. He was given hyper inventive abilities in order to constantly create mechanations needed to attack the heroes with. But a cosmic crisis ended Qwaring's villainous career when he was forced to abandon the universe of his rebirth, by stealing multiversal portal energy and incorperating it into himself, and became an interdimensional wanderer. His wanderings eventually led him back to the universe of Xalidus' birth and the truth about his origins. Qwaring adopted the mantle of god of gadgets and took Xalidus', his, rightful place among Lestat's family. Since becoming a First Qwaring has become deeply entagled in the affairs of gods. He has risen to power and even rehaped his mind and body to eliminate any imperfections within his being and to harness the untapped power within him.
    Now Qwaring fights to serve Elysia and to further his own grand designs. Goals that have recently led him to gaining leadership of Planet M.
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    Re: Qwathings

    Re: Qwathings

    [marq=right] QWARING'S CLONE#1 !!! [/marq]
    Name: Cloney, George Cloney. Or that one time I was Punky Brewster.
    Title: The Cool Clone Emperor and God of Out of Continuity stuff.
    House: ...of cards. So be careful! But at least I'm not the schmuck that bought that glass house. *Throws a few stones and laughs maniacally.*
    Sex: Male, very male.
    Status: First, very First.
    Age: A few years, very a few years. (getting tired of the joke yet?)
    Hair: Orange and often considered "groovetacular"
    Eyes: Orange, and pretty pretty. *Bats eyelashes.*
    Height: 6' 1", with room to grow.
    Weight: No! You wait, I've got things to do!
    Family: Jack's my son, Millenininum's Jack's son, Lestat's my pappy, Law's my mum, Qwaring's a dork, Glcjr/Baron Banter's my brother, Quaxo is my niece, Cloney Junior's the son I never knew and still know don't know about, and the rest are welcome to as many of my genes as they'd like to share with me, or even my jeans if they'd rather have that.
    Friends and allies: First off, I have to mention RURI, because if I accidentally forget her she gets really upset. Then there's Juno , Mini-Juno, Warwolf, Red Lady, Gramma, Scion the Duck, Marvin, Advisor guy, and everyone else is pretty much friends with me, I mean, I get along with everyone because I'm just so cool.
    Enemies: What? Didn't you read that part about everyone getting along with me? Sure there are people who want to kill me, but just a few-
    (Baron Banter, the people of the planet that I rule, Fetch, Charon, Some Lawbringers, the people of the Negation universe, the Hamburgler, Santa, the 1973 Chicago Cubs, the Suarian species, Phil, my plumber, Klingons, the makers of Shake 'n Bake, viking hamsters, Kulit, the Bee Gee's, Jimmy Carter, Linda Carter, the Sweat Hogs, Ms. September, the people from that one AA meeting I tried to cater, Mil after he finds out that I'm the one that fills his boots with pretzil dough and bakes them not to eat but because the blending of odors attracts the giant space squids of sector 9919, the giant space squids of sector 9919, all giant space squids, Lamiais, Ilona, the ghost of William Shakespear, Ted Dansen, Evil cyborg Steve Gutenberg, good cyborg Steve Gutenberg, morally indifferent cyborg Steve Gutenberg, carrot farmers everywhere, the Keep Dragons, Mr. T's barber, the little pixies that live inside the "7" on Big Ben, people dressed like Klingons, various Secundae orphans, and the mole people)
    -and not because they don't like me, they just don't get what I'm all about.
    Love interest: I'm still accepting applications, unless you're Blondie, because I'm so over her, unless she'd like to stop by for coffee or something, not that I still have a thing for her or anything...


    Take me back, Blondie!!! Pleeeeeaaase!! I'm a changed man, I swear! I now know the difference between nacho's and goldfish, honest!!
    Bloooooonndiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ee!!!!
    Major abilities: All kinds of cool out of continuity stuff. Walking between panels to go anywhere I want. Retconning stuff into whatever I want. Showing flashbacks.
    Minor abilities: People keep telling me that I can't be killed. So I guess I've got the power of stayin’ alive. Ah, ha, ha, ha, stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive. Ah, ha, ha, ha, stayin’ alive.
    Equipment: Cool shades, beer goggles and my trusty flask. Plus I've got the bestest Hawaiian shirt ever, it talks and everything. Plus I appear to be reading the latest issue of Super-Supper. Yum.
    Brief history: Brief? Okay. I was cloned. I hung around the orphanage until I became king of a planet. Then hung around the planet until I went to an auction. Then I hung out with Juno and Mini-Juno, who I met while in prison. Then I wandered around. Then I became a quester and championship level drinker. Then I found and adopted my son Jack L. Face. Then I went on the run from a Lawbringer who wants to hurt me. Then I hung out with Juno. Then I wandered some more. Then I quested. And quested. And quested. And then I sat down to write this thingy. I think I also saw a movie about a monkey that flew fighter planes in World War Two once. And that's it. Wow, that was brief.
    Goody for me.
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    Re: Qwathings

    Re: Qwathings

    Title: The Eternal Secundae
    Sex: Male
    Status: Secundae
    Age: Several thousand years old
    Hair: Long black hair.
    Eyes: Glowing red when in combat situations or using his powers, otherwise his eyes are brown
    Height: 6’4
    Egidion was once the leader of the Secundae rebellion, but has since given up his violent ways.

    "Just a lover that she wasn''t quite sure what to do with" -future Cao, about Egidion.
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    wt's bios

    wt's bios

    title:master white tiger of the engelian guard

    Age:100 solar eclipses
    Hair:black mohawk
    Height:7 ft
    Clothes:black cape and black shorts
    identifing features:tatoo of his tribe on his chest

    Weapons & Powers:2 double bladed battle axes(given to him by his tribe the day he left made of an unknowen metal),a set of 10 trowing daggers set around his belt(found on the planet Tebryna no much is knowen about them other then they are light and super strong),vast knowledge of many combat styles,traind in special ops.extream power(due to his race and his years or training)inhanced scences,very swift and agaily,some healing powers(cant regrow limbs but can heal very fast if given the time to foucus),

    personality:not known for his charisma of personality but is not one to be taken lightly.with his power and great knowledge he can easily turn the tides of battle.most of the time will stay quite and let things hapen with out much tought to it unless it has to do with someone or somthing he cares for.extreamly smart but doesnt let on,prefers to simlpy live and let things hapen around him and react acordingly.

    history:born of the timeless tribe of the tigers(imortal).the sworn protectors of the engelians.the tigers are all diferant colors and when one dies another of that color is born.the tigers and the engelians share a unique partnership,the tigers are a tribe of warriors(like the spartans).the engelians are a peace loving tribe that that will not fight.the tigers,in excange for food and shelter,protect the engelians from all attackers.the tigers are driven to be at there pysical peak at all times.
    the tigers are natural stronger and faster then all other tribes.but one in particular was more driven then the rest.due to the sheer pysical and mental presance became knowen as the master white tiger.for personal reasons white tiger left the other tigers and the engelians.to brave the mighty mountain ranges of Beichar'an.
    once on the other side he met up with a small band of outcasts like him self.and joined in there quest for justice.after a great fight he is somehow transported to another place.
    one solar eclips = 1000 years
    pain is an illusion...................... that really hurts.
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    Re: Qwathings

    Re: Qwathings

    Captain Adam Hiedraa
    Status: First
    Title: god of balance
    Sex: Male
    Age: 26
    Hair: Blonde, long and flowing
    Eyes: Gray
    Height: 6' 9"
    Family: Revos (adoptive father), Diate (adoptive brother)
    Love interests: Danae is his first and only love. Although it has been revealed that Eve, Jasmin and Nanusse all have feelings of some kind for Adam, but he does not feel the same about any of them.
    Major Abilities: Adam wields the eight Runes of Power. At any time he can summon one or two runes to focus his Elysian power through. He is able to use his orange rune at the same time as any other of his runes, all of his other runes can only be used one at a time. Each rune grants Adam a single power. Here is a description of the runes and their power.
    Minor Abilities: Adam is naturally very strong and resistant to injury. As a young secundae he had begun to develope wind based powers but since he gained the power runes his energies have become tied to the runes and the wind powers seemed to have atrophied to the point of uselesness. The only remnant of this long abandonned power is the nonexistant breeze that seems to keep his hair and cape billowing in a dramatic manner, which is something Adam no longer notices.
    Equipment: A First built starship from the future called the Azure Sunder and all of the equipment, supplies and weapons aboard are all considered his.
    Adam also possesses the First Talisman, which allows the user to create barriers and forcefields. Adam has merged it with his orange rune of power to give him the power to ascend into Firsthood and allows him to use the orange rune with his other runes.
    Brief History: In the future Adam is a soldier for Elysia. He has proven himself to be a fierce fighter and a loyal god in the various wars and conflicts of the First. He quickly rose through the ranks and achieved a position of enough influence to gain permission to undergo a mission through time of his own design. Adam theorized that since Elysia united they lost methods of using their power that were distinct to Sinisters and Dexters. These lost methods could prove vital in strengthening the First and so Adam proposed to travel back in time to a time when Sinsiters and Dexters were still prominent and to study how they use their power. Adam would then return to his home era and teach others these lost practices and to revive abilities that had long since been lost. For his mission Adam was made a captain and given command of the Azure Sunder, an Elysian war ship that has been outfitted with a Time Tube generator. Adam selected the a crew made up of military people from the planet Ero. The metallic skinned people of Ero are loyal and dedicated to Adam since he helped save their planet early on in his military career, and they have extensive knowledge of First magic and technology which makes them the perfect choice to crew an Elysian ship.
    With a ship and crew to help him on his mission Adam left his bright future and travelled back in time to an era of termoil. He immediately encountered Danae, the love of his life who had left their home era shortly before Adam began his military career. Their reunion was short lived as they both had their own seperate paths to take. Adam was soon caught up in some of the conflicts of this time. During one such battle on Scion the moon the Azure Sunder rescued a large group of blue angels and evacuated them from the moon. The blue angels have been a part of the ship's crew ever since, even though Adam has not given up hope of finding them a world to call home someday. The Azure Sunder was soon accidentally drawn into the Realm of Nightmares, where they had to battle demons and their worst fears and darkest dreams in order to not only return home, but to also stop an attempted Nightmare invasion on the waking world. Adam tried to not only return to his mission but to also find a way to rescue those that had been left behind in the Realm of Nightmares. Before he could accomplish either goal an accident with the ship's Time Tube generator threw the Azure Sunder back into the future. But they were horrified to not find the things the way they had left them. They arrived in an alternate future where Nightmares had invaded and conquered the universe. Now Adam and his crew must fight to survive this terrible future and figure out some way to undo this horrible fate and restore their time to what it should be.
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    Re: Qwathings

    Re: Qwathings

    Fetch [img=right]http://qwaring.com/fetchav.jpg[/img]
    Sex: Male
    Status: Normal human
    Age: 49
    Hair: Bald
    Eyes: Brown
    Height: 5' 10"
    Family: Fetch often complains about a long line of ex-wives that have "sucked the very life out of his miserable hide" shortly before taking a large chunk of his bank account and worldly possessions. He has no children or living relatives of any kind.
    Weapons &Equipment: Fetch wears a suit of highly advanced armor. It provides major protection without limiting his mobility in any way. The armor is also equipped with a sound dampening system that keeps him from making any sound when he's trying to be stealthy. The armor also has strength and agility enhancements as well as an extremely advanced optical targeting system. The helmets optical system can double as a sniper scope. The arms and hands of the armor can be patched in with the targetting system so that the armor itself can aim and fire any weapon Fetch has in his hands. The gauntlets are able to link into most of Fetch's arsenal and provide power for the energy based weapons. The most impressive aspect of this armor is its teleportation system which allows Fetch to instantly travel between planets as easy as he can transport himself across a room.
    Fetch also has a vast supply of weapons and specialized gadgets that he uses to kill people.
    Breif History: Fetch is a life long assassin. His career had been spotless until he was hired to kill Qwaring's clone#1. Due to the clone's survival power Fetch was unable to achieve his objective. What's worse is that he was nearly killed in combat with the vampyre Lestat and his armor was severely damaged. It took Fetch quite a while to recover from that failure. While he was trying to get his armor repaired Fetch was breifly marooned on Kobalty where he took part in an adventure with Pennywise and Little M. After his time on Kobalty Fetch got his armor repaired and went back to work. He has slowly been building his shattered reputation back ever since.
    Recently multiple Fetch's have been showing up at various places. Each one acts and appears to be just like Fetch and none seems to know that the others exist. The reasons for the existance of the duplicate Fetchs currently remains a mystery.
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    Re: Qwathings

    Re: Qwathings

    Lawbringer VNTI [img=right]http://qwaring.com/vntiav.jpg[/img]
    Sex: Female
    Status: Lawbringer
    Age: Nearly ten-thousand years old
    Hair: none
    Eyes: none
    Height: 6' 3"
    Abilities: VNTI's powers are strictly physical in nature. She is incredibly strong and can lift several tons with ease. She is several hundred times faster than a normal human. She has superhuman agility and is capable of performing complex feats of dexterity in the blink of an eye. Her skin is naturally resistant to harm. And she can heal at a superhuman rate.
    VNTI possesses a psionic based omni sight. This allows her to see in all directions at once and can even view herself.
    Special Note: The top half of her head, from eye level up, is composed of pure psionic energy. This energy is said to be "the eye of Charon", and an aspect of the core of Charon's vanity/sense of beauty. VNTI keeps this energy covered with a armor reinforced cowl of leather. If the "eye" is ever uncovered it will "bleed" the Lawbringer's internal power outward, weakening her and seeming to age her body rapidly, she would appear to grow years older within a matter of seconds, nearly a century in a minute's time. It is a painful process to her, but it effects those that look upon the eye as well. Those who see the eye are bombarded with powerful psychic energy which effects even the strongest and best protected psyches. The psychic light from the eye will disrupt all thought processes and bring forth everything beautiful that is within the viewers mind to the surface. While viewing the light a person will fall into a bliss filled catatonic state, while everything they think, feel, imagine and have ever experienced that is beautiful is played out within their psyche all at once. Only being taken out of range of the light, or having the eye covered once again will end the effects. Covering the eye once more will also allow VNTI's superhuman healing to bring her body back to it's youthful state within a matter of minutes.
    Weapons: VNTI wields a crystal bladed sword. It is as hard as a diamond and incredibly sharp. With VNTI's speed, strength and agility this sword is unbelievably deadly. The Lawbringer has used it to slaughter the population of entire worlds. The crystal of the sword gives off a minor glow and an even more minor amount of radioactivity.
    Family: Charon (father) and other Lawbringers (siblings)
    Personality: VNTI is an aspect of Charon's vanity. She believes herself to be the perfect Lawbringer in form and function. She feels that she has no need for energy powers since she is the most physically powerful Lawbringer. She may not be the strongest but she makes up for it in being faster and more agile. She feels that her appearance was crafted by the mind of the omnipotant Charon to be the epitome of perfection and deserves to be worshipped as such. In battle she will use a dazzling array of fast acrobatic manuevers to dispatch with her enemy in a very bloody fashion.
    Brief History: VNTI was sent to Planet M in order to kill the First there and to conquer the planet. She managed to defeat Baron Banter in a lengthy battle and with the aid of Lawbringer KNZT she was able to take over Planet M. So VNTI began a terraforming operation in order to make Planet M a paradise for whenever Charon arrives to claim the planet. She did not have long to make changes to Planet M before the Firsts that had fled the planet returned in order to reclaim what was there’s. VNTI ended up battling the Vampyre Lestat, a match which she was easily overpowered. As her battle with the vampyre began to seem completely hopeless VNTI called on the aid of Lawbringer KNZT, who was already involved in a battle with other First, to save her. KNZT sent VNTI through a wormhole that took her to a region of the Matrix Quadrant that was supposed to have been conquered by the Negation by that time. VNTI has remained in hiding on this far away planet while she recovered, unfortunately the world was not conquered. VNTI managed to slaughter several hundred members of the popluace before breaking into an interstellar communications array. Hearing about a negation attack upon the Matrix Quadrant colony world Minity arrived and fought VNTI. Their battle ended with Minity using her psychic powers to show VNTI the light of her "eye of Charon", something that she could never see before. VNTI was overwhelmed by the light and went into a coma. She was soon teleported off of the planet by a Negation ship that heard her attempt to call for help from the planet's communications facility. She remained in a coma for several months until the mind of Qwaring took control of her body. He currently uses VNTI's body as his own until he is able to reclaim his original form from Cha'i control.
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    Quaxo's Quorum

    Quaxo's Quorum

    Alright, I don't have the main bio up yet, but others are becoming necessary, so there you have it.

    Bios available:
    Winner of the dubious Vaarsuvius Award for Verbousness!

    I support altruism.
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    Name: Sayen
    Gender: Female
    Age: 10
    Hair: charcoal grey
    Eyes: sunset orange

    Background: Sayen doesn’t remember much from her past, but what she does recall is generally unpleasant. To her knowledge, she has no kin and seeks to find a new life and family at Silent Angel’s Secundae Orphanage.

    Personality: Naturally outgoing, Sayen has become more introverted due to teasing and prejudice centred around her abilities. She is coming to terms with the nickname “Ghost girl
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