Check in here!

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Re: Check in here!

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Hey! Great to see you!
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Re: Check in here!

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I'm doing good! Still out here in Colorado and running my own business. The family is going good. Just thought I'd check in on the old stomping grounds. I feel bad that it seems way quieter in here now.
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Re: Check in here!

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Glad you are all doing well!

Yeah, it has been me and MK for a long while now - and I am in the middle of field season which is a notorious slow posting season for me. It IS hard with only two people, I admit - and I feel especially bad when I am away and without energy to post as then poor MK has to wait for me for any stories to advance. But I shall doubtless return shortly!

I am VERY grateful for these boards, though. I get a bit lost without an outlet and I miss our characters when the boards are down. Message board posting is just...superior to discord writing or google docs. It just is. So I am thankful we still have them (thanks again kulit and Jas)!
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